Volume LXXXI: The Magical, Motivate Sean all Monday Edition; Con-Stable Christopher Jenkyn’s Bears False Witness

Ah, hello every One!  Thank King You for being here, as always – but today’s Edition really is the ‘Motivate Sean all Monday’ Edition because I have been ridiculously motivated today; so much so, that it actually feels like a Magical Monday, like some Spell has been Cast upon all of My Deeds.

As I was wondering how I might share My enthusiasm for Monday with You, I remembered that I had Promised to share the police disclosure of My unlawful arrest last March 28th, 2018.  Amazing how the events of Our lives define Our Character, as I did not have to spend any time thing King about the date, it is like the Universe has branded My brain with it.

I feel this is an important Post because there are a couple of Key things to Note here.  First, if One reads the full disclosure of con-stable Christopher Jenkyn’s information, You Will see just how ‘ugly’ the information is.  Trust Me, what You are about to read is not flattering!  In fact, I am thing King that if someone were to read this disclosure and did not know Me, they would be thing King I’m a pretty bad dude, and probably dangerous.  That’s the Idea.  That’s also why it is so important that I share this with You.

Initial – VONDEHN – March 29, 2018_Redacted

I’m leaving the Title of the document exactly as it was Given Me.   Wow!!!  I’m just re-reading the information again and trying to Imagine what it might be like for One to View something like this if One has never seen police disclosure of information before.  Even the very first Page regarding confidentiality is a little intimidating!

“If this material is incomplete, illegible, or if it lacks material which you expected to receive under the Disclosure Directive, please write to us as soon as possible.”

I have a ton to say about the disclosure, but before I even get into the ‘real’ stuff, One thing I Wish to point out that I hope You Will all notice, is that the information is ‘redacted’.  Sometimes, I’m not really sure where I learnt a particular thing, I just know it to be True.  One of those things I know to be True without having to check or verify, is that a Man must be provided with all information His accuser has against Him.  I’m using the male pronoun because I am specifically tall King about Me in this particular Case.

I Wish for You to know that the very first thing I noticed about My disclosure was that it was redacted.  Crown is withholding information of facts against Me Willfully from the onset.  That is grounds for dismissal right off the start.  What do You think constable Jenkyn was hiding?

It is also important to Note that information is sometimes ‘redacted’ to protect private information of witnesses; that makes sense.  But that has nothing to do with the information missing from My disclosure.  It’s not People’s names that are being protected, it’s Notes Constable Jenkyn’s made at the time of My arrest, some of the things I said are ‘blacked out’.  Why?

“Words are weapons, sharper than knives.” INXS, Michael Hutchence

There is also an entire Page missing later in the disclosure, completely ‘blacked out’.  I have no Idea what it is, but I suspect it’s a picture of the ‘less than one tenth of a gram’ of marijuana that was unlawfully seized from Me.  Usually they take a picture of whatever they seize.  When I say there was nothing but the slightest residual dust in a tiny zip-lock baggie, I wasn’t exaggerating.  It was an empty ‘dime bag’, and whatever marijuana I was being charged for possession of, probably didn’t even show up in the picture!  That’s My guess, honestly.  It was more incriminating and petty for Jenkyn’s to include the picture of ‘marijuana’, than it was to just black out the page.

Even Writing the charge for less than a tenth of a gram of marijuana looks desperate on the information, but it demonstrates just how unprofessional and unreasonable his conduct was.  Honestly, sometimes thing King about that fact alone made Me think “well yeah, no wonder they withdrew the charges!”.

At the same time, I would have met those charges with as much confidence if I’d been unlawfully arrested with an ounce of marijuana, I still would not have been guilty of any crime in God’s Kingdom, and that is the Mind Set (like a Stage, all the world’s a Show) I have with respect to Law.  The charges of ‘obstruction of a peace officer’ and ‘mischief under $5000’ would technically be the more serious charges and more challenging to defend against, but I honestly was not concerned about any of the charges against Me because I knew I would win and there are countless reasons why.

My Wish is to leave the information with You, just to see if anyone has any comments or Quest-Ions about it.  I’m curious to know if anyone else Wishes to share their Ideas about how they may have defended themselves if the information were served upon them?  Let Me know, I’m Happy to hear comments and now that I’ve shared this, I may actually share the Writ of defence I prepared because I am beginning to realize that it is actually in almost exactly the same format as the Rules of Civil Procedure would like it to be!  Maybe I do have some kind of ‘instinct’ for Law.  Honestly, I am thing King I just had really Good English teachers who taught Me how to Write proper essays because it is essentially the same Idea.

I also have to point out that there are several boxes Jenkyn’s has to check off with respect to the arrest, ‘breaching any conditions?’ (yes/no), and one of them is ‘psych evaluation required?’, Jenkyn’s checks ‘yes’!  I have to admit, that is one of many reasons I was looking forward to meeting Jenkyn’s in Court, I was curious to know what may have compelled him to choose ‘yes’.  I also thought it might be worth Noting that he referred to Me as a ‘Sovereign Citizen’ (despite My telling him that Sovereign citizen is an oxy-moron), and I happen to know they check that box for all ‘Sovereign citizens’, so I didn’t take it personally (police are actually instructed to do this for anyone they think might be part of the ‘Freeman’ or ‘Sovereign’ movement, so I suppose that does include Me).  If You believe You are a King in God’s Kingdom, You must be mad as the Hatter!  [No psych exam was ever required, by the Way].

Maybe I’ll make tall King about this disclosure a new feature on My Blog because there is a lot of information to cover.  I feel if I go over this in detail from the perspective of a Man not registered with the BAR, it could really be of benefit to any One facing charges like this.  I do think it’s important because it clearly demonstrates just how badly police information can impact a Man’s Character.

I do hope You take the time to read it.  There were a lot of surprises even for Me when I read the disclosure for the first time.  The main reason for sharing this with You today, is because I am really beginning to enjoy Writing My Statement of Claim, that is a big Part of why I’m feeling so motivated this Monday, so I thought it might be worth reminding My audience what it was the really started Me on My Quest.  Look at how bad that information makes Me look, and Imagine how bad three officers made the information against Me look in Toronto.  What kind of State-Ment does that make about My Character?  That is the ‘Character’ the ‘government’ see, not the Character I am here, and it is certainly no reflection of My True Character.

Every false claim made against My Character Will be removed from the public record permanently.  That is the real victory with respect to the information I am sharing with You today – not one Word of that information can ever be used against Me again.  Although the event Will still appear somewhere in some ghost database, as far as Canada’s ‘public’ record is concerned, it’s like it never happened.  Now, it is ‘prima-facie’ (first face) evidence of an unlawful arrest, the assault of an innocent Man, unlawful confinement, assault causing bodily harm…

The other reason I feel this is an important Post, is because when I fully go over the information, it Will be very easy to see why prosecution didn’t stand a chance.  At the same time, I Showed this information to One of My close Friends and he would have had no Idea how to defend himself.

Much of the information is purely fabricated, but even the information that isn’t fabricated is really sloppy.  Seriously, when I go over all of this with You, You might even find it as funny as I did, You’ll wonder what kind of James Bond move prosecution was hoping to Play as much as Me.  The crazy thing is, this information would be Good enough to convict most self represented litigants, and a lawyer would be trying to negotiate a deal – prosecution tried to bribe Me out of going to trial on several occasions, and that tells Me something.

For now, I’m considering revisiting this topic on the ‘Thursday Thing King Edition’, as that feels somewhat appropriate.  The other reason I’m feeling motivated this Monday, is because I still have this going on in the background, and it is beginning to feel more like a Wonder Full Art project than a Law Suit.  Guarantee this Will be the Smartest Suit any One has seen Me wear yet. 😉


Is it just Me, or does any One else find it ironic that the 9th Commandment is “Thou Shall not Bear False Witness”?  6 is 9, Con-Stable Jenkyn’s Ideas are upside down?  Just an observation, no coincidences…

I’ll be adding to the Table of Contents as I complete more Pages of the Claim, and I’ll be updating You with the New Pages as I get them Writ.  I might need a second Page for the Table of Contents, but if I do, I’m just going to number it ‘5A’ and Keep the remaining Order.  I figure the Salvation Army shouldn’t be uncomfortable with a few Bible quotes considering their Mission Statement, what do You think?  I bet One can Imagine why I might be having Fun with this now…



Anyway, I sincerely hope You are all having a Marvelous, Magical, Motivated, Monday.

Love and Blessings,











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