Volume LXIII: Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks; The Key to Living a Purposeful Life

Hello, every One and welcome to the Wednesday Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition.  I have a very Special Edition today, and I am Great Full You are here for it.  I Wish to say thank You to My Friend Wael for all the Wonder Full Words and Inspiration (Inspire a Sean) in recent comments; I recommend (re-Commend) reviewing them Your Self and linking to a few of the videos.  A Blog is a Harmonic frequency in the Universe (One-Song) We all Sing, and those in Tune Will know what Keys to Play.  A Blog Post is a Way of Writing a Note, and each Note Plays a Key, Creating a Frequency.  We are receivers of that Information, much like a radio.  See how Magical Words are?  I did say I have very Special Edition for You today.

I also said I would go over My recent Tarot, and today’s Theme is Living with Purpose.  The Tarot are a Spiritual Tool, a Guide; kind of like the Oracle in the Matrix, and its ‘Magic’ works in much the same Way as the Oracle did for Neo.  If You don’t believe it can provide One with any insight (in-Sight, looking inward), then it can’t.  If One understands there are no coincidences, then the Universe can use the Cards to Show the Querent exactly what One needs or Wishes to see.

Some seem to think Tarot are used to predict One’s future, but that would be removing free Will from the equation.  The Cards work best if One is already clear about what it is One Wishes to achieve in the world.  The Tarot is about finding One’s True Purpose.  The more One uses the Cards, the more One Will develop a relationship with them.

I don’t presume to know or fully understand any of the Cards by memory.  So when I do a reading, I read the full explanation of the Card, and I have read all or most of the recommended literature associated with the Thoth deck.  The three cards in the Center of the fifteen card spread represent the Querent and the Nature of the Quest-Ion.  I don’t ask the cards a specific Quest-Ion because I start with the presumption that the Universe (God) already knows what it is I am as King of God to know.  So if I’m not consciously aware of what it is I’m as King to God for guidance about, the first three cards are Giving Me a Quest-Ion.  I was rather surprised by the Nature of the Quest-Ion; Lust, influenced by the Queen of Disks and the Princess of Disks.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

Initially, ‘Lust’ seemed completely out of place.  But stranger still, I’ve never been surprised by a Card the Way I was surprised by this one – I felt it, ‘Lust?  What are You tall King about, I’m not thing King about Lust!’

It’s also a Card I was not very familiar with, I’m not sure if it has ever come up in a reading before, much less be the central focus of My Issue!  I was very curious to know more about it, and the moment I see the First Word describing the Card reads ‘Babylon‘, it makes perfect sense.  To truly comprehend this reading, I strongly recommend reading the full descriptions of each of the Cards Presented.  And of course, One should also do this anytime One does a reading for One’s Self.

It reads that the Lust Card was once called Strength, but that Strength was an incomplete interpretation.  Lust represents the ‘Joy of Strength’ exercised.  Lust represents Living with Purpose!  Is that not One of the main themes I am tall King about here on My Blog?  At first glance, most would presume Lust would represent something sinister like sex, drugs, or alcohol maybe.  This is just one of the reasons I recommend the Tarot, much the same as I would recommend Keeping a Journal.  If nothing else, it encourages One to see the world in a new Way, and in doing so, discover new things about One’s Self.

The Trump Cards represent the Active elements of the Universe, and Lust is Leo the Lion, King of the jungle.

“It is the kerub of Fire, and is ruled by the Sun.  It is the most Powerful of the twelve zodiacal Cards and represents the most critical of all the operations of Magick and of alchemy.”

Please read the full description of the Card to truly grasp just how critical this Card actually is to My current situation.  It would seem to speak specifically to My determination to Live My Life for My Highest Purpose.  It speaks to the procession of the Aeon’s (Age’s) and how the Spiritual doctrines (Dock-Trines) have evolved over time.

“There is here a reference to the dove of Noah’s Ark, bringing Glad tidings of the salvation of the world from the waters.”

Salvation of the world from the [Commercial Admiralty] waters.  The Card seems a whole lot more relevant to the kind of topics I am tall King about here on My Blog than it may have at first glance, and is wholly (Holy) relevant to the Present (pre-Sent) situation in My Microcosm, and My Friend’s reading, too – to Keep My Focus on just One thing.

“The dwellers in the Ark are the fetus, the surrounding waters the amniotic fluid.”

This line speaks specifically to the Commercial Admiralty Waters of the Anno Domini world each of Us are ‘born into’ by Way of Our citizen Ship.  We have been ‘nurtured’ (amniotic fluid) by the Ideas of this world, (and this world is waiting for its Saviour).

It also mentions that the Letter of the Card is Teth, which means Serpent.  This touches on what I am tall King about when I say that the English Language was Created with four additional Letters from those of the Ancient Languages, which are linked to Our DNA.  Ancient Letters had meanings in and of themselves, unlike the Letters of English (or at least on a conscious level the Common man is aware of).

One would not necessarily say that the Letter ‘S’ means Serpent, or Snake, or Sex, or Sin…  But that meaning is associated with the Letter on Our DNA, meaning that Our subconscious understands far more about each Letter than Our conscious Mind does, and that’s what the study of Magic is all about.  Six is Nine, Nine is Six, and ‘S’ is also for Saviour and Sean.  Probably just a coincidence, though. 😉

The card also makes reference to the Apocalypse but says it is not the catastrophe the diatribes thought it to be, as they did not properly understand the procession of the Aeon’s.

“The path of Gimel, the Moon, descending from the Highest, cuts the Path of Teth, Leo, the House of the Sun (Son), so that the woman in the card can be regarded as a form of the Moon, very fully illuminated by the Son, and intimately united with Him in such Wise as to produce, incarnate in human form, the representative or representatives of the Lord of the Aeon.”

Now consider the Highest Authority of Commercial Admiralty Law in any of Our Common Law Courts (which are every court in any Common Wealth country); Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II, and all of that which the Title represents.

“She rides astride the Beast; in her left Hand She holds the reins, representing the Passion that Unites them (God).  In Her right Hand, She holds the Cup, the Holy Grail aflame with Love and death.  In this Cup are mingled the Sacrament of the Aeon.”

Consider how many People think ‘the Crown’ is ‘evil’, or even Her Grace, Queen Elizabeth Her Self.  The ‘Crown’ is absolutely the Highest authority in any Common Wealth country, and currently, Queen Elizabeth II represents that Title.  So a lot of People in Common Wealth countries all over the world who are unhappy with their government, Will often harbour (several Docks with lots of citizen Ships) resentment for the Queen, however misguided it may be.

When I first realized (real eyes) the big picture, I felt tremendous remorse for feelings of resentment I may have had toward the Queen; in fact, I felt completely foolish for not realizing things sooner.  The People were as King to be free from the Queen’s ‘interference’ and the ‘tyranny’ of monarchs in general – and the request was Honoured.  We (the People) have now established governments all over the world that are almost entirely corrupt, and now We Wish to blame the Queen for not interfering?  It does sound pretty ridiculous when One looks at the big picture with an open Mind, doesn’t it?

Wow, I didn’t even touch on the Queen or Princess of Disks, so I Will continue this Post later.  I may end up having as much Fun tall King about the cards as I’ve had with My Matrix De-Codes series.

I was abruptly pulled away from this work yesterday for reasons beyond My control and did not get a chance to Publish the next Matrix De-Coded, though I Plan on Writing one later today.

I hope You are all having a wonderful week and are enjoying My introduction to the Tarot.

Love and Blessings,



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