Volume LXXX: The Fabulous Free Lance Full Moon Friday the 13th Edition

Hello every One, and Happy Friday the 13th!!!  For those who are thing King it un-Lucky, it may well be as Our thoughts are Creative.  I am going to offer a more positive perspective, in Harmony with ‘Good News’.

Magically, 13 represents the combined Ideas of 1 and 3, so the Value in Numerology is 4, which represents Foundation.  The Full Moon generally represents the Fruition (Fruit-Ion) of Ideas that began at the onset of the New Moon Four-teen days or so ago.  For Me in My Microcosm, that was the day I withdrew My application to the Divisional Court concerning My Matters with the city of Ottawa.


Today I was war-King on a Key to accompany My Statement of Claim, the Idea is now firmly Established in Earth.  Keep in Mind that a Calligraphy (Call I Graph) Pen Scribes Words into the Parchment (Parch = Thirsty, Ment = Mind, represents Earth, thirsty for Ideas).  This literally Creates a microscopic Foundation for the Ink, which is Establishing Ideas on the Land of the House.  The greater the Foundation, the greater the House it Will support.

I mentioned (Ment-Ion = Mind-Energy) that I had been procrastinating My Statement of Claim because I’m not really looking forward to Writing it.  Who would, really?  That’s one of the reasons I like Writing in the Style of Calligraphy because at least that Way I can practice My Art.  The courts and civil rules of procedure are generally pretty fussy about these things, and Wish to see forms on a particular type and size of paper, 12 to 14 font, double-spaced, proper Titles, yada, yada, yada.  It really does go on quite a bit more, the rules of civil procedure are very specific and detailed.  The Common Law has nothing to do with any of that!

The Common Law truly is what ‘Common’ People would know to be right or wrong.  That’s the best Way to simplify it.  All Laws of any Common Wealth country are within a Common Law Jurisdiction.  The Common Law is the Supreme Law, God’s Law.  So the Idea that One might not be entitled to any remedy if they don’t know what forms to use or how to fill them out, is (in My humble opinion), ridiculous.  However, that is precisely why most People don’t bother, and for all I know, maybe one of the motives behind making the process so detailed and complicated is to discourage the use of Courts for remedy except as a last resort; and that actually sounds to Me like the most reasonable explanation.  Common Law is what We know to be right or wrong, so if One wrongs another, make it right with them outside of the Court.  A lawsuit is only for dis-Honourable Characters (or businesses, I suppose).

I kind of like to do things in an original Way, and I’m not really much of One to conform to the rules of a society I am not even part of (Law Society).  However, today got Me looking forward to filing My Statement of Claim because I am here to lead by example, and it is (unfortunately), My last resort.  It is clear the Salvation Army has no intention to resolve this Matter without someone compelling them to do so.  Like children, they Will need to be Ordered by a Court to do what is right before they Will do it.

I was going to just Write My own Statement of Claim without even going over the rules of civil procedure.  I had an entire counter-claim Writ and prepared for defence against the false claims made by con-stable Christopher Jenkyn, and a Statement of Claim isn’t any different except that I’m not defending My Self (only My Honour).  But there are a lot of different law groups that seem to share My sentiments with respect to making the Justice system more accessible to the Common Man, so I am going to go through the entire process as thoroughly as I am able.  I’m still going to add My own ‘twist’ to Keep things original, I Will Write My entire Statement of Claim by Hand, but I Will also have a duplicate copy typed and formatted in accordance with the rules of civil procedure.

Deciding to do this got Me even more excited about the whole project because I do Wish to lead by example and I’ve already previewed everything I Will need to do, and there is a lot of work involved, but it really isn’t complicated.  It’s the kind of thing that once You’ve done it and understand the process, it Will seem simple.  The first time We try riding a bicycle it seems very difficult, soon We don’t even have to think about it.  I don’t know if it Will be quite like that, but I’m confident it won’t be as complicated and overwhelming as it may seem at first glance.  Soon We Will see, I Will be sharing My progress with You, and I have plenty of time.

The “Key” I used as a Post preview today Will be one of the unique ‘twists’ with My lawsuit.  I’m using My own version of English, which is generally clear enough for most People to understand, but by including a Key/Legend to define My ‘unusual’ use of English, it is perfectly acceptable and I don’t have to worry about the defendant’s attorney claiming they don’t ‘understand’ My Spelling of Words.

The other reason I Will be Hand Writing My Statement of Claim is because everything I do, everything We do is a Form of Art, Creation.  By Writing in Calligraphy, I feel like I am taking something that is drab and boring and making it a little more interesting and hopefully a little more beautiful, too.  I like to make an Impression, pun intended. 😉

Okay, I’m gonna go and see if I can spot the full moon rising on this Magical, Fabulous Free Lance Friday the 13th.  I hope all Your Dreams are finding Foundation, too!!!

Love and Blessings,



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