Volume LXIII: The Magical Monday Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank You for being here.  It has been over two years now since I’ve done a reading for My Self and I thought for this Magical Monday Edition I would share the results.

One of the reasons I haven’t been Writing as much over the last week is due to being very busy in My Microcosm, and also because I have a lot on My Mind at the moment.  Because it would be virtually impossible to provide a non partisan reading for One’s Self and also because I like to support Friends in My Microcosm, I decided to treat My Self to an early name day Gift and had a Friend perform a reading for Me.  My Friend knew virtually nothing of My situation and/or the specific issues I am dealing with, so I found the results particularly impressive.

Balsamic Moon Reading

It was a simple three card reading.  The first card represents Intention, the second Obstacles, and the third ‘Touchstones’ (Spiritual guidance concerning the matter).  The Intention suggested I have many Issues before Me and need to Focus on just one, and that just happens to be exactly the Issue I’m dealing with.  I’m going to include a direct quote from each that were Keys for Me moving forward.

“Follow Your Fire, Your Passion, Your True North

(Perhaps also worth noting that this reading was performed before I Writ about Canada’s national anthem, and perhaps was a subconscious inspiration).

The ‘Obstacles’ were also spot on, as I am receiving tremendous pressure from Friends (and one Friend in particular) to take on matters I have no interest in, choose a path I do not Wish to walk, or deal with matters in My Microcosm in Ways that simply do not ‘resonate’ with Me.

“as You move forward, You may likely get hits of feeling Your Ideas are being threatened by others…  by staying the course, remaining innocent in Your conviction and letting Spirit lead You, You Will succeed in Your endeavors.”

Finally, the Guidance was perhaps the most ‘profound’ especially the choice of Wording considering the individual knew very little about Me or My current path.

“Deer is the picture of resourceful Strength and Power held in Grace.  This is not some rough-housing, harsh aggressiveness, but that of solid Sovereignty of Self.”

And the Issue I Wish to deal with most is the Matter of individual Sovereignty, My determination to lead a Spiritual Life without compromising My beliefs due to pressures from any external influence.

Although it was a three card reading, My Friend said that the Fourth Card ‘came up’ and figured it must be relevant and intended for Me (most Spiritualists know the ‘Law’ of no coincidences).  It symbolizes,

“a letting go of something previously enjoyed or appreciated.”

It generally also relates to financial loss.  For Me, the fact that this card was not really ‘intended’ but came up anyway is further confirmation of something I already know to be true.  Staying ‘True’ to My personal objectives may end a Friend-Ship.

Yesterday, I performed the reading pictured below for additional ‘guidance’ concerning this Matter.  I am in a very delicate situation right now, and the reading offers Great additional insight.  I’m not going to get into that today, though it may make for a lengthy Post for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition this Wednesday.  Tomorrow, I am hoping to have My next installment of My Matrix De-Coded Program.


If anyone is looking for some insight understanding the above card reading, I recommend this website for a simplified introduction to Thoth Tarot.

I also thought I would let You all know that My Twitter account continued its erratic behaviour over the weekend and leveled off at 5,555 exactly.  That’s 455 new followers in two days!  It’s remained at 5,555 for this Magical Monday.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a Wondrous start!

Love and Blessings,


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