Volume LXXX: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; ‘The Family’, Part II

Good evening every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Tuesday ‘Tell A Vision’ Edition, and Part II of My interpret-A-Sean of the Netflix docuseries, ‘The Family’.

I Writ three pages (like Paige’s from the Tarot) of Notes while watching the five part docuseries.  Keep in Mind I’m Writing from the perspective of a Mystic and I do not believe in coincidences.  I was not as King to be introduced to ‘The Family’, I simply went to Netflix and it was the feature promotion of the day, boasting a 98% match for Me.  It ‘happens’ to be about a virtually invisible not organization potentially pulling the strings internationally from behind the Scenes.  We’ve all heard the theories before, a group of illusive elite individuals Secretly running the Show.  What was it Will I Am Shake-Spear said?  [And Trust Me, His name is no coincidence, either; “Words are weapons, sharper than knives” – (INXS/Michael Hutchence)]

“All the world’s a Stage, and all the men and women merely players.” – Shakespeare, from ‘As You Like It’, Act II, Scene VII

It is so very True.  Whether We perceive the world as a Stage or not, We are all unique Characters, each of Us Playing Our Part.  I call My Version of the Story ‘Universal Pictures Greatest Present-A-Sean’.

Characters and character development are also an integral Part of any Good Story.  I have suggested each of Us were Magically Cast into One Great Story by placing Our Characters into a fictional timeline Created by the ‘Author of the Writ’ (authority).  Of course, that Story would be the Bible, the ‘authority’ would be the Roman Catholic Church, and the Magical, fictional timeline I am tall King about would be the Anno Domini (Latin, meaning ‘year of dominion’) calendar.  I am thing King most of Us know that time did not begin 2019 years ago.  Every time Man Writes down the [A.D.] date on anything, that individual is acknowledging a memorial to Christ.  Think about that for a moment…

If One really spends some time thing King about that last paragraph, I am thing King it Will become considerably easier for One to appreciate the tremendous respect I have for the work that must have gone into planning the world We know now.  The world We Will soon know is One that has been in the works for literally thousands of years.  I don’t have any real Idea how long, but thousands of years at the very least, planning for exactly the world We Will all soon enjoy.  The Vision of ‘The Family’, is “God-Led Leadership”.

The single bond that every member of ‘The Family’ is united by are the teachings of Christ, even for members who are not Christian.  In the first couple of episodes they mention Wishing to remove religion from the Idea of Christ because with religion, often the proper message is lost in translation.

This Idea that virtually every One on earth has heard the name Christ and has some Idea about what that name means, is nothing short of astounding.  An incredible amount of time, effort and Magic went into making that possible.  Getting everyone on the planet to accept a fictional time line as the official date of the world by Way of the Gregorian calendar?  That’s Mind boggling, too if One really thinks about it.  It also places all of Man into a fictional setting (whether or not Christ was a Living Man, the timeline is fictional)!  This is exactly what Shakespeare is tall King about when He Writ that all the world is a Stage.  It is!  The entire planet is like a real-life ‘Truman Show’, and a lot of work went into setting up this Stage for the final Act.

I also happen to be preparing for My next Act on the world Stage, and in some strange Way, that is always how I have perceived My Life; a Character on the world Stage with a Divine Purpose Given Me by God.  What would Jesus do?

Jesus says, “You must go to those who are in positions of Power.” – ‘The Family’

Now, frankly, I don’t know where or when Jesus said that, but it seems like logical advice and is more or less the Quest-Ion I have been as King of the Canadian government, “who or whom is presuming to have authority over Me?  Who is in charge here?”

The next is a little story presented in ‘The Family’.  I’m not sure, but I am thing King it is from a book ‘The Family’ studies from, which is simply called, “Jesus”.

“You think Jesus came for the sheep?  It’s Good to Love the sheep but who Will Love the wolf?  If You can get the wolf alongside You, the wolf Will get everyone else in line pretty quick.  Don’t worry about the sheep, go out and reach the wolf King.  How do You get the wolf King?  You Show him that You have a Great Power.”

Although I have no Way to be sure if Christ existed as a Living Man or not, for Me it has no relevance to the Moral of the Story.  It was Christ’s Moral example Man was meant to follow, that was the message We were to receive.  I have had People say to Me it is pointless to try to follow the example of Christ because no Man could; Christ was perfect and Man is not.  But that’s why Christ died for Man’s sins.  Christ knew Man was not perfect because Man did not know God as Jesus did.  So We should try to emulate Christ’s Character and never worry if We fail; God is pleased with the continuous effort.  That is what Spiritual growth is about.  Although I may not be Christian, I have found My Self as King of My Self, ‘what would Jesus do?’.  Now, My thoughts on what Jesus might do if He were here right now might not be widely accepted, I should humbly offer as a disclaimer –  I am thing King Jesus would be cracking whips and knocking over changing tables in the temples if He were here right now, but what do I know?…

The other reason I chose to Write about ‘The Family’ is because it suggests that there is a deep Spiritual connection among those in positions of global governance, and I am thing King that’s a Good thing.  I Trust in God explicitly, fully, and completely.

It is also against My Spiritual nature to Play offence, and I Will soon by suing the Salvation Army for Willful harm to Ottawa’s People for a Significant amount of money, even though I have no real interest in the stuff.  It’s one thing I’m not really looking forward to in My immediate future, I Wish I didn’t have to, and I was See King counsel from Friends on the Matter, too.

My Mystical nature means that all advice Given Me when I am as King of God for guidance (guy-dance) is Significant, and the docuseries provided Me with an appropriate answer.  I know I must file a Statement of Claim against the Salvation Army, but it was difficult to explain to others why.  Even the Tarot’s ‘The Tower’ Card represents the ‘natural’ sequence of events.  A Statement of Claim requires My Will.  This can only be the correct Way to move for Ward if My Will is in perfect Harmony with the Universe.

The important quote I Wish to reference from ‘The Family’ is as follows:

“Wow, I just dodged a bullet, I’m going to change My Life…  No.  It’s not until consequences something radical happens that We Will typically do that.”

So there are two main reasons I must file a Statement of Claim.  The first, is that the Salvation Army Willfully defamed My Character on a public Court of record before an impartial, investigative tribunal.

“Do not use the Lord’s name in vein.”

An offence to Me is an offence to My Father in the Heavens, and I must Honour My Father and Mother.

Secondly, if there are no consequences for what the Salvation Army has done to Me, no radical change Will happen.  They are banking on Me not suing them.  They are dead wrong.  I always kind of liked the lyric, “A Seven Nation Army couldn’t hold Me back”, now I get to make it a reality.

I Will have one more Part to be tall King about regarding The Family and I hope to Publish that next Tuesday, though I am doing what I can to not put too much pressure on My Self to Write because I do have a number of smaller details to work out in My Microcosm, though I Promise I Will share them with You when I am Writing.

The general message behind doing a little ditty on The Family is because I really do believe the ‘real’ Power that be in this world are Good People (even though I don’t believe they are ‘The Family’ themselves).  I believe We are in Good Hands, be patient.

I hope this Magical Monday finds You all feeling fabulous.  We also have a full moon coming up on Friday the 13th this month, so perhaps I Will prepare My Statement of Claim ceremoniously with some Moon Magic!!!

Love and Blessings,

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