Caroline Franks, PR officer of Salvation Army Commits Fraud and Theft of Intellectual Property

Ottawa Booth Centre Clients Present Heard Art Exhibition


The above link was sent to Me recently by a Friend who recognized My artwork.  These three paintings were never returned to Me after this exhibition.  I consented to participate in the exhibition as I was told the event would be covered by CBC News.  Perhaps CBC had agreed to cover the event and bailed out at the last moment, but to the best of My knowledge, there was no [mainstream] media coverage of the event – except by the Salvation Army’s own staff, which evidently had ulterior motives for presenting My work – to promote their organization and an art program offered at one of their facilities of which I was NEVER a participant (and know virtually nothing about the program).  The article was published by the Salvation Army’s public relations officer, Caroline Franks.

When I first discovered this and published the information here on My Blog, I anticipated the page would be removed immediately.  The Salvation Army manager, Jason Prevost Willfully sabotaged and interfered with My entrepreneurial and political ventures, arbitrarily barred Me from the facility without cause on two occasions, and is now using My artwork to promote their ‘charity’ organization.  Oh, the irony.

A Letter of Demand was sent to Caroline Franks this morning.  I advised her that failing to remove the page immediately would be considered Willful harassment with intent to harm, antagonize, and further diminish My Character.  I am as King for $37,000.00 for the theft and unauthorized use of My artwork to falsely represent an organization, and an additional $1370.00 per day for every day it remains on their website.

Ugh…  I guess soon it Will be time to start collecting.  Trust Me, more legal Action Will be on the Way.

Love and Blessings,



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