Watch “The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor” on YouTube

Awesome TedTalk! And I Will be very surprised if it doesn’t also make You laugh more than once. Very inspirational and insightful.

Economy Horizons

In this video , the young man , who has studied at Harvard university , says that it is not necessarily working harder and meeting certain goals successfully that makes you happy because there would be more to always get or achieve . You always want a better job , more income, a better school or university , and higher achievements .

He says that it is more the other way around . Raising your level of happiness through, for instance , things like acts of kindness , meditation, excercises , mentioning things you are grateful for , definitely helps you be more creative , more productive , more resilient and healthier . They have found out that the happier employees become from the inside and the more positively they interpret things , the more successful they become . He says that the external world does not play a great…

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