Volume LXXXII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; New Growth

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here.

Well, I had hoped to complete My Tuesday Trilogy yesterday with a final Interpret-A-Sean of ‘The Family’ docuseries on Netflix, but Truth be told, I wasn’t motivated to Write and don’t force My Self just for the sake of putting up a new Post.

It is, however, feeling like a very ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, as I was motivated to get new Letters Writ to My niece and nephew and managed to get them Sent today, too – so that felt Good.  I also volunteer four hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though I hardly ever end up War King on Friday’s because they haven’t been open – they are a little disorganized.

The Title of today’s Post refers mostly to One of My plants which I still haven’t managed to positively identify, but it is also One of My favourites and probably the slowest growing of all the plants I currently tend to.  At the same time, I do feel I have grown considerably in the last two years, and because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, I feel it is worthy of mention.

As We grow, so too does Our Duty and responsibility to assist others.  I have become increasingly comfortable and confident with the whole ‘King thing’ over the last two years, and although I’m also comfortable with the Duties and responsibilities associated with the title, I am somewhat apprehensive about My future.  As I have mentioned previously, My Statement of Claim against the Salvation Army is Truly one of the least of My concerns and more of a minor inconvenience than something I Wish to do to fulfill My overall Quest.

Although I don’t Wish to get into it today, I have spent considerable time thing King about how I Will move forward and realized (realize = to see with real eyes) that there is still One thing I fear – and if You’ve come to know Me reasonably well by Way of My Blog or as an individual in My Microcosm, You Will know that I Will [generally] run at everything that scares Me.  Anything We fear holds Power over Us, and I do not like feeling like I’m not in control (perhaps a little like Neo from the Matrix that Way).  This fear is not like that, and it Truly does hold Power over Me until I choose to confront it head on.

I also realized that this fear I’m dealing with may actually be One of the reasons I am choosing to Focus on My Statement of Claim with the Salvation Army.  I’m perfectly comfortable filing My Claim and beginning to have a little Fun with it now.  One of the benefits to having this Blog is that I have the opportunity to see what People are reading.  I have been very Blessed over the last two years compared to My previous years as a Blogger; it used to be that if I didn’t Write a Post, I could almost be assured I would have no visitors at all, and when I did Write a Post, that’s all anyone was reading.  Now, My daily stats show that People are reading all kinds of Posts, even if I don’t Write for a few days.  In fact, I missed almost two weeks at one point this year and it barely seemed to affect My readership, People were still checking out the archives of Posts from the past.

Ever since I started Writing My statement of Claim, I’ve noticed a considerable increase in the number of downloads of legal documents and audio files related to My complaint with the city of Ottawa, which is essentially the physical evidence to support My Statement of Claim.  I’m guessing the Salvation Army (or their legal representatives) are doing their homework and trying to prepare.  I say ‘trying’ because I really don’t think they Will be able to produce much in the Way of defence, but I suppose We Will soon see.

I also mentioned that My Pinterest account virtually exploded the moment I began War King on the project to the tune of roughly 1,000 new followers a week!  Although I’m not going to discuss the fear I’m currently dealing with in detail today, I Will say that My fear is related to My increasing influence on social media platforms in Man’s Macrocosm.  I Will also tell You a little about how that fear is affecting Me now because that’s really what this Post is about.


One can only make out the slightest sliver of new growth on My ‘Mimicry’ plant pictured above.  The taller stalks immediately behind are the first example of new growth, now the tallest part of the plant.  This new growth is a somewhat poignant metaphor for My personal Microcosm.  It literally take months for a new ‘sliver’ like this to sprout, but once it does, the daily growth is visible and Will soon become the largest, most noticeable leaves on the plant.

I feel kind of like I’m stalling – deliberately.  I’m comfortable being where I am right now, I don’t really Wish to grow anymore – at least not yet.  This Will make more sense when I disclose what it is I am afraid of right now, the problem is, it is not a fear that Will ever go away, even once I face it head on.  I know this, and I’m just not ready yet.

The Good News Journal is all about inspiration, Living a Purpose Full Life, believing We are each the Hero of Our own Story – ‘The Star’ and ‘The Emperor’ of the Tarot.  Most who know Me in My Microcosm would probably tell You I am one of the most confident People they know.  I Wish for You to know that as much as that may be True, as confident and sure of My Self as I am, I have My insecurities, too.  I Wish for all of You to know, that’s okay, too.

Like the Mimicry plant pictured in this Post, I may Wish to remain somewhat dormant for a while from time to time as I prepare for the next Stage (all the world’s a Show) of My Quest.  But once I make up My Mind and announce My Plans to the world, those Ideas Will Manifest quickly until they tower over My old Self.

And don’t worry, I would not be sharing any of this if I did not Plan to share My fears with You soon.  This is My Way of committing to sharing those fears with You, which I Plan to begin tall King about in the Thursday Thing King Edition tomorrow.  In fact, tall King about this today is the first step for Me toward confronting these insecurities tomorrow.  We all have to start somewhere.  Thought, Word, Deed.

Love and Blessings,


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