Volume LXXII: Sunday Special Edition; My addition to Ottawa’s Fraud and Waste Management Hotline Investigation

Good day, Please be advised that My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review is available on the International Public Record at http://www.vondehnvisuals.com. The city of Ottawa (Housing Services) sustained in their investigation into My complaint the most serious trespasses upon the Salvation Army’s contractual agreements with the city; primarily compelling clients to participate in religious activities to access social programs offered by the facility, no complaint resolution processes for clients who feel they are treated unfairly by staff or management of the facility, and their failure to address and eradicate a bedbug epidemic injurious to clients. Shelley VanBuskirk, program director of the Housing Services branch WILLFULLY lied to chair Deans and members of council in her report/memo dated April 25th, 2018, stating that the shelter was fully in compliance with its contractual agreements and the Ontario Human Rights Code. The contractual agreement between the city of Ottawa (the City) and emergency service providers clearly states that these service providers MUST be in compliance with the Emergency Shelter Standards and ALL federal, provincial and municipal codes, acts and statutes, including the Ontario Human Rights Code. The Ontario Human Rights Code was routinely violated by shelter management while I was a client of the shelter, and in light of the recent investigation by the Housing Services Branch, it would seem that Housing Services was also aware of these serious trespasses upon the rights and dignity of clients, but LIED to chair Deans and members of council (presumably so they would continue to receive funding and/or to gain support the Salvation Army’s proposed mega shelter in Vanier). Of course, I am only speculating as to ‘why’ Shelley VanBuskirk lied to chair Deans and members of council, I only know that she did, and that her lies allowed for continued funding to be provided to the shelter contrary to their contractual agreements. I believe falsifying information that affects taxpayer funding to the tune of $1790/month of taxpayer money ($1340. in per diem funding monthly per bed + $5/meal x 3 times per day for an additional $15/per diem funding for meals), is serious fraud. Clients of the shelter have been seriously harmed by the negligence of both Housing Services and the Salvation Army for failing to Honour their contractual agreements upon which their funding is dependent. Please take some time to carefully review the full text of My application to the Divisional Court and the determinations made by the investigative branch (Housing Services), who appear to now be attempting to cover up their fraudulent reports to city council. I do not have a lot of experience providing information to a justice for criminal charges of Breach of Public Trust, but I believe there is more than sufficient evidence to warrant this Action. Thank You, kindly, have a Blessed day, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God. (On Her Majesty’s Service)

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