Volume LXX: Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Back to Plan ‘A’

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Saturday Solutions Edition, thank You for being here.  When asked, ‘and what is plan ‘B’?’, with respect to what he would do if ‘plan A’ fell through, Will Smith once said,

“There is no point having a plan ‘B’; all it Will do is distract from Plan A.” – paraphrasing, Will Smith

“I Love Living, I think that’s infectious, it’s something that You can’t fake.” – Will Smith

I could almost quote every line from the ten minute YouTube video because all of it is Gold, and one of the reasons Will Smith is one of My favourite Hollywood personalities.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

My favourite quote from Will’s Wisdom:

“If You are not making someone else’s Life better, You are wasting Your time.” – Will Smith

We’ve been tall King about the central focus of My last Tarot read, something I shared with My audience for the first time this year, and the Card represents living a Purpose-Full Life; becoming One’s Greatest conceptualization of Self.  This, of course, is the Goal of My Life, and what I believe should be the Goal of every One’s Life.

I also mentioned recently that the Queen of Disks was relevant in My Microcosm.  Each of the Cards has a double meaning for this reason as the Microcosm and Macrocosm are mirrors of one another.  On the Macrocosmic level, the Queen of Disks represents the authority of Man’s Commercial Admiralty fiction of law, on the Microcosmic level, it represents a significant individual of influence in My Microcosm.  If One reads the full description of the Card, it is almost a perfect description of the Friend I recently moved away from – both the Good and the bad.

“She thus represents the ambition of Matter to take Part in the Great Work of Creation.”

My Friend truly represents all of the Good characteristics of the Card, ‘they possess immense funds of affection, kindness, and Greatness of Heart’, which is why I Will always refer to this individual as ‘Friend’.  It was the commonality of kindness, affection and Greatness of Heart that Willed this individual into My Microcosm a little over eight months ago.  However, as is the case with each of Us, the ‘ill dignified’ characteristics of the Card were also present and became more prominent as time wore on.  Eventually, the qualities of what is often referred to as the ‘animus’ (Yung) began to surface over time and eventually CAPSIZED Our Friend Ship.

There is a negative aspect of My personality that I try to remain conscious of, especially over the last two years or so.  I can have a tendency to get involved in debates even if I have no interest in the position I’m advocating for – literally arguing for the sake of arguing.  I do try very hard not to do this, but still catch My Self getting invested in Matters that are of little or no concern to Me from time to time.  There’s no harm in it if it’s in the pursuit of Truth and objectivity, but My Friend is One who has a difficult time if One does not accept her opinion on a Matter, and this was something that occurred quite frequently.

My Friend and I had one major thing in common – We both think $15,000,000.00 in taxpayer funding for an emergency mega shelter is a gross waste of resources that should be used to get the same individuals into housing.  For Me, it is one tiny detail within a myriad of idiotic Canadian government policies, it is not My main focus.  For My Friend, it is everything (at least right now).

Closing a mega shelter is not My motive, nor has it ever been.  What started out with My Friend conducting an interview about Life in a shelter, became a political campaign for My Friend about closing a mega shelter.  That was My Friends motive for conducting the interview.  I had no motive except to create awareness, to let the People of Ottawa know how their current taxpayer funded $1790. per month per shelter client ($1340. is the number provided by Shelley VanBuskirk of Housing Services, plus $5 for every meal, three times a day is another $150/month) is being utilized, and what kind of Life it provides for those it is allegedly allocated to ‘protect’ from harm sustained by those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

My Goal was to remind the Canadian People that homelessness and poverty are the cause of serious mental and/or physical harm.  It is not okay to Willfully harm People – ever!  This is the crux of My argument.  The government knows it’s not okay to harm People and organizations like Housing Services were created to ensure they (the shelters) are not causing harm by ensuring operators or shelters maintain rigid standards.  It could just be a smoke-screen to ‘appear’ as though the government (‘the city of Ottawa) is ensuring the protection and safety of those subject to poverty and homelessness, as even if the shelters were acting fully in compliance with the standards set out by Housing Services, they are not Good enough, they are still causing harm!

This is why it wouldn’t really have mattered too much if I had ever had a copy of the shelter standards to work from, though knowing Housing Services has failed to ensure compliance with the most minimal standards should raise some red flags.  I don’t believe a person is ‘fit’ to determine standards unless they are Willing to be subject to those same standards.  If the standard isn’t Good enough for everyone, it isn’t Good enough for anyone.

This is the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, right?  So what is the simple solution?  How about acknowledging the wealth of those subject to poverty and homelessness?  How much is Your Life worth?  How much is My Life worth?  Has anyone ever thought to be as King of their Self that Quest-Ion?  My guess is no, not in any serious Way.  Would Bill Gates aspire to hoard billions of dollars if he knew he was worth more money than all the world’s debt?..  Probably not.  And that’s why We are Living in Babylon.

We are not yet mature enough Spiritually to comprehend Our limitless intrinsic value to the world.  I know this is True because if anyone on the planet Truly knew their worth, there would not be any debt, nor anything to stand in the Way of what We might collectively accomplish. 😉

Well, that seems like a Good Point to Sign off.  When banks loan money to countries, what are We thing King they accept as ‘collateral’?  Are We just collateral damage?  Just some thing to be thing King about until next time.


Love and Blessings,





  1. We would all do the best and be the they could to improve the overall situation…
    Last year , I have not voted in the parliamentary elections in Lebanon . I have faith that human consciousness is evolving eternally…

  2. Yes , it is very important to be omnipresent and have vision to decode the matrix and think or have vision beyond the matrix …
    We are eternal spiritual beings beyond time and space physical reality…
    My dream and faith are in a world blessed with more peace , equanimity, justice , ecstacy and liberty

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