Volume LXXXI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Evening Edition; War King for Justice

Hi every One, and Happy Saturday (or probably Sunday by the time You read this).  I hope and Trust every One is having a fabulous weekend.

This is just a quick Post today because I have been War King hard all day on My Statement of Claim against the Salvation Army and I’m almost done!  Can’t tell You how excited I am, either.  I have only a couple of small details left to complete; a concluding paragraph summarizing the Claim, and an Alternate Resolution Proposal (not necessary and not typical, it is My own added ‘touch’ to the Claim).

I’m going to save the content of the Claim ’till tomorrow for the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, but I thought the updated Table of Contents may make for a Good preview.


I also Wish to Give thanks today because the Universe always seems to have these Magical Ways of Showing approval – today it happens to be My Pinterest account.  I have over 6,000 followers on Pinterest now, and gained over 200 today while I was War King on My Claim.  Really, that’s something completely beyond My control, so I Wish to Give thanks to the Universe, and for all of You.

I’ll be back tomorrow, have a fabulous Saturday night!!!

Love and Blessings,

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