Volume LXXVI: Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday; Ben Shapiro Declares Moral Bankruptcy

Wow, what Wonder-full ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  Well, unless You happen to be Justin Trudeau or Ben Shapiro.  Both are in the news today, most recently Ben Shapiro ‘hating’ on People who have to work two jobs to make ends meet;

“That’s a ‘You’ problem” – Ben Shapiro

Isn’t this a typical characteristic of a narcissist?  Every problem in the world is someone else’s fault?  Ben is so attached to his capitalist ideologies, that rather than acknowledge serious economic issues, Ben Shapiro attacks the character of the individual – even individuals who are clearly working very hard to survive economically.  I initially thought he likes to hate on social welfare recipients and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues exclusively, but apparently he holds as much distain for individuals working so hard to make ends meet, that they are willing to work twice as hard as the average individual in society.

I knew Ben Shapiro was shallow by the nature of his attacks toward Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  I have no problem with individuals criticizing the opinions and philosophies of others, but when the best a man can do is attack an individual’s character, rather than their arguments, that should be a big red flag for anyone.  Ben Shapiro’s comments today confirm that he is potentially the king of intellectual idiots, and morally bankrupt.

Do not be fooled by his fancy clothes, shiny shoes, slick hair and most of all, his pileus cornutus (which is Latin for ‘horned skullcap’ and is the traditional Jewish ‘cap’), this man is no more spiritual than a dirty sock.  I swear this man is a paid shill, and his horned skullcap is nothing more than a costume he wears to protect him from public scrutiny in the hopes that People Will be too worried about being called anti-Semitic to call him out on his bigotry.  Well, I’m not worried, Ben, I know You do not represent God or God’s intention for man, You are a shill and a hypocrite.

Anyway, the world is thankfully hating on Ben for his recent remarks, so this is very much a Magical, Lucky Wednesday, as the sky seems to be falling for People who are only interested in serving their Self.

The tides are turning, Ladies and Gents, and something tells Me the force is that much greater with the full moon lurking on the horizon.

I hope all the rest of You are having a Wonder filled Lucky Wednesday!

Love and Blessings,


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