Volume LXXXII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Fear and Family

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition of The Good News Journal, thank King You for being here!

I am absolutely Thrilled this Thursday because I promised yesterday that I would be tall King about My one (conscious) remaining fear, which was not something I was initially looking forward to doing.  However, I got some Wonderfully auspicious news this morning; I am officially an uncle for the Fourth time – and Four is Foundation.

Prince Ziggy’s Ship crash landed on planet Earth in the wee hours of the morning, and it all just seemed to fit so perfectly!  I’ve been facing this fear for the last couple of months now, and it’s really not something I was looking forward to Writing about but I know it’s important, so I committed to tall King about it last night by Giving My Word.  The reason the announcement of My new nephew is so important is because My nieces and nephews are now My number One Motive-A-Sean; this world is no place for children.

And these aren’t just Words.  Even before I awakened Spiritually, I left a wonderful woman because she really Wished to have a family but I refused.  I was with her for almost seven years, and even though I had told her from the beginning that children was not something I would ever do so long as the world was competing for profits, she believed One day I would change My Mind.  I didn’t.  I was so passionate about this Idea that I would tell People I believed it was irresponsible for Me to bring children into this world.  I had no Idea how much My philosophies and opinions affected those around Me, especially My immediate family.

When I say I feel it would be irresponsible for Me to bring a child into the world, I didn’t really consider how that might affect My siblings.  My Brother was worried about telling Me when he was expecting his first child because he was afraid I’d be angry!  Believe Me, that was a bit of a wake up call.  I could never bring children into a world like this, but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t think others should; in fact, We’d be in a lot more trouble than global warming if the rest of the world stopped having children because I believe it’s irresponsible for Me!  

My passion and belief in what I am doing is so powerful, My sister didn’t tell Me when she was expecting her first child.  My niece was almost a year old before I knew about her, and I only found out because My mom Wished for Me to know and was as King of My sister if she could finally tell Me.  My Brother and I were almost like best Friends growing up, despite six years between Us.  My sister and I have never been close, so I wasn’t really surprised, though I Will admit I was more than a little offended.  Truth is, it says more about My sister than it does about Me, because why would she be so concerned about what I think?  My opinion means that much?

Anyway, the point is, I’ve been on a Mission for a long time, and I always believed that One day I would actually find a Way to change the world and make things better.  One day, People Will have an opportunity to be as King of My family how many times they tried to tell Me I can’t change the world.  They might even tell You that if there is One thing You don’t do, it’s try to tell Me I can’t do something!  That Will only motivate Me to prove You wrong.  My seven year girlfriend knew this so well, she used to use it to get Me do virtually anything she Wished.  I mentioned once, “I bet if I tried racing bicycles I could win the amateur division.”

Her response?  “You’re too old to race bikes”

I was only 33 at the time.  A season and a half later, I won the amateur division at the local cycling club, true story.  And in case I’m making her sound bad, I wouldn’t have done it without her, she was an absolute gem.  She would only say things like that because she knew it would motivate Me.  Nobody was more excited to see Me win than she was.


That was not a race I won, just the messiest and the only picture I have from those days.

The reason I’m happy to be tall King about My fear today, is because I really have believed that One day I would change the world, even from the time I was a child – ‘balls to bones’, as the Oracle said to Neo in the Matrix.

When I was really young, I actually believed that one day I would be a famous singer (I actually had a really Good Voice as a child, and it’s still not bad today).  Then when I was in high school, I believed I would be a famous Actor and was beginning to make some real progress there, too.  I can’t say what it was exactly, but I remember waiting to audition for a Dentyne commercial and was sitting between two ‘real’ Actors.  Paul Walker from ‘The Skulls’ was one of them.  I don’t know the other actor’s name but he was on a bunch of Canadian television shows.  Anyway, sitting between the two of them didn’t intimidate Me, it just made Me realize it wasn’t what I wanted.  Then, I got into sales and it turned out I was pretty Good at that, too, so I thought maybe I’d become some kind of entrepreneur or something.

The strange thing about it all is that I hadn’t awakened Spiritually yet, I just knew that to accomplish My task, I would need a big audience (I did always have a Dream to change the world, though).  In fact, I knew I’d need to be heard by most of the world, that was virtually the only thing I knew for sure, so I was always kind of ‘plotting’ new Ideas about how I might go about it, how I would ‘make My mark’.  Never once did I consider I might become a King!

Now I know that’s what I’m going to famous for, and I also know there is nothing I can do to stop it, nor would I Wish to in the grand scheme of things; but I am terrified of it, Truly.  I have no desire for it whatsoever, similar to My lack of desire for wealth.  So many People know this to be true about Me, that I think My Friends and family may have once expected Me to just disappear and live off grid one day or something.  At the same time, My close Friends are excited because they’ve always expected be where I am now at some point.  Now that I’m here, I just Wish to be a nobody for a little while longer.

The reason I’m happy tall King about it today, is because Prince Ziggy is the reason why I Will continue, regardless how I feel about fame, or My desire to Live a discreet, private Life.  Don’t get My wrong, I would LOVE to have millions of People reading My Blog, I’m perfectly okay with being an anonymous Voice on the internet, but that’s not going to be My reality, and I know it.

I Will be tall King about this more, today, the announcement of My new nephew’s arrival made Me feel like I was being a big baby, and that I really need to just ‘man up’ (not being sexist, I just happen to be a Man) and get on with things.  So I completed My Statement of Claim, all I need to do now is list the addresses of the defendants and update the Title Page.

If You take the time to read it, I am thing King You Will know what I am tall King about.


Anyway, I guess the message here is to not let Your insecurities stand in the Way of Your Dreams; We all have them, and it seems most of Us Wish for the things other People have.  One of the last things the girl I’m ‘crushing on’ said to Me was,

“I don’t know how I know You are going to make a difference, I just do.”

My reply was, “If You absolutely knew that One day virtually everyone would know Your name, would You be looking forward to that day, or would You try to make the most of every moment You have left as a nobody.”

“I would want to get there as soon as possible.”

I knew it was the Voice of the Universe, and I know I’ve been stalling.

I hope You are all having as Thrilling a Thursday as I am, though this time I doubt that is possible (not every day You Gifted with a new nephew). 😉

Welcome to planet Earth, Prince Ziggy, House of von Dehn!!!

Love and Blessings,






      1. That was an excellent Ted Talk! I watch quite a lot of them, I’m always interested in ‘outside the box’ thinkers. But this was as funny as it was inspirational, thank You!

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