Volume LXXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Thing King About Alternate Resolution Proposals for the Salvation Army Booth Centre

Good day every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition.  As always, thank ‘King You’ kindly for being here.

The Free Lance Friday Edition has become My favourite day for Writing, especially now that I am not Writing any film interpret-A-Sean’s for the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition.  Friday’s I Give My Self the freedom to Write about anything I Wish.  In Truth, I suppose I have this option every day, though I am always conscious of the information I am sharing and often Wish to Keep some of My Plans Secret.  On Friday’s I Give My Self permission to reveal anything I Wish to achieve, regardless the potential outcome, or whether or not I ultimately decide to follow through on the Ideas expressed.


As the Title of the Post would indicate, I Will be tall King about some alternate resolutions I may propose to the Salvation Army in lieu of financial compensation.  Although it may be difficult for others to fully understand, I Truly have no interest in money, primarily because I know My own value, and My real Value is in the information and Ideas I share with My audience here.  I am a ‘Visionary’, and this Blog is about bringing My Visions to Life, literally. 😉

There were a couple of other auspicious ‘Signs’ from the Universe last ‘Lucky’ Wednesday in addition to the events in Man’s Macrocosm.  My sunflower began to flower, as if symbolizing a fruitful Idea, and a very Special Lady I’ve been ‘crushing on’ for a couple of years randomly reappeared in My Microcosm.  Both are somewhat auspicious as it is not generally the nature of My Character to ‘crush’ on anyone; I Trust the Universe brings exactly the right People into My Life at precisely the right time.

I had all but forgotten about this lovely Lady until I received a random message from her last Wednesday.  The Lady in Quest-Ion also has no Idea I’m crushing on her and although I know the feeling is mutual, letting her know or Giving away any more information would be inappropriate until she takes care of a few details in her Microcosm.  However, We have all experienced ‘crushes’, the Magic and Mystery of Love, so I presume every One Will know how I might perceive a message from such an individual as an auspicious Sign from the Universe on the eve of the day I would withdraw My application to the Divisional Court.  It is also fair for Me to say that it really is not Characteristic of Me to crush on anyone, but the moment I met this woman, My Heart literally Wished to jump into her chest – and that’s about the best Way I know to describe it.  The last time I saw her, she ran into My arms and hugged Me so tight, she was no longer touching the ground.  As I set her back down, she whispered in My ear, “I Love You”.

Don’t worry, I didn’t leave her hanging, I very quickly told her that I love her, too, just before she disappeared and all but vanished from My Universe until last (Lucky) Wednesday.

The other interesting and rather auspicious detail, is the budding sunflower.  A Friend told Me that My sunflower would never reach maturity or bloom because I am growing it in a 3″ pot, and My Friend insisted that sunflowers require considerably more room for their root system.  I figured if One can miniaturize a 25′ to 40′ tree by restricting it’s roots to a small container, certainly the same should be true for a sunflower.  It appears I may be correct.


As My sunflower blooms, so do new Ideas.  If money is not important to Me, what is?  Equality.  All of Man is equal in both rights and value.  This is absolutely true, yet a visitor to planet Earth would certainly not know this by observing Our culture.

Mike White (program director of the Salvation Army Booth Centre) also contacted Me after My application to the Divisional Court was withdrawn, and finally addressed Me as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’.  Mike White may not fully comprehend what the title means, but I believe he was advised to take it a little more seriously (if not considerably more seriously).

Mike White continues to insist that the Salvation Army cannot (or Will not) offer Me any financial compensation for the harm that was done to Me, so what would be a reasonable alternative and compromise?  I have been spending a great deal of time thing King about this (and am still open to suggestions and welcome any comments).

I have actually been see King counsel from Good Friends of mine on this Matter, and as King of them what they feel would be a reasonable alternative to financial compensation for the harm that was done to Me.  The very first thing one of My Friends said to Me, was that I Will need to insist that the Salvation Army rescind their claim that My ‘overall actions and behaviour placed clients and/or staff at risk’, otherwise their defamation of My Character remains on a public Court of Record.  On this, I concur.  That Will be first and foremost.

Secondly, they should also be required to reverse their decision to have Me barred from the facility (as they had no ‘legal’ grounds to bar Me in the first place).  The feeling is that this would send a clear message to other clients that the Salvation Army cannot use its authority to intimidate others from expressing their grievances, trespassing upon their right to freedom of speech and/or freedom of the press.

Unfortunately, no One has come up with any alternative resolution for the theft and disappearance of My paintings, the sabotage of My entrepreneurial ventures, the unauthorized use of My intellectual property (paintings) to promote their brand and an art therapy program of which I was never a participant, or the unlawful arrest resulting in a fractured rib and unlawful imprisonment.

Regarding the loss and unauthorized use of My artwork, I am at a loss.  Unfortunately, those paintings cannot be replaced.  The best Idea I have, is that the Salvation Army use it’s influence to invoke the media, make a public statement and apology for failing to appropriately credit Me for My work on their website, and inform the media that My paintings were stolen and part of a very important art exhibition I am preparing to teach Canadians about the role the Queen, the Pope, and Canada’s elected officials in a Common Law society, as well as the People’s Duties and responsibilities in a constitutional Monarchy.

Finally, I could be as King of the Salvation Army to advise the Ottawa Police Service that they were wrong to have called them on March 28th of 2018, and that if constable Christopher Jenkyn’s does not provide a Written letter of apology, the Salvation Army Will be held liable for the injury and harm that was done to Me as a result of the unlawful arrest.  The beauty is, I don’t have to prove My innocence anymore, My innocence was sustained by Crown’s request to withdraw the charges two months prior to My trial date.

For now, I Will retain the anonymity of My Good Friend who provided Me with counsel with regards to this Matter.  What I Will say, is that this particular Friend has been a very Good Friend of mine for over eight years, and when I published My Cestui Que Vie and told My Friend that I am now ‘legally’ Sovereign in Man’s fiction of Law, she was very excited, “Does this mean that now You can actually make things right in this world?”

I Wish to, and I sincerely Wish to be as fair and just as I am able, so if any One has any other reasonable alternatives to financial compensation for the harm that was done to Me, please let Me know!

I hope this Friday finds You all feeling fabulous!!!

Love and Blessings







  1. Whether you get compensated or not finacially , you and all are contributing consciously , spiritually intuitively and rationally at the same time to a more evolved , more developed, more free and more consciously aware world /cosmos …
    As the philosophers say , know thyself .
    You are an extension of God, you are reborn everyday ( literally and metaphorically) with God consciousness in and out of form …
    Bless a new world , new people , new nations , a renewed earth , changing life forms in the cosmos …
    You have inspired me to write …
    Everything happens in the right divine timing at the right place in the right way with the right things …
    Fruition of the ideas happen at the right timing …Some plants transition to leave space for other newer plants to replace them …
    Transition , rebith , regeneration and renewal of life , renewal of thoughts , changing energy forms …

    1. Thank You, Brother. Your Words always inspire Me, too! It’s Good to know there are others out there who are in tune with the awakening of a more conscious Earth, in Harmony with the Universe (One Song). Blessings to You always, Brother.

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