Volume LXX: Fabulous Friday Free Lance; “One Can’t Always Get what One Wishes…”

“But One always gets what One needs.” – proverb

Always the Truth, isn’t it?  Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank You for joining Me.

It has been a very eventful week, and although Part of Me Wishes I’d taken the time to Write a Post sooner, the rest of Me Trusts the Universe knows what it’s doing.  If I’d Writ much sooner than now, I’d have far less Good News to share.

July 1st was not just the first day of July, it is also Canada day for most of Canada’s People, and Arlo day for the House of von Dehn.  July 1st celebrated My nephew’s sixth name day, My Brother’s first child, and My Mother’s first Grand child – in the House of von Dehn, these events trump Canada day.  For Me, it was also moving day.

If I’d Writ on ‘Magical Monday’, I really would not have had much Good News to share.  The Friend who had agreed to help Me move suddenly encountered health issues with her dog.  Few things in the Universe touch My Heart more than a loving relationship, and this was a fine example of one; these two are best Friends.  The dog was energetic and playful the night of June 29th and awoke the next morning with little energy and health rapidly declining.  By noon the dog could barely lift her head and was rushed to the vet (for the second time since early that morning).

The dog remained at the vet overnight for observation, barely stable, vets didn’t think she would survive the night.  Thankfully, she did.  Vital signs improved but the dog still couldn’t lift it’s head on its own.  Needless to say, My Friend, the dog’s owner, was completely out of sorts.  I told My Friend to do whatever she needs to do to be with the dog, I’ll manage the moves.  She wasn’t able to visit the dog until noon, so My Friend said she’d try and help Me get a couple of car loads to My new place before she had to go back to the vet.

There were exactly two loads that ‘required’ a vehicle, the rest I could carry in trips.  We took the first load of stuff to My new place at roughly 10:00 a.m., and as soon as I loaded the stuff into the lobby, My Friend asks if I Wish to go back right now and get the rest (so she can make it back to the vet for noon).  Gratefully, I accepted.  This wasn’t entirely out of courtesy, either – I had done two hours work for My Friend (delivering and assembling a couch) in exchange for two car trips to My new place on moving day.

When We arrived back at My old address, I already had EVERYTHING packed, so all I did was move it outside by the car.  Like I said, My Friend was out of sorts, and with Good reason, so I wasn’t ‘pushing’ the Issue.  One of the main items to be taken by car (if not the most important) was My cat, Gigi.  The importance here, is that We were initially going to do these two loads before My Friend had to return to the vet at noon.  I had all My stuff ready and Gigi was in the yard with Me, waiting.  An hour later, when My Friend finally returns, she looks at Me waiting with all My stuff and tells Me she has to go back to the vet, she won’t be able to help Me with another load until ‘later’.  Until that moment, I had every reason to believe ‘the Plan’ was to take over another load of stuff (the last) before she went back to the vet at noon.  Again, My Friend is also very emotionally distraught, so I don’t say anything about it.

Instead, My Friend tells Me to ‘be ready’ when she calls so We can take the last load (I’ve been ready since first thing that morning), so I wait with Gigi and My stuff.  Just to add to the chaos of the day, I also slept funny and managed to ‘kink’ My back, so I was in ridiculous pain.  Finally, I get a call at 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m hoping the news is Good – both for My Friend’s dog and for getting the last of My stuff over.  It’s not.  There’s an ’emergency’ job I need to do for one of My Friend’s tenants, none of the other maintenance guys are working Canada day.  The last thing I Wished to do that day, was inspect an air conditioning system (the emergency).  My Friend knew that (or should have as I had been tall King about My Plans for moving day extensively), but I said nothing and asked for the address.  I knew this was not a Good Sign.

When I get to the address, the security codes don’t match – I recognize them, they are for another address, so I text My Friend and ask for the codes to the address she sent Me to.  Oops, wrong address – and completely the opposite direction.  Keep in Mind, I’m already at the address, but say nothing when I learn it’s the wrong address, except, ‘ok’.  I go to the new address, knock on the door, am told the air conditioning is working fine.  I text My Friend again.  “Oops, it was the first address, I just gave You the wrong codes.”

Most People can probably Imagine how I am feeling at this point.  My back is literally in agony, I have just spent an hour walking to two addresses, and am now returning to the first.  I haven’t even eaten yet because My groceries, eating and cooking utensils are at My new place.  I decide to stop to pick up some lunch on My way back to the first address and My Friend texts Me again asking where I am so she can pick Me up (feels bad for sending Me to the wrong place twice, but is now interrupting My lunch).  I say nothing and take My lunch to go.

We get the job done, lunch still in a take-out bag on My lap, and My Friend finally asks if I am ready to take the last load over.  Needless to say, I am.  We get back to My old address and Gigi is nowhere to be found – of course.  My Friend is panicking that she needs to get back to the vet as soon as possible, so when the rest of My stuff is loaded into the car, I say to My Friend We’ll have to go.

“Do You have Gigi?”

“No.  She’s not here, I’ll have to bring her over later.”

Worth noting that none of the stuff dropped off at My new place is actually in My place yet, it’s all just sitting in a lobby waiting for Me to return since ten thirty that morning, in ‘Good Faith’ no One Will take anything.  We leave without Gigi and move the rest of My stuff into the lobby.  Then My Friend asks Me if I want to make one more quick trip to see if Gigi is there to bring her back before I’ve moved anything into My place, “Sure.”

When We get back, Gigi is still not there.  My Friend tells Me I should spend one more night at My [Friend’s] old place so I can wait for Gigi and bring her over in the morning.  I tell My Friend that I desperately Wish to get stuff into My room and unpacked, and that I Will come back for Gigi later in the evening when it is quieter.  My Friend basically starts screaming at Me, telling Me she’s not driving Me back to My other place this evening, that I Will have to spend one more night and take Gigi in the morning, ‘if I care about My cat at all’.

Alright, I had no Idea sharing My Arlo day moving adventures would take so much time (as eventful as the day was) but I am Writing from My new place now, so the Story does have a Happy ending.  I also believe there is a Spiritual message worth telling, so I Will continue this Story in My next Post.

‘Ex Cathedra’ – (Latin) From the Chair

Hope You all had a fabulous Canada day long weekend!

Love and Blessings,






  1. As Jake Ducey says on youtube: If nit what I want exactly , something better …

    God has the best plans for us sure matching our energy frequency …

  2. As Jake Ducey says on youtube: If not what I want exactly , something better …

    God has the best plans for us sure matching our energy frequency …

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