Volume LXXXI: The Super Sunday Re-View; Pre Viewing My Statement of Claim

Hello every One, Happy Sun Day, I hope You are all having a wonderful weekend.  I was very busy yesterday War King on My Statement of Claim against the Salvation Army, and I Will be sharing a preview of the evolving claim with You today.

III.  Tortious Interference
IV.  Honour My Father and Mother
V. Assassinate Sean
VI. Interference of Private Property
VII. I Can’t Hear You
VIII. Vermin Injurious to Man
IX. Harmful Hypocrisy

And the final Word of the Claim so far would be ‘Program’, on Page 33, though I Will be adding ‘X. Conclusion and Summary’, and finally, ‘Alternate Resolution Proposal’.  I Will not, however, be tackling any of that today.

Today Will be a Netflix day, where I Plan to get through as much of the series ‘Suits’ as I can.  I’m almost finished season 7, and season 8 is the final season.

However, I am very excited about this claim.  I did have one Friend read [the start of] it, initially suggesting that it was ‘brutal’ of Me to be doing this to a ‘charitable’ organization.  For any One who believes I am doing that, I assure You, this particular facility is not a charitable organization; at least, not the Way most People perceive one.  They are almost exclusively funded by Canadian taxpayers, and the People they provide service for are being injured by their negligence and lack of respect for the dignity and worth of the clients that are in fact the source of their wealth and purpose in the community (damn, that was pretty Good, might use that in My conclusion).

There are a couple of other details I Wish to point out before I go and enjoy My Show.  I would like to suggest comparing this Statement of Claim to My original Letter of complaint to the city of Ottawa.  My Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa was completely My own Creation; no ‘Rules of Civil Procedure’ for formatting.  I can’t help noticing how similar the format between the two are.  The Court had no problem accepting My Letter of Complaint to the city, so I have no reason to believe they Will have a problem with My Hand Writ Statement of Claim, especially considering it meets all the requirements of the Rules of Civil Procedure in all other regards.

The other detail I Wish to point out is that I spent a Great deal of time going over the Emergency Shelter Standards and other contractual agreements the Salvation Army has with the city of Ottawa for My Letter of Complaint.  It wasn’t necessary for Me to do any of that for this because now I know what the standards are and which standards were determined to have been violated by Housing Services as a result of their investigation.  So in many Ways, this was much easier to Compose (like a Symphony in the Universe) than My Letter of Complaint, and I only made a couple of rough notes as reminders of Matters I Wished to include and did not Wish to forget in My Claim.

I’m mentioning this because I said I would go over the process with My audience, and usually I would Write out the entire Claim as a rough draft first – I didn’t do that this time.  I’m confident with My arguments, I Wished to take the burden out of this project somewhat, so I approached the Matter a little less formally with respect to the verbiage and ex-Press-Ion of the document – I had Fun with it!

I’m also going to share My sources with You.  All the information I share with respect to Canadian Law comes directly from the source.  That is not to be confused with what I ‘teach’ with respect to the Common Law, which is essentially Founded in Common Sense.  So for this project, I went directly to the Canadian Law Society for guidance with respect to Keeping My Statement of Claim within the Rules of Civil Procedure.

You can find the Law Society of Ontario by clicking on this sentence.  I was actually really impressed with the website, as they virtually walk one through the entire process.  Again, don’t get overwhelmed by the Forms, just look them up (all are available online) and they immediately begin to make sense.

Anyway, that’s all for Me today, I’m going to go enjoy My Show.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Love and Blessings,


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