Volume LXXVI: Fabulous Free Lance Friday; Why I Withdrew My Application to the Divisional Court

Hello every One, and thank King You so much for being here.  I can never understate how Grateful I am to have You.  For this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, I Will be tall King about why I chose to withdraw My application to the Divisional Court, and what I am planning moving forward.


The featured photo for today is My Bonsai Jacaranda Mimosifolia, and I added a new twist to the trunk to represent the new change of direction in My Microcosm.  There are a couple of People in My Microcosm (that I am aware of) who are disappointed that I chose to withdraw My application to the Divisional Court; essentially, they believe I am ‘too kind’, have ‘sold out’, or Given up – I assure You that is not the case.  Today I thought I should take a moment to explain why, and discuss some of My considerations moving forward.

In fact, one of the reasons I was so excited to have the file officially withdrawn yesterday was because I didn’t really feel comfortable elaborating on the context of the city’s last email until there were [officially] no outstanding legal disputes between My Self and the City of Ottawa.

Everything I Will be tall King about today is strictly My interpretation of the final meeting with the city of Ottawa, and it is fair to say that the reason a couple of individuals in My Microcosm are disappointed I withdrew the application is because they believe My interpretation is entirely incorrect, and that My Good nature was taken advantage of.  If that proves to be True, I am okay with that; that’s how We learn.  However, My intuition is very strong in this regard, and I am excited to share a more inspirational interpretation with My audience, even if I later discover My instincts were off.

First and foremost, this is not the end of the Matter, I am not Giving up; I am simply redirecting My Energy.  I mentioned previously that discussing the Issue while there was still an application before the Divisional Court was a delicate Issue.  The city’s legal counsel has a Duty and responsibility to Act in the best interest of her client (the city).  So the city can’t exactly say to Me (for example),

“We know You were harmed by Your experience, and We know how serious those trespasses are, We are simply not prepared to offer You any compensation for Your injuries because We think there is a much better strategy for You.”

Obviously, that would be very damaging to the city if I did choose to proceed with My application to the Divisional Court.  If I know that an injured party can ask any of the responsible tortfeasors for compensation, I’m pretty confident that the city’s lawyer Will know that, too.

Before I get into My analysis of the final email, let’s consider what ‘the city’ did do from the moment I filed My application to the Divisional Court:

I received a reply from the city almost immediately (within a week of filing, I believe).  The city asserted that it was investigating My complaint and working with Me directly  (which was the foundation of My argument and the reason for My application to the Divisional Court).

I was still [admittedly] defensive and jested that if they were investigating My complaint, they were certainly taking their time about it, and that the first thing they should be doing, is ensuring I have safe and secure accommodation during the interim of their investigation.  I agreed to ‘forgive’ the time that had already expired and demanded they meet with Me, fast-track My application for housing subsidy, and have a thorough investigation into My complaint concluded on or before April 1st.  These things were done to the Letter!

When the city’s determinations of their investigation were concluded, I suggested a number of their determinations were either unreasonable and/or incorrect, and they revisited those Issues, too.  Application forms for social programs offered by the Salvation Army were updated so that clients would no longer be required to participate in religious services to gain access to social programs.  When other Issues that remained outstanding that ‘the city’ had determined were in compliance with the standards, I suggested that the standards were unacceptable.  I was assured that the entire shelter standards are being reviewed and re-Writ with city council oversight.

In the final resolution meeting, Geneviève was emphasizing these points just as I am now.  One of the elements of My complaint that was difficult for Me to comprehend and became something of an ‘ah-ha!’ moment for Me in the final meeting, was that Housing Services ‘does not have any authority or oversight with respect to the Salvation Army’s day to day operations and/or the final decisions made by shelter operators.’

Can anyone see where I might be going with this, and why that statement invoked a revelation of sorts?  I could be way off, but with respect to My request for a copy of the email Jason Prevost allegedly sent pertaining to My entrepreneurial ventures and a $4000. grant to paint in the Byward Market for Canada’s 150th anniversary, the disappearance of three paintings that were displayed in an art exhibition and used to promote an art therapy program for the Salvation Army’s website without My consent and without Giving any recognition for My work, and a Written explanation as to why I was barred from the facility…  Well, it would appear as though Jason Prevost took the requests from the city (Housing Services) no more seriously than he took mine.  My interpretation, is that these things were requested by Housing Services in their investigation, and the Salvation Army refused to comply, asserting that Housing Services has ‘no authority’ to demand (request) anything outside of the contractual agreements they have with the city.  They even failed to produce a copy of My application to the Life Skills program which clearly showed My objection to the trespass upon My right to Spiritual practice, worship and observance.

The underlying, (and unspoken), sentiment of My final meeting with the city of Ottawa, was that the city was doing everything they were able to remain Honourable.  I even felt as though Geneviève not only understands how important Honour is to Me, but Wished to communicate that her intention was (and always has been) to Honour the Issues raised in My complaint to the very best of her ability, because Standing in Honour is equally important to her.

Here’s what I had to consider:

Would a Divisional Court rule that Housing Services did not investigate My complaint and Honour every demand I made to the best of their ability?  Probably not.  Would a Divisional Court rule that failing to offer compensation for the harm that was done to Me is unreasonable and incorrect?  Maybe.  But was Housing Services negligent in their Duty of Care?  Debateable, and entirely up for speculation.

I’ll need to do a part II, as this is already 1168 Words, but I am thing King this is a Good prequel.  A Divisional Court is really only there to determine if a tribunal (Housing Services) has conducted a thorough and non-partisan investigation into My complaint, and to rule on whether or not the final determinations are both reasonable and correct.  Has Housing Services done everything they can to investigate My complaint and provide resolution?  I sincerely believe that they have, and I Will elaborate on that in My next Post.

I hope this Friday finds You all feeling Fabulous!!!

Love and Blessings,





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