Volume LXXI: Fabulous Friday Free Lance Fire Works; The City and the Salvation Army Respond to My Letter of Demand

Happy Fabulous Free Lance Friday world, My Favourite day of the week for Writing (at least at the moment).  As always, Bless You for being here, it means the world to Me, literally (and pun intended).  Okay, can You tell I’m in a Good mood?  I mentioned yesterday that I was anticipating a response from the city today, but I was not expecting to hear from the Salvation Army, too!

Before I begin, I should provide a copy of My Letter of Demand for easy reference, so every One at least knows what it was they are responding to.



The first reply came from Mike White, the Salvation Army’s Director of Programs (Jason Prevost’s senior).  It reads as follows:

Hi Sean,
I am writing in response to the demand letter you dropped off for Jason a couple of weeks ago.
I am currently out of town on vacation but would like to meet with you upon my return in mid August to discuss your letter and concerns about your referral to another shelter etc.
Please let me know if you are interested in meeting and we can then find a time that is convenient.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael T.H. White
Director of Programs
The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth  Centre
171 George Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5W5
613-241-1573 (250)

That email arrived in My inbox at 11:06 this morning, so the day didn’t Keep Me waiting long for a response.  It was also a Good Way of foreshadowing the reply from the city, as Mike White would have no interest in meeting with Me mid August to discuss this Matter if the city intended to Honour My Letter of Demand; it would be redundant.  Of course, I suppose I could presume the city and Salvation Army were not discussing the Matter prior to the email, but I am thing King that would be a little naïve.

The next email came almost precisely one hour later, at 12:09 p.m.  Time is Keeping Harmony with Our recent Tarot read, the Significance of numbers 6 and 9 Showing up in relation to a serious Matter Central to My Focus.  I wasn’t surprised to receive a reply, but I was very surprised when it was Shelley VanBuskirk’s email address that appeared in My inbox.  This was the last paragraph of My last Letter to Shelley VanBuskirk after she arbitrarily assassinated My Character:

“I believe Your last letter was designed to willfully provoke and antagonize Me, and has caused further injury by Way of insulting My Character and making false claims against Me.  As such, I am as King of You to refrain from contacting Me any further for any reason and ask that all future correspondence be communicated through the legal counsel that was afforded to the city with respect to this Matter, Genevieve Langlais.”

Now I don’t know, some People have accused Me of using ‘big’ Words from time to time, but I think the message is pretty clear, do not contact Me any further for any reason”.

Can You Imagine why this might be Fabulous News for a Friday?  Not only does Shelley not apologize for assassinating My Character, she Willfully trespasses upon My Wishes again!  She can’t even claim ignorance.

For those who might be thing King that it is perfectly reasonable for Shelley to respond as the Program Director of Housing Services, this is still Part of a formal Court proceeding; We might not be in what most would consider a physical Court, but it is part of formal negotiation to avoid bringing this Matter into a physical Court.  And Housing Services is failing miserably.

This is not how any organization should go about resolving a complaint with an injured party, especially once One has determined the injury is both sustained and the result of the other’s negligence.  To not offer compensation (and a heartfelt apology) is dis-Honourable.  We could debate all day about how much compensation is reasonable, but offering nothing at all only adds insult to injury.  Countering with an offer of $1000.00 and an apology would still be insulting, but it would at least be a position to defend in Court.  This is flat out discrimination that appears to be Willfully motivated to further demoralize My Character.  What it says is, “those subject to shelters are not entitled to compensation by the harm done to them as a consequence of being there.”

It suggests the Lives of the homeless have no Value, they are worth nothing to the city of Ottawa.  Fortunately, I don’t believe that is actually the opinion of city council, I believe they are happy to watch Housing Services and Shelley VanBuskirk hang themselves in Court – they’re just making sure I have lots of rope to be war King with.

Why do I believe this?  Because allowing Shelley VanBuskirk to respond to Me directly is suicide, legally speaking.  The moment an opposing party seeks council in a legal Matter, the lawyer deals directly with the other lawyer exclusively.  Lawyers Will generally instruct their client to refrain from contacting the other party for any reason without notifying them first.  The two parties do not discuss the Matter at all, everything goes through the lawyers.  An exception would be the initial resolution meeting with the city, and My agreement to meet with Paul Lavigne to discuss the contracts.  Both of these meetings were facilitated by the city’s council, and council Acted as a mediator of the discussion (which is how it should be).

In this Case, I am Playing two roles as both the complainant and the legal representative.  Shelley is not.  Just like the Mayor, Jim Watson who sent Me an email to advise Me that because there is a Matter before the divisional court he cannot discuss the matter with Me directly, so too should all correspondence from Housing Services come through Geneviève Langlais, the city’s legal council.  Like the mayor, Shelley should not have any direct contact with Me once the Matter is before the courts, especially when I have clearly made it known that I find the nature of her Letters antagonistic.  This was a Gift.

Good afternoon,

Please see the attached letter.

Shelley VanBuskirk

Director | Directrice

Housing Services | Services de logement

Community and Social Services | Services sociaux et communautaires

City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa

100 Constellation, 8 floor|étage

Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8

(613) 580-2424 x 16366

(613) 818-7346  Mobile

Ltr to SVD – Response to Demand (July 11 2019)

Well, that’s 1066 Words, so it’s a Good time to wrap up.  I Will have much more to say about this in the near future, I may even Publish another Post today.  I must confess I’m not surprised at all and as nice as it would be to put this Matter behind Me and move forward, I would not be as motivated to expose the collusion between the Housing Services branch and the Salvation Army’s Willful trespasses upon the rights and dignity of Ottawa’s People.  And You can bet I Will be filing a complaint with Ottawa’s Fraud and Waste management hotline, too.

Hope this Friday finds You all feeling Fabulous!!!

Love and Blessings,



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