Volume LXXV: The Terrific Two for Two’s Day Edition

Hello again, every One!  Well, I guess I’m making up for ta-King (tah, King) a week off Writing by My Spiritually inspired second Post for two-day. 😉  I really do enjoy Writing and I truly am very pleased to have You here with Me, thank You.

I am often tall King about paying attention to the Signs the Universe Gifts Us with.  This Post Will be a little more light Hearted, as I am primarily sharing My experience of this phenomena in My Microcosm with You.  Before I get into the synchronicities of My day with You, I Wish to share with You the latest photo of My little Jacaranda Mimosifolia Bonsai tree.  In some Way, it too is a reflection of Good Ideas flourishing in the Macrocosm.


After I finished My last entry earlier today, I checked My Blog stats which have been surprisingly Good considering I didn’t Write for over a week (thank You for that, also).  I was also pleasantly surprised with the Posts People were reading, and decided to re-read some of them My Self.  I felt so earnestly and honestly Grate-Full, I raised My Hands to the Heavens, closed My eyes, and took a moment to Give thanks for the Great fullness I was feeling.  Then I decided to get some fresh air and stepped outside.

Sometimes I swear I feel like I’m on candid camera or something, that’s how much like ‘The Truman Show’ My Life can be sometimes.  I ran into a Friend who was looking for Me and just ‘happened’ to be walking by the second I stepped outside.  That led to another meeting, and within roughly fifteen minutes of stepping outside of My building, every thing I could have possibly Wished for was Gifted Me without as King for it, including minutes on My phone which I figured might be a luxury I would have to waive for a month.  Ridiculous Good fortune, even for Me!  Part of My problem is that I generally do feel very blessed, even when I have nothing, and when One feels Great Full, it is difficult to Wish for more, much less be as King for it…  So I don’t.  But I Will say, it has been some time since I have raised My arms up to the Heavens and Given thanks for how Great-full I am, and it is not a coincidence that I was showered with Blessings only moments later.  I am thank full to have an audience, the Universe is thank full I am Writing and sharing My thoughts with You.

The non Bonsai version of Jacaranda Mimosifolia

The Magic of My day didn’t stop there.  When I returned to My building, I met another Friend and We exchanged Stories of the Wonders of the day.  I told My Friend about My Magical ‘ritual’ for Giving thanks to the Universe by raising up My arms with My feet shoulder width apart, feel the Energy of the Universe coursing through One’s body.  My Friend tried the exercise and almost the moment We were finished, a stranger approached us and Gifted each of Us with necklaces (neck-laces, what a funny Word) and a Blessing.  I don’t feel like taking it off and the ‘selfie’ isn’t working out very well, but it has a pendant of the Virgin Mother where the necklace joins with another five beads with roses hanging from the pendant of the Virgin Mother to a Cross with the crucifixion of Christ.  Medugorje is inscribed on the back of the Cross.


This is first image that came up for Medugorje on Google.  Well, Medugorje is a town in the Herzogovina district of Bosnia.  Since 1981 is has become a place of popular Catholic pilgrimage, primarily due to ‘Our Lady of Medugorje’, an apparition of the Virgin Mary that appeared to six children and is allegedly happening to this day.  I’m stealing all of this information from Wikipedia, so You should probably check out the link. 😉

But I knew that whatever the Word meant, I would Google it when I got back and find out that it is somehow related to the return of the Divine Feminine.  The Word Medugorje was on the Cross, not the pendant of the Virgin Mary.  The Virgin Mary represents Purity, Love and everything related to the Compassion of God; the Love a Mother instinctively has for her off-Spring (notice how everything is related to water).  For Me, this is much more Significant than being handed a Cross with the crucifixion of Christ because I feel that is probably the most mis-understood concept (con-cept/trick taken) of Christ’s Story.  The tragedy was not that Christ died, the tragedy was that it was the Will of the People that made it so; the world was not ready for Him.  What People should be paying more attention to (in My humble opinion), is what Christ did while He was Living.  That is the Story Man is meant to pay more attention to.  Why commemorate a Man’s death when One can Honour His Life?  The example of the Christ Character is the message.

Haha, and I meant for this Post to be less serious and more light Hearted!  Well, I hope I didn’t get too heavy, and Keep in Mind I’m not religious, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe Christ’s Story is important.  Certainly it can’t be any less important than the message of any of Our favourite films.

This Post was really more about the Power of Gratitude.  Taking a moment to just appreciate the Wonder of Life can Manifest Magical Miracles in One’s Microcosm.  So just take a moment to appreciate how wonder full this experience of Life really is.

I hope as many Blessings and more find their Way to You.



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