Volume LXIV: Planting Seeds of Intention

Hello everyone!  No, I haven’t disappeared, nor do I Plan on disappearing anytime soon – I’ll save that for My final Act. 😉

I’m actually only Writing to explain My absence and to thank You for Your continued support.  I’m hoping to return to Writing more frequently next week, and most certainly next month.  I really do have a lot of ‘personal’ stuff going on in My microcosm; not so personal I can’t (or won’t) eventually share, just enough to interfere with My Focus on Writing.  In fact, I have more information to share now than ever before, and I Will be tall King about gargantuan topics when I return.  The real problem is that I’m not in the proper Head space to Give the Matters I Wish to discuss most their proper attention.

So today I’m letting You know that when I do finally return to Writing more frequently (daily Will be the Goal), I Will finish up My ‘Matrix De-Coded series’, I Will go over the rest of My Tarot reading, and I Will reveal how all of these things are related to Man’s Macrocosm and the approaching Apocalypse.  I should also have some updates to report with respect to My complaint with the city of Ottawa, though I have nothing new to report at this time.  It was five weeks ago yesterday the city received My response to the (incorrect and unreasonable) determinations of their investigation into My complaint, and three weeks since associate legal counsel for the city of Ottawa, Genevieve Langlais Promised Me a reply is forthcoming.  I Trust I Will not be waiting much longer and Will commit to an update the moment I hear something.

In the meantime, I Hope and Trust You are all well and taking Good care of each other.  One of My Friends was as King of Me about fast growing Canadian trees and I Will respond to that Quest-Ion in more detail soon, too.  For now, I thought I would let My Friend know that I do have a passionate ‘green thumb’ and have been nurturing some seeds of My own.

A Maple Seedling, transplanted from the ashes of a fire pit.

Love and Blessings,


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