Volume LXVIII: Simple Solutions Saturday Special; Ending Homelessness in Ottawa

Enjoying a Saturday evening off, but these solutions are as Good today as they were when Writing this Post.

Peace Prophecy

Hello world, thank You for being here and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Simple Saturday Solutions Special Edition.  In My last couple of Posts I was Venting a little about E-Vents in My Microcosm – today’s the day for Putting all the Pieces together and Presenting the Solutions.  I had considered Writing a Post about the kind of things I can Imagine happening in the city of Ottawa that might put an end to homelessness, and realized it was Saturday, My ‘Simple Solutions’ Edition.  Kismet.  When I log into WordPress to Write, I learn that My audience is reading about My first proposal to end homelessness in the city of Ottawa.  No coincidences.

At the time, I had suggested that Ottawa’s city mayor was dis-Honourable for allowing the city to spend more taxpayer dollars on shelters than they do on getting People into housing.  The Truth is it’s…

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  1. What is your opinion if these public shelters would be turned into public libraries or public vocational schools to teach people how to be productive and skillful…
    This way we make sustainable development…
    Please reply my dear friend …

    1. Either of Your Ideas would be fabulous. I think providing free school, even university for those with merit and the Will to do so is one of the best Ideas. I think is unrealistic to expect anyone to know what they Will Wish to do with the rest of their life when they are ’20-24′ years of age. Continuing education should be encouraged for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge. Thanks so much for contributing, hope Lebanon is treating You Well!!! Blessings!

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