Volume LXVII: Witches, Wizards and Warlocks; Welcome to Babalon

Good evening, every One, and welcome to the [Lucky] Wednesday Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition, thank You for being here.  I had said that I would be summarizing the results of My recent Tarot read, and I Will begin today.

Babel On

This Blog is essentially about Living a Purpose Full Life.  I have suggested that there are no coincidences in the Universe, and that 2 (II) is a Door (in Magic).  The Lust Card is the 11th Trump, which are also Called ‘Keys’.  11= 1+1=2, a Door; and the Lust Card is all about the Lust for Life, Living with Purpose.  It is also considered the most powerful of all 12 zodiac cards and “represents the most critical operations of both Magic and Alchemy”.  Understanding this Card is (literally and metaphorically) the Key to Living a Purpose Full Life.

“There is here a reference to the dove of Noah’s Ark, bringing glad tidings of the salvation of the world from the waters. (The dwellers in the Ark are the foetus, the waters the amniotic fluid.)”

I have One Soul Purpose on this Earth, which is to bring Glad tidings of the salvation of the world from Our Commercial Admiralty waters.  The reference to Noah and the Ark are not a coincidence, either.  I Will be revealing many Secrets to the world as I summarize the relevance of this read to My Soul Purpose in Life, and One of those Secrets Will be the revelation of the Ark of the Covenant – and it is likely not what You are thing King!

My purpose in Life has been clear to Me for quite some time.  It was something I knew with absolute certainty as a child before all the doubts and insecurities associated with learning how to operate in Man’s Matrix began clouding My Vision.  Paulo Coelho does an exceptional job of describing this phenomenon in ‘The Alchemist’ as the ‘Mysterious Fog’ that causes Man to lose his Way.  Though I was reminded of My True Purpose on the anniversary of My 35th name day, My Path was still thick with fog, though I remained determined to find My Way.  When I Created My Cestui Que Vie Declaration, the Fog Mysteriously lifted, and My Path became crystal clear.  I sojourned to Ottawa to Initiate the Great Work.

My recent Tarot read is more intimately connected to My True Purpose than even I would have imagined.  Not only does it Gift Me with the opportunity to share My interpretation of Tarot with My audience, the Story it tells provides Me with an organized timeline for Writing.  Once, I knew My True Purpose but had no Idea how I would get there.  Then, My Path and destination became clear, though I had no Idea how long the journey would take.  I still can’t say exactly how long it Will take, but now I have a schedule, a ‘Program’ for the Play, “Universal Pictures Greatest Present-A-Sean”.

We are Currently in the land of Babylon, the year of dominion (Anno Domini), the underworld.  I am here for the Creation of Zion.  “As above, so below.”  (I Will be tall King more about the Significance of Zion later, though We know it was the world Neo was protecting in Our Matrix De-Coded Series).  I also said that the Matrix was a near perfect metaphor for My own Life.  When I awakened Spiritualy, it was much like Neo taking the red Pill in the Matrix – virtually every One I encountered after that believed I was ‘the One’.  Of course, much like Neo, I told everyone they were wrong, “I’m not Him!'”.

I believed it, too.  I knew I came here to accomplish Peace, but I’m not Jesus of Nazareth.  9 years later (remember, 6 is 9) I was celebrating My first name day as Lord Sean, House of von Dehn – and I knew I was ‘the One’.

You see, ‘the One’ in the Matrix is an Idea (Concept) about a Saviour.  Neo is ‘the One’, but that isn’t his name.  Much like Me, Mr. Anderson had Created an alias for Self that he used online as a hacker in Man’s Matrix, ‘Neo’.  Neo was Mr. Anderson’s hacking name and his Goal was to hack into the Matrix to find Morpheus, the Father.  This represents Man’s Quest for Truth.  The Father, of course, represents God-Head, Christ consciousness.

[As a side Note, ‘if Morpheus represents God, then why did Morpheus not just enter the Matrix and destroy the Agents him Self?’  A valid Quest-Ion.  Because Morpheus represents God, God has no physical Form in the Matrix, and therefor could not Master the Matrix as a physical Man.  The same is True of Trinity, though Trinity represents the Love of God.  Neo represents the physical Man as described in the Tarot, the Prince of Wands, the combined Energy of the Mother and the Father which represent the Love of God and the Knowledge of God respectively].

When I finally figured everything out, I realized I am ‘the One’ My Friends were tall King about; and I made a Choice, another major Theme that was Presented to Us in the Matrix.  To Perfect the Magic of the trans-Form-A-Sean, I Writ My Cestui Que Vie on Christ Mass Day.  The [Divine] Intention was to invoke Christ Mass Consciousness and finally become what I Truly am in Man’s Matrix, the fiction of law known as Commercial Admiralty.  [If You click on the link, You may find the obligation of the Ship owner to provide Cure for the Seaman (semen) injured in the Service of his Ship particularly interesting.  In fact, I recommend reading the full Wiki on Admiralty Law to Truly appreciate where I might be going with this.]

I also mentioned that all of this is also in perfect Harmony with the events taking place in My Current Microcosm, My lawsuit with the city of Ottawa, and the influence of Friends and their Ideas about how I should proceed.  I did not even Wish to begin tall King about My True Purpose until I received My final reply from the city of Ottawa for this very reason.

My 46th name day is a 10, and X represents a New Age.  ‘XI’, 11, represents a Door.  My last name day was the Key that Opens (Oh, Pens!!!) the Door to Zion.  The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean. 😉

Well, I’m at 1056 Words, and I’m just getting started.  This is an international Public A Sean and Public Record, a Living Writ and Testimony (test-o-money) of My Deeds.  When I return tomorrow, I Will Show You the first Formal Act My [new] Character Played when I arrived on the Scene of the Salvation Army Booth Center, Ottawa.  And, it Will also Play a big Part the Law Suit My Character Will wear for My next Court Scene.  See, this Man requires Cure and Remedy for the injuries sustained on the citizen Ship. 😉

The Tarot tells a Story, and I Will elaborate on each of the Ideas Presented in the Cards as much as necessary until the final Chapter of the Greatest Story ever told is complete, and the Door to Zion is Open.

Love and Blessings,

Post Scripture – I am officially moving into new space on July 1st, Canada Day.  (Wednesday’s are always Lucky)





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