Volume LXXIII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View.  I’ve been absent most of the week, primarily Self medicating; and by that I simply mean ta-King care of My Self and enjoying My new space.

Today’s feature photo, Jacaranda Mimosifolia, is My new Bonsai tree.  My last [Bonsai] Maple tree did not move to My new space with Me, this is her ‘replacement’.  If all goes well, she Will continue to spread roots on this Earth long after I am gone.  She is native to the tropical rainforest and is a very hard find to buy as a plant, this specimen was grown from seed.  The package said it can take 21 to 45 days for the seedling to sprout, this one appeared in exactly a week.  She is two weeks young now, and You can see I have wasted no time shaping her trunk.  In her native environment, free from the constraints of a container, she can grow to be over 25 feet tall!!!  Perhaps I Will see if I can find an example of a fully grown specimen to demonstrate her potential beauty.


Here is a fine example of a mature Jacaranda Mimosifolia Bonsai.


Gorgeous, isn’t it?  It’s commonly called the ‘Blue’ Jacaranda or Fern tree.  To Me, the flowers look more Purple, which is the colour of Royalty and one of the many reasons I like this plant so much.  The new branches resemble the leaves of fern plants.  I currently have 26 plants in My room!  It’s amazing how quickly the collection grows, especially when starting from seed.  Of all the plants I have, only four were purchased, and each for under $3 with the exception of My Hibiscus, which was $7 (still a great price for a flowering plant with plenty of buds).

Speaking of which, I also showed how to pollinate the Hibiscus in one of My Posts last week, though no seeds were produced.  Although Hibiscus enjoys a tropical climate, My room was actually too hot for the Hibiscus.  Apparently, it Will not produce seeds in temperatures over 75 degrees Fahrenheit (My room has been more like 90, no exaggeration).

Primarily, this is how I’ve been Self medicating.  I care for plants.  I find everything about them fascinating.  In fact, the more I learn, the more fascinated I am.  I was as King of My Mother once if the seed that falls from the Maple tree is establishing an entirely new consciousness, or is it just expanding the consciousness of the existing tree?  My Mother said she believes it is creating an entirely new consciousness.  And it’s True, it is.  The new seed Will contain all of the information of the Mother plant and any additional information provided by the Father plant (providing it does not pollinate it Self).  If the plant does pollinate it Self (many plants can and do, tomato is an example), it Will still contain new information from the time it was a seed – knowledge of the climate, weather, soil conditions, nutrients, etc., that allowed for it to grow and mature.  That information Will be passed on to the new seed, and the plant Will evolve over time.

This is just one of many reasons I’m fascinated by plants.  By harvesting My own seeds from the plants I Keep, they Will be that much more likely to grow well the following season because they Will have adapted to the environment.  Some Will learn to grow in containers where they were previously unrestricted to expand their roots as much as necessary.  They Will also adapt to continuous nutrients which may be deficient in the soil they were initially grown.

Tending to plants also happens to be another favourite ‘hobby’ of mine that any One who knows Me well Will confirm.  I also seem to have a ‘knack’ for it, though I don’t really perceive it as any special Gift as there is no ‘trick’ to it; I simply pay attention to My plants.  There is no ‘rule’ for watering.  With 26 different plants, they all need water at different times.  Right now, they are all drinking pretty quickly, even the cacti.  As fall approaches, they Will drink less and can be left to dry out a bit.  If One pays attention to their plants, they Will notice patterns of behaviour.  Wilted leaves does not always mean a plant needs water.  I have a beautiful sunflower growing in My sill and the leaves ‘wilt’ every night when the sun goes down – that’s just the sunflower’s Way of resting and preparing for the new day.  When the sun comes out, the leaves perk up again, ready to absorb the nutrients.

One tip I Will share with My audience is to provide Good drainage for plants, which I am occasionally guilty not providing My Self, usually because I don’t have loose gravel.  Perhaps one of the most deadly things One can do with a plant is to over-water, which Will eventually drown the roots in most cases.  Virtually all plants are susceptible to ‘root rot’, which is the eventual outcome and almost incurable.  I like to use clay pots because they ‘breathe’ and assist with drainage and aeration of soil, though I also use plants as an opportunity to recycle plastics, so old yogurt containers, margarine, virtually anything that could be a pot Will become one.  I have plenty of paint, too, so I scratch the surface to rough it up a little, drill a few holes for drainage in the bottom, then paint the ‘pot’.  With plastic, it is very important to have proper drainage, loose gravel on the bottom a quarter inch deep is sufficient to give the soil both drainage and the ability to breathe.

Otherwise, I also started volunteering this week.  The irony is that I’m not a big fan of volunteering because I feel I receive very little recognition for the work I’m already doing, but it’s something I enjoy for now.  I’m also not a fan of volunteering because it seems that most of the People I meet who do volunteer could benefit substantially more from a well paying job; it seems the majority of true volunteers working for nothing are not very wealthy themselves…  It seems like organizations prey on the empathy of the poor for free labour, though I admit that may just be My biased opinion.

A nearby community center needed a public relations representative, which sounds far more fancy than it is.  I greet People, welcome them to the center and provide coffee and bottled water to People who need it.  I offered to provide My services every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to two o’clock, and so far I’m enjoying it.  They would like Me to fill out a ‘volunteer’ form, which I’m not so keen on doing – I gave My Word I would assist them two hours a day, three days a week until further notice.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only contract they need, though I really don’t anticipate they Will ‘force’ Me to fill out their form, and they seem very pleased with Me so far.  As much as I appreciate My solitude, I do have a Gift to gab and am very sociable – few People would guess I’m an introvert at heart.

You may also be wondering why I haven’t Writ any more concerning My Letter of Demand to the city.  I do have much more to say about that, but tomorrow Genevieve (associate legal council for the city) returns from vacation and Wishes to discuss the Matter with Me, which is encouraging.  I Will have more to say regarding that Matter very soon, though I haven’t been waiting for Genevieve to return to share My thoughts with You, I’ve really just been taking a much needed mental vacation from everything and enjoying My space.

Gigi (My cat) is settling in fairly well, too.  All things considered, she made the transition very well, as she was accustomed to coming and going as she pleases, now she is ‘trapped’ in a single room all day.  I thought she might fuss about that, but she doesn’t.  She does, however, like to sit in the window sill when I am not around to tell her not to, which has resulted in the death of some seedlings and a couple of plant pots on the floor.  The plants survive the fall as I’m never gone that long and I’ve learnt to not place fragile seedlings where she might sit (though We are war King on training her not to sit in the window at all!).  Really, she’s a very Good cat.  She is allowed to sit or lie on any surface that I would sit or lie on, and she pretty much knows that with the exception of the sill.  I am thing King it won’t be such an issue in the winter when the window is closed, it is the constant calling of birds that commands her (irresistible) attention.

A little more light-hearted an Edition for You all this Sunday.  I hope My fascination and enthusiasm for plants is contagious because I swear they are extremely beneficial to One’s mental, Spiritual and emotional well being.

My Sun-Flower (How perfect does she look?!)

Oh, I have one more Special Gift for You today!  This is a Blue Heron, generally a very ‘shy’ bird.  It is not generally known for coming too close to People and Will usually disappear as soon as they notice One too near.  This gorgeous bird noticed Me almost right away and I said, “Please don’t fly away, I won’t hurt You”, just before pulling out My camera to film the encounter!

Love and Blessings,




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