Volume LXXX: Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday

Hello world, and a Wonder Full Wednesday to all.  I feel compelled now and then to re-Mind all of You how Great-Full I am to have You.  You are the world to Me, both literally and metaphorically.  Considering this is also the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday, I figure it is also worth mentioning that You are also the [second] most critical Element of Magic.  One can Cast a Spell by Writing but if there is no target, it Will not find its Mark.

MATTHEW has been popular lately, both with respect to quotes used in ‘The Family’ docuseries I am tall King about in My Tuesday Edition, and with respect to random quotes I’ve been See King out My Self.  I knew Jesus had once said something about ‘if two or more are gathered in His name, anything Shall be possible for You’, and that’s the Magic that relates to this Blog, and again, it is from MATTHEW, but the whole Verse is Significant.

“Truly I say to You, whatever things You may bind on Earth Will be things already bound in Heaven, and whatever things You may loosen on Earth Will be things already loosened in Heaven.  Again, I tell You truly, if two of You on Earth agree concerning anything of importance that they should request, it Will take place for them on account of My Father in Heaven.  For where there are two or more gathered in My name, there I am in their midst.” MATTHEW 18:18-20, NEW EARTH TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES

I guess this is one of the reasons I am thing King the Dream for world Peace is not only possible, but eminent.  Is it reasonable to be thing King that God’s Kingdom could be denied, or fail?!  That sounds far more ridiculous to Me than believing world Peace is possible.  The point with respect to Magic and Writing a Blog is exactly the same reason the Bible is so important, and such a Powerful example of Magic; the Idea of a Saviour is deeply impregnated into Man’s psyche.  The world is expecting some kind of Hero to Show up and save the day, even if One doesn’t consciously find it to be a realistic expectation.  Isn’t that how the Story is supposed to End after all?  And are We not all Characters in that Story?

The flip side of this theory is also worth mentioning, as some would suggest that the Idea of a Saviour was deeply planted in the Minds of Man to Keep us complacent; instead of taking any Action or doing anything Our Self, We’re all just going to wait for Jesus to come back and save the day.  It’s also a valid criticism.  I have a more positive perspective.

I think the Idea was Willfully planted in the Minds of Man so that each of Us would be inspired by the Idea, and that each of Us would Wish to be the Saviour, not wait for one.  Anyway, either Way, it would be virtually impossible to suggest that the Idea is not deeply embedded in Man’s fundamental programming.  And that’s the most Powerful kind of Magic there is – collective conscience.

I also Cast a couple of new Spells today by Writing a couple of Letters to My niece and nephew.  My nephew, to thank the young Prince for the recent collage He sent Me.  It was a thank You for the Letter and coin I sent for His recent Name day.  It was a commemorative coin of the Pope’s visit to Ottawa because My Brother told Me My nephew has a collection.  I know he treasures his collection so it was very touching to receive this wonderful gesture.  How precious are children?


The butterflies are a nice touch, too because they [perhaps obviously] represent transformation.  I Writ My niece a Letter, too because She apparently Loved the Letter I Writ to Her Brother and perhaps felt a little left out.  She Wished to Keep a Page of the Letter in Her room, so I decided I should send her something to tide her over till it’s her own Name day.  But the Magic I Cast into the Spelling of those Letters is what really Matters.

I get to tell My niece and nephew that they are actually a young princess and prince who Will One day become Queens and Kings.  My ‘Father’ (the Universe) knows My Will for them, now I leave it in His Hands. 😉

I also Cast a different type of Magic into those Letters that I can’t share with You yet, though I Will sometime soon.  What I Will say, is that it is a different type of Spell I have not yet Cast, so I Wish to make sure that it is War King first.

I’m going to Keep this one reasonably short.  I wasn’t even planning to Write today to be honest but I am actually very excited about the two Letters I Writ for My niece and nephew today.  I Wish I could say more, though if they are as well received as I believe they Will be, it Will be a Spell worth waiting for.

I hope and Trust this Wednesday has been ‘Lucky’ for You.  If not, I am as King of You to be thing King of Wednesday’s as Lucky in the future and watch what happens.  And remember, no coincidences!

Love and Blessings,



  1. God is in everyone and everything,

    After the winter, comes the spring,

    At this time, the birds would sing ,

    Love and light, the divine shall bring ,

    The divine is here , there and everywhere,

    Dare to believe that life is fair ,

    Liberty and justice  we shall  declare ,

    Love and light are not rare …

  2. First of all , I agree with some that we co-create with God …
    The bible says that God’s ways are not like our ways …
    As you have said that the saviour could be within us and not separate from us …
    The kingdom of God is within you…

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