Volume LXXV: The Simple Solutions Saturday Evening, Sunday Pre-View; My Magical Meet with the City of Ottawa

Good evening every One!  I am almost bursting I am so excited to share the details of My ‘Magical Meet’ with the city of Ottawa last Thursday.  I was even more excited for the Thursday Thing King Edition but the information was still too fresh in My Mind to share right away.  As much as I am always going to be somewhat partisan/bias to My own opinions and beliefs, I sincerely do always at least try to look at every situation from the other’s perspective.  I’m feeling fairly confident now that I am perceiving the meeting as objectively as I am able, but I’m going to sleep on everything for one more night before I officially begin discussing the city’s proposed resolution.  This Part of the meeting I am comfortable tall King about this evening, and is really the ‘Key’ in all negotiations; it was clear from the moment the meeting began, that the city Wishes to make Peace with Me.

“The city is not in a position to offer any financial compensation, but is there any other Way We can resolve this?  Is there anything We can do, so that You Will feel satisfied enough to withdraw Your application to the Divisional Court?”

That’s Me paraphrasing the Words of the city’s legal council, Geneviève Langlais near the start of Our (lengthy) meeting.

Initially, I was a little outraged by both the city [Housing Services] and the Salvation Army’s response to My Letter of Demand.  The city because I felt it was preposterous to suggest that finally addressing the issues responsible for the harm I was complaining about was reasonable ‘remedy’ for the harm that was done.  Just to put it in perspective, it would be like a car company fixing a faulty brake-line without compensating the individual for the accident the faulty brake-line caused.  Needless to say, that’s not reasonable resolution.

The Salvation Army’s response was even worse.  Now again, maybe the intention was Good and Mike White just has poor ‘PR’ skills, or maybe I’m just too biased because I can’t not be at least somewhat emotionally invested.  But if Mike’s determination and intention was to make Peace with Me, the Letter should have started with an apology.  The second reason I felt it was inappropriate, is because it is coming after the Letter of Demand and now Mike White Wishes to sit down to discuss the Matter with Me?  I have only been advocating for a response to My Letters from the moment I sent the first letter to Jason.  The Salvation Army felt it was perfectly acceptable and appropriate to completely ignore My Letters, even after Housing Services requested they respond as part of their investigation into My complaint – the Salvation Army asserted they are under no obligation to respond to My Letters or provide any reason whatsoever for their actions.

Is that a ‘reasonable’ preview and Good cliff-hanger for tomorrow?  I hope so.  What I Will say, is that the city is very fortunate to have such exceptional legal council.  I did not expect to walk out of the meeting feeling significantly better than I did going in (and I was reasonably indifferent about the whole thing going in), but that was the overall result.  When I left, I was thing King about withdrawing My application to the Divisional Court, and I was thing King about it with a smile on My face.

I hope this Saturday finds You all well, and that You are having a Sensational Saturday!

Love and Blessings,



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