Volume LXXI: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; My Reply to Mike White, Program Director, Salvation Army Booth Centre

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean All Saturday (Simple Solutions) Edition of the Good News Journal, thank You for being here.  In all likelihood, I Will Keep this Post short and may potentially Post again later today or summarize the events of the week tomorrow in the Super Natural Sunday Re-View.  For now, I decided to respond to Mike White’s offer to meet with Me mid August, as per his email to Me yesterday:

Hi Sean,
I am writing in response to the demand letter you dropped off for Jason a couple of weeks ago.
I am currently out of town on vacation but would like to meet with you upon my return in mid August to discuss your letter and concerns about your referral to another shelter etc.
Please let me know if you are interested in meeting and we can then find a time that is convenient.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael T.H. White
Director of Programs
The Salvation Army Ottawa Booth  Centre
171 George Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5W5
613-241-1573 (250)

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I should even bother meeting with Mike White.  Not one representative of the Salvation Army has offered to meet with Me to resolve this Matter amicably prior to My Letter of Demand.  It also says a thing or two about the Power of a Letter of Demand, and of the validity of My Claim.  Based on the Salvation Army’s previous history with respect to responding to Letters, My guess is that they would not respond at all if they did not feel I had a legitimate Claim (they would just continue to ignore My Letters as they have done previously).

After Giving the Matter some thought, deciding whether or not to respond to Mike became a very easy decision.  I’m interested in meeting with representatives from the Salvation Army if they are interested in apologizing for their trespasses against Me and making Me whole for the harm that was done.  Without further ado, here is My reply.

Hello Mike,

If You are as King to meet with Me in hopes of resolving this matter amicably and offering Me something in the Way of compensation for the harm that was done to Me by Your organization, I am Happy to meet with You.  If You are as King to meet with Me in hopes of justifying the harm done to Me, I am not interested in meeting with You.

Jason Prevost ignored every single one of My Letters – from My well Writ proposal of an educational art campaign, to complaints of the deplorable conditions clients of the shelter were routinely subject to.  Jason Prevost interfered with My entrepreneurial venture, sabotaged a valuable contact, and refused to forward the contact information to Me.  Three paintings I contributed to an art exhibition the Salvation Army promised to use to promote My entrepreneurial ventures were stolen from Me, the art was later used to promote Your organization and the anchorage art therapy program (of which I was never a participant) and failed to Give Me any recognition for My work – not even My name was credited with the paintings by Caroline Franks, the public relation officer who also refused to respond to My letters and published the paintings on Your website.  I was arbitrarily barred from the facility not once, but twice, and the first time was by police force, despite clearly telling them I would be happy to go with them peacefully if the Salvation Army was within its legal rights to arbitrarily bar clients without cause.  I was assaulted by the officers, injured by the officers, spent 8 hours in a cell for having committed no crime, and spent the better part of a year defending against those charges in court before they were withdrawn by request of Crown a couple of months before the trial date.  I was also denied access to My personal, private property which was kept in the Life Skills program while I remained barred for five days (again, without cause).

Finally, and most importantly, I am a Spiritual man advocating for the rights of those less fortunate than My Self; in this particular case, clients of emergency shelters.  I advised Drew Corley, the program director of the Life Skills program and Jason Prevost that compelling People to participate in religious activities in order to participate in social programs is a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code.  Jason Prevost laughed at Me, Drew Corley apologized and said, ‘well, that’s just part of the program and if You don’t like it You don’t have to be in the Life Skills program.’  I was also the only one to ever be removed from the program without cause after exactly four months, despite asking to remain in the program at least long enough to have a proper working environment to defend My Self against the false accusations of both shelter staff and the Ottawa Police Service.

You postulate Your organization as a Spiritual organization and have refused to acknowledge or respect My Spiritual principals or philosophies from the beginning.  You suggest that Your philosophies are Christian, but attack an individual who has dedicated his Life to the example of Christ and Christ’s teaching.  To this end, I became very Good Friends with Captain Thomas Yoo who tried to help advocate for My rights by speaking to Jason himself and was also laughed at by Jason, who claimed he does not answer to Captain Thomas Yoo and is not obliged to answer letters of complaint from clients.

Your organization WILLFULLY trespassed upon My spiritual rights DAILY for a period of four months, even after being shown this was in violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code.  So are shelter clients not entitled to the protection of rights as they are afforded by Canada’s system of laws, and/or are the poor and homeless not entitled to compensation when their rights are abused by shelter policies and management?

Never Mind being subject to sleeping with vermin every night I was a client.  I am permanently scarred from the experience and Will not ever subject My Self to the indignation I experienced at the hands of the Salvation Army ever again under any circumstance.

The final insult, was Shelley VanBuskirk assassinating My Character without cause so that the Salvation Army’s decision to have Me barred would be in compliance with the shelter standards.  Not ONCE was I ever a risk to staff or clients of the facility, and this defamation of the Good nature of My Character is now on a Court of Record and Shelley has thus far refused to rescind her comments and apologize for the unwarranted transgression against Me, when she was tasked with resolving the issue and making Me whole for the injuries I sustained as a client.

If this isn’t an excellent example of how the rights of clients are consistently abused, I don’t know what is.  Furthermore, Friends of mine who are still clients of the shelter tell Me the bedbug epidemic is as bad as its ever been and Jason Prevost and staff under his direction still routinely bar clients from the facility contrary to the shelter standards.  It would appear Housing Services is colluding with the shelter to cover up their abuse of client rights, and I have a very strong case to support these allegations.

Please let Me know what Your intentions are for providing remedy to these serious issues so I can make a more informed decision about  whether or not to meet with You.

Thank You, enjoy Your vacation,

Oh, and a Good start to Showing You Wish to resolve this Matter amicably, would be to address Me by My proper legal title in future emails.

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

I received an ‘automatic reply’ to My email with nothing at all in the body of the message, so I’m not sure how long Mike Wishes for Me to wait for his reply.  For now, I Will be preparing My next court case where I Will designate Housing Services and the Salvation Army as co-defendants (and conspirators to taxpayer fraud).


I hope this Saturday finds You all feeling Sensational!

Love and Blessings,


  1. The bible talks about our rebirth …

    I think we are always reborn into higher states of consciousness…We are always ascending spiritually into higher levels of awareness whether in this lifespan or another …
    This is how our worlds evolve as we evolve from within …
    May God heal us and bless us with grace , mercy , peace , joy and love …

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