Volume LXIX: Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Gratitude and Compromise

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal, thank You for joining Me.  I couldn’t come up with a Creative and Catchy Title for today’s Post, but I do have some (Good) Stories to Tell.

Pretty much every Tuesday morning I meet with Dan Powers, My ‘city funding facilitator’, (I think those were the Words he used today).  I’ve said before that Dan is a Great guy, and I really mean that.  He’s so Great a guy, that I feel he genuinely understands how demoralizing it is to have someone with Me when I apply for an apartment.  I feel it should be pretty obvious to anyone, but it really isn’t – the Truth is, many homeless absolutely would need someone like Dan.  In fact, so many do, that it has become the expected ‘norm’.  The result, is that anyone subject to homelessness is automatically perceived to be more or less incompetent of managing their life independently, and Will invariably need considerably more ‘help’ than just funding.  So the programs are set up to include support workers across the board, whether they are necessary or not, rather than address each situation independently.  For someone like Me, it’s just a waste of taxpayer money that could be used to complement a subsidy that is still $200 below single occupancy market value rent.

So I have this Great worker who respects My beliefs and values, and he came up with the ‘city funding facilitator’ title today, rather than ‘case worker’ in hopes that I might be less offended.  I thought that was awfully kind of him.  Truthfully, so far I’ve arranged all the meetings with potential landlords through My own network of contacts, so I don’t really think it Will ever be an Issue for Me.  Last week I brought My new (temporary) landlord to Dan’s office to sign the papers and get things set up.  Sometime over the weekend, there was another Issue, and this time it was coming from the ‘Home for Good’ program that’s supposed to be providing the subsidy.

The program is facilitated by the Housing Services branch, so once again it was perceived this might be one last back-lash from Shelley VanBuskirk attempting to interfere with My move.  It’s been going on for days, Friday I am thing King the whole fiasco started.  I’m not going to say the entire incident didn’t cause Me a considerable amount of stress, but I didn’t care what Housing Services had to say about the Matter.  The deposit was Given, agreements were Signed.  I Gave My Word, and My Word is My bond – I was moving July 1st regardless what Housing Services has to say about the Matter.

I’m not sure of all the details because it was My landlord they were harassing for additional information – I just had to hear about it all.  The feud was still going on this morning before I left to meet with Dan.  I finally told the landlady I would take care of it when I see Dan.  My Plan, was to Show Dan how to take care of the Issue.  I asked Dan if he could get Me Christine’s number and We would call her right away.  Not happening!!!

Dan immediately shook his head, “No, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care what they say, You’re moving and I Will pay the difference if they don’t.  Okay?”

See what I mean?  Pretty Great guy.  Then he asked Me if I wanted to grab $100 worth of groceries for My new place.  Not going to lie, felt a little like I was being bribed but I can always use $100 worth of groceries.

When I got back, Christine and My new landlady were still going back and forth (I’ve been getting cc’d on the emails, though I wasn’t actually reading them).  The ‘latest’ was that ‘the city’ required a copy of My lease agreement with the landlord.  There isn’t one.  It’s only for a month, maybe two…  And I’m not a big fan of Signing leases, though I Will if I have to, I make adjustments to any terms or conditions that may trespass on My rights.

Anyway, she says to Me, “I told her that I don’t think You want a lease and I can’t compel You to Sign one if You don’t want to.  But I told her I’d ask, and if You are Willing to Sign a lease I’ll draw one up and send a copy.”

I laughed, “Let Christine tell Me I need a lease!”

This time the landlady laughed.  “I don’t think she will.  For now, I just asked her if she wants Me to tell You that You need to Sign a lease.”

I wanted Christine to ask Me herself.  She didn’t.  Next message from Christine to the landlady was to say a lease won’t be necessary, everything is fine, they have all the information they need.  What a coincidence.

I’m telling this Story a little ‘tongue in cheek’.  On one hand I suppose I’m flattered People like Christine don’t Wish to speak with Me, on the other, I really don’t enjoy intimidating People – especially People I’ve never met!  I am so Grateful to Dan for the groceries today, and I feel Blessed to know he is on My side.  At the same time, it doesn’t matter how casual and calm I am, he always seems visibly nervous in My Presence and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  That’s not a great feeling, and not the kind of impact or impression I Wish to have on People.

That being said, I suppose it’s a compromise.  I have to Keep in Mind that a year ago, Dan said he couldn’t help Me unless I agreed to all the terms and conditions of the program, many of which trespassed upon My Sovereign rights.  It wasn’t because he didn’t want to help Me, it wasn’t even because he believed the terms I was protesting were unreasonable.  Dan didn’t have the authority to change anything, he’s not the ‘creator’ of the program; he’s just the messenger, a facilitator of the service.

Now, he’s been re-assigned to Me by My request, all the forms are completed, the subsidy is approved, all the terms and conditions I had protested are waived, and I have a Matter with the city of Ottawa before the Superior Court.  I can’t really blame him for being a little nervous.

thank you text on black and brown board
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

My Microcosm has been quite the Show lately, today I am feeling especially Blessed.  I Wish to say thanks for Dan for his patience, kindness and generosity.  I Wish to say thank You to both Christine and the Universe for not needing to ask Me how I might feel about being required to Sign an unnecessary lease.  I also Wish to Give thanks to the city’s legal council, Geneviève Langlais for all of her assistance and efforts regarding My Issue with the Salvation Army and Housing Services.  A proper, formal apology and letter of thanks Will be Given to the city’s legal council sometime soon, I Will share that here after the Deed is done (I made an error in My last email that may have been insulting).

Oh, some new Magic was also Cast into the Universe as a Friend of mine launched a complaint with the city of Ottawa auditors ‘fraud and waste hotline’ regarding the negligence of the Housing Services investigative branch and the deplorable conditions of the shelters not being reported or addressed by Housing Services, contrary to the claims of Shelley VanBuskirk’s final determinations.  That should be interesting.  One can find the website here and I have a file number and password if anyone Wishes to read the report (contact Me in the comments of this Post).  Apparently, My Friend is free to share the file number and password publicly so others can provide additional information.  At some point I Will see if I can add it as a new Page on My homepage which Will include the file number and password.

Really, despite the fact that sometimes I make People a little nervous, I am feeling very Grateful and Blessed that all these Matters more or less resolved themselves.  Thank You, Universe.  I am also Hoping and Trusting that tomorrow 13 Will be Lucky, and the mega shelter proposal Will be voted down by 13 or more councillors.

Only 13 hours and 20 minutes left before the city council meeting.  If You are in Ottawa, Show up at City Hall tomorrow (‘Lucky’ Wednesday) between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.  I Will be there.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and a Friend of mine was as King of Me to remember that the Kingdom of God is within.  I Wish to thank My Friend for this Wisdom as I share it with all of You this evening.





  1. Thank you for mentioning that the kingdom of God is within you … You are a microcosmic version of the large universe …
    By the way , my name Wael وائل means inhabitant or dweller or the seeker of God in Arabic …
    Bye …
    One question , have you been to the land of your ancestors called Deutschland?

    1. You have a Wonder-Full name, ‘A Seeker, Questor, Wonderer’. And I have technically been to Deutschland, but only Amsterdam and only the airport – it was a stopover before final flight to Edinburgh, Scotland, which is the land of My Mother’s ancestors. I Will visit Deutschland properly one day. 🙂

      1. I would love it if you would make a trip to Lebanon as well after you visit Europe as well …
        Here , the mountains are close to the seaside of the Mediterranean…
        Nature is ecstatic and wonderful …

      2. I Give You My Word that I Will! One of My Dreams after ‘completing My Quest’, is to travel the world and learn as many languages as possible by submersing My Self in the culture. I would Love to visit Lebanon!

      3. You could learn about other countries and post your experiences ( likes and dislikes ) to attract visitors to the website …
        Even youtube is a great place to post videos …

      4. Great Minds are thing King alike, that is exactly what I hope to do. And I really should put some Focus back into My YouTube channel, I do have some Great Ideas… Thank You for the suggestion!

  2. I have a brief video talking about true power being from within connected to God or source energy and rooted in the cosmos …

    Please subscribe to my humble channel and I would live to subscribe to yours …
    Best wishes …

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