Volume LXXII: Thrilling Thursday Edition; Thing King about Entitlement

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition, than-King You for being here.  I received a Special Surprise (Sir-Prize) today, in the Way of a Notice of ‘Entitlement’ to shelter.  Am I the only One who finds the use of the Word Entitlement a little unusual?


Notice anything else unusual about this document?  Yeah, the thumbprint Stands out (literally), as does ‘House of von Dehn’, but the most interesting part of this Form for Me, is that it is the Genuine Article.  This is very rare, at least for Me.  Usually, the Creator of the contract keeps the original, the ‘under’ Signed only gets a copy – and it’s usually in black and white.  Blue ink represents the Common Law, purple ink represents Royalty, and Red ink represents Author Writ[ty].  A thumbprint is the King’s Seal, as it uniquely identifies His Kingdom.  It is also the Highest physical expression (ex-press-Ion) on the Form.  Form = Shape.  I am Creating a Foundation with every Deed.

Black represents corporate-Sean (corporation), the incorporated person (ID-entification) Created by the State in My name.

“Hallowed be My name” to make Holy (Whole-E) E = Energy (or Mc²)

The whole ‘E’ Trinity, a United Kingdom of Mind, Body and Soul.

From a government body (representative), I have never received the Genuine Article of any contract or application, it is always a [true] copy (in black and white).  Just to Give an example, this is [the copy of] My application for social assistance when I first moved to Ottawa.

The Holy (Whole ‘E’) Ghost

Notice that ‘x’ (Cross) Marks (mark of the beast) the ‘Spot’.  Notice there is nothing visible there?  It’s because this is a carbon copy of the Genuine Article.  Only impressions Will Show up, expressions (My thumbprint Seal) Will not.  I am also not fixed in time (like a statue, or ‘statutory person’), I am Living here and now.  No Sign-Nature, no date of Signing.  Their Genuine Article Will Show that I am the Highest Author [of] Writ(ty) of the Trust being administered.  I am Acting as both the administrator and the beneficiary.  Notice that it clearly states ‘applicant/recipient/Trustee‘.  And Chris Tuck was trying to convince Me there is no ‘Trust’.  Really?  Then what exactly is being administered to the ‘Trustee’?  Honestly, I don’t believe Chris Tuck has the slightest clue.  Again, this is why Knowledge is Power, because every Man has the right to full disclosure of any contract One enters into, otherwise the contract is deception and is null and void in any Court of Law.

I am actually feeling rather proud of My Self this evening (and don’t let any One tell You that pride is a sin – do You not think God would Wish for You to Honour His/Her Kingdom with Pride?) for having little difficulty finding this document.  This was one of the very first official documents I authorized when I arrived in Ottawa, and the first time I ‘shocked’ the social workers of the Salvation Army, who insisted it could not be done without an ‘ID’ entity.  My documents are probably more than four inches thick now, not including all the information concerning shelter standards and My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review.  I do not believe I have misplaced a single item, and I had little difficulty locating this one, despite how long ago it was.  Feeling pretty organ-ized (organ, music, in Harmony with the One Song (Uni-Verse)).

The Entitlement Notice also indicates that ‘Market Value Rent’ (MVR) is now $1253/month for single occupancy.  That’s $71 greater than it was last year ($1182, if memory serves Me correct).  Subsidy for People in need of housing has not been adjusted at all and remains at a maximum of $600/month.  The reason this is an important detail to make note of, is because the Salvation Army (and presumably other shelters also) receive $1340/month to provide shelter for Ottawa’s homeless.  So the city of Ottawa Will spend more money to cause harm to individuals than they are Willing to allocate to place the same individuals into dignified housing.  If the city were to offer $863 in subsidy, combined with the shelter allowance provided by provincial social services, every homeless person could acquire market value, single occupancy safe shelter, while saving taxpayers $477 a month per person and eliminate homelessness.

Now, am I some kind of financial genius, or is the determination to place Ottawa’s People in shelters at the expense of their health and taxpayer dollars, Willful?  Just a Quest-Ion…

There is one small correction to be made on the Notice of Entitlement, but it Will need to be made.  I Will not require Housing Services to re-Create the Form and have Me authorize the entitlement again, I Will simply inform Christine so she can make a note of it for when We do this again in a couple of months.  Right now, I’m still not in an apartment or ‘dwelling’ of My own, I only have a room (and 8 others sharing the kitchen and two bathrooms) – not exactly ideal, but considerably better off than I was a month ago.  The address in incorrect, but not incorrect enough to affect the legitimacy of the Form.  My address should always be expressed as care of the legal address.  I don’t Live at the address on the Form, I Live in My House (von Dehn) and I am the authority of My Land (body), or the Land Lord of My Holy E-State.

Alright, 911 Words, and We know that 911 is an emergency, so I should get going.  One last detail to note.  Being Sovereign Truly is a tremendous Duty and responsibility.  I’m sure One can Imagine how long it took Me to learn everything I am sharing with You here.  It is My Duty to share this Know Ledge (High-ness) with You, just as it is My Duty to inform Christine.  It is unreasonable for Me to expect others to know these details.  Also, note that I made ‘adjustments’ to the social services application, stating that limiting My assets to $2500. was a violation of ‘human’ rights.  I’m not sure if it’s a violation of any right that exists in Canada, but it is a violation of My rights and it is necessary for Me to make these adjustments.  The moment social services ‘accepts’ the terms and conditions as I have amended them, is the moment they are legally (and lawfully) binding.  I could not have ignored that limitation upon My Sovereignty or I would be Signing the Form in bad Faith.  I am worth considerably more than $2500., and I am the legal and lawful owner of the custodial property Given Me by God (My Holy Kingdom).  If I had Signed that form without making that exception, I would be suggesting I am worth less than $2500.  Don’t be fooled, Forms are [usually] Created by legal experts (with the exception of those Created by Housing Services), and We are ALL considered to be Masters in commerce – that’s what ‘Mister’ or ‘Master’ means.  One demonstrates authority by their Know Ledge and by their Deeds.

I hope this Thursday finds You all well.

Love and Blessings,









  1. I used to think that Canada and USA are perfect heaven-like countries with no corruption …
    I have dreamt a lot about migrating to Canada but since 2016 , I have learned that no country is perfect or special …All are one and one is all …

    1. Exactly. And the whole ‘patriot’ (which means parent, by the Way) game, is ‘My country is better than Your country’. Believing this, just exemplifies how spiritual immature We are collectively. I am all for a borderless world.

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