Volume LXIX: Magical Monday Manifestations; Shutting a Seven Nation Army Down

Hello, every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank You for joining Me.  Today We are going to try Our Hand at some ‘practical’ [Word] Magic by Manifesting the end of a ‘mega’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ shelter proposal.  Allegedly, when Jack White was a child he thought the ‘Salvation Army’ was called ‘the Seven Nation Army’.  It may just be a rumour, You Will have to ‘Google’ it or ask Jack White him Self to know the Truth of it, but it’s one of many songs I enjoy by the White Stripes and the Salvation Army has very much been the ‘Seven Nation Army’ of My Microcosm, so I like the reference.

On ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, between 10:00 avant midi and 1:00 post midi, city of Ottawa council Will convene to vote on a proposed 350 bed ‘Salvation Army’ mega shelter to be constructed in Vanier.  We’ve already ‘unofficially’ been as King of the Universe to ensure this is Done, as Mathieu Fleury declared the intention of the vote was to have the proposal reversed, and I was as King of the Universe to ‘let it be Done’.  The more People there are in Harmony with an Idea, the more quickly it can manifest.  So I am now as King of all of You, to be as King of the Universe to shut this Seven Nation Army down, too.  Let this be the first ‘big’ change to take place since I arrived in Ottawa.  And so it is. 😉

I Will be very surprised if the proposal is not turned down.  First, the mainstream media published in ‘favour’ of the proposal being voted down, which is something I haven’t ever seen the mainstream media do since I arrived in Ottawa.  (That doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t, either, I just haven’t seen much ‘negative’ publicity about the new shelter).  Usually, the mainstream media is promoting propaganda that suggests the new mega shelter Will magically fix all of Ottawa’s current homelessness issues (which of course it won’t because it Will need customers to stay operational).

Secondly, Mathieu Fleury is the one responsible for calling the vote to have it shut down, which Will be very Good for him politically.  I don’t think he would make such a big deal of recalling the vote if he wasn’t reasonably sure it would go ‘his’ Way (which also happens to be ‘My’ Way).

Third, it fits perfectly with My Microcosm, the Magical Way things are usually war King in My favour, even if events seem completely unrelated.  This is a typical example of how the Universe ‘avenges’ My adversaries.  This Will be very Good News for the People, but very bad news for Jason Prevost and the Salvation Army.  Without the dark cloud of the mega shelter proposal looming over the city in the background (and an unspoken need to fill those beds with Ottawa’s homeless) there Will be a renewed enthusiasm in getting Ottawa’s homeless into appropriate, dignified, permanent housing.  It may also be bad news for VanBuskirk, as the ‘Housing First’ model created by Housing Services Will need to be almost entirely re-Writ if it hopes to be effective.

I said to My Friend that I feel a little bad for Jason and Shelley because I know how ‘unfortunate’ things seem to go for those who choose to attack My Character.  The Universe is not very kind to People who are unkind to Me.  One would Truly have to know Me to know the Truth of it, I am only as King to Trust I have Good reason to be as King of the Universe to Show mercy.  My Friend said they deserve everything the Universe Gives them, and I sincerely shuddered a little, knowing what it might mean.

For all of these reasons, I believe the Seven Nation Army proposal Will be defeated this coming ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  Coincidence the vote is on Our Self proclaimed ‘Lucky’ day?  Also Keep in Mind, this Card represents the ‘natural development of the Quest-Ion’, without any interference of My Will.  I didn’t call the vote…

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

A Symbol of a Tower falling, influenced by ‘The Magus’; an Air Sign, the Sign of Mercury.  Air fuels the Fire.  And on the left, We are influenced by ‘Fortune’?  Luck.  A building falling, influenced by Magic and Good Luck.  A ‘natural’ event I had no control or Willful influence over ‘happens’ to be taking place on Lucky Wednesday that involves the destruction of an Idea for a building – a big one, a ‘mega’ shelter.  I guess this is the Fourth reason, even though this sequence of Cards has to do with a great deal more than the events of My Microcosm, it does make Sense that events in My Microcosm Will reflect the Macrocosm and the Virus of Man’s Matrix.  It is also the ‘other’ Idea that Friends in My Microcosm were distracting Me with, Wishing for Me to use My complaint with the Salvation Army to shut down the new mega shelter proposal.  All of this would take care of those Issues for Me, and allow Me to remain Focused on My True Purpose (also the Central Focus of the overall Tarot read – Lust/’Babalon’).


This is some of the other Magic I’ve been war King on in My Microcosm.  Each of these Creations was inspired by a Vision of a sunny window where I would soon be tending them.  In the above picture, the original plant (Jade) was cut into five pieces when I got it home and placed in the succulent dish as shown.  This is roughly three weeks later and the two central stalks are now growing quickly.


I Will eventually learn all the Latin names for My plants, too.  I like knowing the Latin names because they are ‘Universal’, the domestic names tend to change from country to country.  The ‘Mimi-Cry’ (name given on original pot) is My current ‘favourite’, though My favourites tend to change frequently.  I like this one because I’ve never seen a plant like it before; it’s sort of like an aloe and sort of like a jade with long, cube-like leaves.  The tiny ‘bud’ in the center is the first new growth in My care.  I Love Plants.  Every window I have Will have plants on its sill.  I also take meticulous care of My plants and Will eventually remove every leaf that is not perfect.  Right now One can see two that are damaged, I’ve already removed two (from the very bottom).  They were replanted in My succulent dish to see if it takes root.  If they don’t take root, they Will fertilize the soil.


And this is My little Bonsai maple.  The roots can already be seen reaching the side of the pot.  I might have to do a little bonsai root care refresher course.  Anyway, the ‘Magic’ behind these Ideas is that I Wish to grow these plants as large as I can.  I have a Vision for how these plants Will look when they are mature.  That Will take Time.  So these Will be a reflection of My changing circumstances.  I Will soon have My first sill to place these plants; one week today I Will be placing them in My new window.

Alright, I’m going to Sign off.  36 hours minus ten minutes from now, the Magical ceremony to vote down the Seven Nation Army holding the People of Ottawa back Will be commencing.  Let it be Done.  And so it is.

Love and Blessings,





    1. Well, thank You very kindly! I am always very Grateful to have a new follower. I’m especially pleased to hear You are enjoying My Blog and find My website useful. I would Love to visit London sometime and know that one day I Will. Been to Scotland many times, but never quite made it to England. I was just about to go to Your Blog to check out some of Your posts, I am looking forward to a Good afternoon read. Blessings, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

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