Volume LXXIII: Magical Monday Mary Magdalene Day; Celebrating the Divine Feminine

Hello, world, and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank You for joining Me.  Today is Mary Magdalene day.

three years ago Pope Francis elevated the memorial of St. Mary Magdalene, traditionally observed on July 22, to the status of a feast day.”

Although I have used the Lust Card as a feature image many times since My last Tarot read, today the Card seems especially significant, as it represents the underworld, the land of Babalon, and the supressed Energy of the Divine Feminine.  It is not a coincidence that the Holy Father of Man’s Macrocosm elevated the memorial to the status of a ‘Feast day’.  It symbolizes the rise of the Divine Feminine in a world dominated by masculine Energy.


A Friend of mine was convinced that I am a member of some secret society – I assure You I am not, and I did what I could to convince My Friend of the same to no avail.  People Will believe what they Wish to believe.  My Friend had come to this conclusion because of My explanation of the Great Work, the Grand Plan for a New World Order, and I had suggested that the New World Order was the 37th Degree of Mystical Mastery.

There is much I still need to say concerning the events in My Microcosm, but with respect to the Great Work and Our most recent Tarot read, the Heightened importance of Mary Magdalene day is not arbitrary.  The Holy Father of Man’s Macrocosm does not Glorify any Saint without deliberation and Divine Intention.  The intention behind elevating Mary Magdalene’s memorial to the status of Feast day, was so We could contemplate gorging Our Self with the indulgences of the Sacred Feminine, to put an end to the shaming of Our sexual desires and impulses, to empower the Beauty and Compassion of the Divine Feminine.  The Idea that Eve is responsible for all of Man’s sins is utterly incorrect; Adam is no less responsible for eating the apple simply because it was offered by Eve.  If I am as King of a Man to kill another, am I responsible for the Act?

This is Man’s most fatal flaw.  We Wish to blame every One else for the problems of Our world, yet each of Us partake by Way of Our Deeds.  Every single soul on this earth who is competing with his fell low Man for profits is guilty of sin.  We think nothing of it, We do not even consider the fact that We have become incorporated persons, walking dead things, We simply accept and comply, pointing fingers at every One else.  Like children, We blame Our parents for the unfair rules they have made for their House, yet We continue to live under their roof and take no responsibility for Our own Life.

Most People Will not Wish to hear this of course.  It is so much easier to blame ‘the system’, capitalism, government, religion, whatever…  So long as it is not Our fault, We are just doing what every One else does.  After all, how can One man ever Hope to change the world?  Well, history has shown Us that it is always the courage of One who Stands against many that has made the greatest impact on social norms.  I don’t even feel it is necessary to provide examples.

I do, however, feel it is important on this day to remove the Stigma associate with Eve, and Christianity’s tendency to blame her for Man’s fall from Grace.  Does it not say more about Adam and how easily influenced he was, how quickly he forgot the Promise made to God?

But there is an even more Powerful message to be understood from the Story of Adam and Eve.  God Created the Heavens and the Earth.  God Created the Garden of Eden and all the wondrous things it contained.  God is all things, seen and unseen.  God is Adam, and God is Eve.  God is the Serpent and the Rainbow.  So if God is all things, and God is both the Serpent and the Rainbow, was it not God that Created Eve, a Friend that Adam could not resist?  If God Created all things in the Garden of Eden, and God is all Powerful, why would God allow a Snake into the Garden knowing it would tempt Eve?  God knew that if Adam and Eve were never tempted to take from the Tree of Knowledge, they would never have fallen from Grace, and they would never have had the capacity to know the Glory of God.  If Eve had never tempted Adam with the Apple, none of You would be here.  It was God’s Will.  God was the Serpent tempting Eve.  Yes, they would fall from Grace, but God knew it would be worth it!

This is the Law of Duality, perhaps the most complex Spiritual concept to grasp, and why 0=2.  In the beginning, there was nothing.  In fact, there was less than nothing because the nothing that was did not even know it was there.  Then a single thought emerged, a humble desire ‘to be’ and nothing knew it was something.  Consciousness.

The something was nothing, but nothing was the only thing there was, there was nothing else; nothing was everything!  The most humble, modest thing that could ever be, was the greatest thing that ever was.  The knowing of this, was the most blissfull feeling that ever was.  Nothing could never be less than what it was, each new understanding of Self could only ever be greater.  Nothing had no limits, no boundaries, no space, no time and it could never be anything less than what it already was, and it was already the greatest thing that could ever be.  Eventually, nothing learned how to use time and space to Give the Illusion of something that could believe it was not Part of the everything nothing is; and We are that.

Well, that’s how the Universe came to be.  Everything really is an illusion, as convincing as it may seem.  The greatest trick God every Played on Man, was convincing Man she is not God.  Soon We Will re-Member We are all One.  Believing We could be separated from that which Man calls God was the Creation of fear, the unknowing of Supreme knowledge.  The only reason this was ever done, was because God only knew Greatness but could never appreciate what that greatness was because there was NOTHING else to know.  We only for get, so We can re-Member.

Here’s to Love, Compassion, Unity, and remembering the Nurturing Nature of the Divine Feminine on Magical Monday’s Mary Magdalene Feast day!

Love and Blessings!!!


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