Volume LXXVIII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; My Interpret-A-Sean of ‘The Family’

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Tuesday ‘Tell A Vision’ Edition of The Good News Journal, I am Great-Full to have You here with Me.

Today I Will be tall King about a ‘new’ Netflix series that was ‘recommended’ for Me by Netflix as a 98% probability ‘match’.  I checked out the brief intro which is tall King about a ‘secret’ group of individuals known as ‘The Family’ who are alleged to be controlling the world from behind the scenes.  I put the Word secret in parenthesis because if it’s a series on Netflix, it’s really not that secret, is it?

I was very intrigued.  Partially because I have been thing King about a new Show for the Tuesday Edition, but mostly because it was a 98% match.  The odd thing about that, is that I’m not sure why it would be a 98% match.  Lately, I’ve been watching ‘Marco Polo’, before that I watched the series ‘OA’, and before that I was watching ‘Sense8’ (though lost interest at the beginning of season two, but I may give it another try at some point).  The point is, I really don’t watch programs like this on Netflix; Netflix is for when I Wish to Give My brain a break and enjoy something purely for entertainment purposes.

The other intriguing thing about the recommendation was the timing.  I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been thing King about all kinds of alternative Ways to resolve My outstanding Issues with both the Salvation Army and the government of Canada without having to file any more law suits.  If I could have My Wish, I would remain virtually anonymous with the exception of My Blog.  I Wish I could spend My time Writing about potential solutions for the world’s problems that already do exist, and Trust that those responsible for making them happen would get things done.  That’s really My dream.  The more I’m compelled to drag dis-Honourable individuals into Court, the more attention I am drawing to My Self in My Microcosm, and that’s really not something I Wish for.


Returning to the topic at Hand, I decided I would check out the first episode of ‘The Family’, just to see what it was all about.  Almost immediately, there were Signs that drew Me in.  Soon I was Inspired to take Notes, knowing this would be My next ‘Tell A Vision’ Interpret-A-Sean.  You Will notice the first quote mentioned in the series is 137, and for Me, the number 37 is always a Sign from the Universe to ‘Pay Attention’.  Even more interesting, is the quotation itself, especially with respect to My de-Coding of ‘Babalon’.

“Oh daughter of Babalon who are to be destroyed, happy shall he be that taketh the little ones and dasheth them against the stones.”

I simply could not ignore the mention of Babylon, especially considering how much time I have spent tall King about it here, and what that represents in Man’s fiction of Law.  Babylon represents the ‘Citizen Ship’, Sailing (for Sail) the [Holy] See of Commercial Admiralty Water.  If We look at the sequence of the Cards, knowing that The Tower and the two Cards on either side represent the ‘Natural’ progression of the central Idea, even the Tarot is telling Us that the Tower of Babylon is about to fall.  This is precisely what I was referring to yesterday when I suggested that The Tower represents a much Grander Idea than the Salvation Army, but because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, the Salvation Army is the ‘Seven Nation Army’ Standing in My Way (Presently), and may have some relation-Ship as to how long Man can expect to wait for the fall of Babylon in Man’s Macrocosm…  Just an Idea, timing is one of the Elements of the Tarot I have never been Good at.

There were a couple of other Ideas that stood out for Me right away.  The Family is a group of individuals ‘bonding in Christ’.  That is the best Way I know to summarize the central Ideology of the group.  When the undercover reporter gets into one of the fraternity houses, he is told that they ‘appreciate’ and read from the Bible, but they don’t Give it too much credence and don’t call themselves Christian because they feel the central Ideas upon which the Bible was founded are misunderstood and incorrect.  Well, that just happens to be how I feel about modern religion, too.  Nothing worse than sitting in a chapel and listening to a man recite Biblical Versus with little to no understanding of their True meaning and zero experiential knowledge of God; yet that’s what most of modern religion is, the blind leading the blind.

Then they showed a cover of a Bible with an Image of a butterfly on the front.  Perhaps obviously, the butterfly represents Transformation.  The journalist was also encouraged to ignore all sections of the Bible ‘except the apostles’, MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN.  That got My attention because that is what My Friend had said to Me, too – the very same Friend who Gifted Me with the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES I cited yesterday.  When a Man tells Me something he feels he was instructed by God to tell Me, I Heed those Words as if they were spoken by God (because Man is God’s instrument of expression).  So GENESIS and MATTEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN, also happen to be the only sections of the Bible I have read in their entirety.

The other thing I have said to People who call themselves Christian or are interested in Christian teaching, is that the only thing One really needs to pay attention to is the example of Christ.  ‘The Family’ has Created their own book that exclusively deals with the teachings of Christ, it is simply called ‘Jesus’.  It is the only book they are to reference for guidance.

I Wish to cover all of the Notes/Quotes from My first Page before Signing off, though I Will likely do at least two more Interpret-A-Sean’s before continuing with the second of the Matrix trilogy (which Will soon be a quad-ology, as a fourth film has been confirmed with original Stars Carrie Ann-Moss and Keanu Reeves, and Lana Wachowski directing).

“They can’t handle the Truth.”

This is a line I Wished to speak about because I have suggested that this was the reason Jesus had to ‘die’ on the Cross.  In ‘The Family’ they support this Idea by suggesting that only the disciples of Christ were ready for His teaching, the rest of the world was not ready and could not handle it.  We simply had not evolved enough Spiritually as a collective for Christ to fully Establish God’s Kingdom at that Time.  The ‘Second Coming’, when Christ is prophesied to accomplish Peace, represents a Spiritual evolution among the collective, a time when the world Will be ready to receive the teachings of Christ.  That time is Now (or very near).

One of their other fundamental beliefs is that God chooses People for leadership.

“King David was chosen – the future King is Coming”

The other reason I decided to focus on ‘The Family’ for My ‘Interpret-A-Sean’, is because I have a very, very, strong belief that the People who are actually running this world, are Good People.  I believe they genuinely know the Truth of God and Mimic that Entity in Man’s Macrocosm, Acting as the ‘Wizard behind the curtain’.  There are even references to this Idea made in the series.  And I should probably also clarify that I am not suggesting ‘The Family’ is that group of individuals, though I believe those individuals are responsible for bringing ‘The Family’ together and choosing its representatives.

“No One knows the Son except the Father, and no One knows the Father except the Son, and those whom the Son chooses to reveal Him Self.”

I am going to leave You with another quote from the Bible presented in the docuseries (though it is from GENESIS, which ‘The Family’ deems less important than the Four-mentioned apostles).  It relates to Babylon, which was the Central Focus of My last Tarot read, so I don’t believe the quote to be a coincidence, as it speaks specifically to the destruction of Man’s Language.  (From the New Earth Translation of the Holy Scriptures).

Jehovah then said; “Look!  They are One People with One Language, and this is what they have started to do.  Now there is nothing that they may have in Mind to do that Will be impossible for them.  Come!  Let us come down there and confuse their Language in Order that they may not understand One another’s Language.”  So Jehovah scattered them from there over the entire face of the Earth, and they eventually left off building the city.”

Rather interesting, no?  Why would God Wish to smite a People who had become like God?  Are God and the LORD the same thing?  (Jehovah is said to represent God by Way of Hebrew translation and in accordance with the proper Sound of God’s name by Way of the Tetragrammaton (הוה).

Finally, I Will leave You with ‘The Family’s Central Vision.

God-Led Leadership

The series does seem to Wish to paint a sinister picture of ‘The Family’, and I Will be tall King more about that in the next edition, but this is the Good News Journal, and the series very much supports My belief that God is the only real authority governing this Earth, and that’s a Good thing!

Love and Blessings,









  1. There is a saying that Hindu Monks or Buddhist Monks that mentions that the teacher shall appear when the student is ready .
    The Bible mentions that you find if you seek and the door would be opened to you if you knock on the door…

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