The Law, and My Letter to M.P. Lloyd Longfield

Well, Happy Saturday every One!  I’m on a roll today, so I’m just going to Keep the Moment, um…  Going.  I do still pay some attention to what is going on in what many Will call the Sovereign Movement.  And Sovereign Movement is an appropriate Title for it, as We are all Kings and Queens in a Common Law Jurisdiction, and Move-Ment = Move Mind, and the Title represents a Shift in perception, at least in Magic.  What the world really needs right now, is a global shift in perception.

I Love breaking down Words.  And I do not Wish to suggest that the Way I break down Words is the only Way it can be done, that is how We Create Our own Spells.  Perception, for example, is Per=For, Cept=Take, Ion=Energy.  Perception is for taking new Energy, and Ideas can be Formed into Energy, We can Trans-Form (change shape) Energy with Our Perception, by the Ideas We choose to accept.  It is called Spelling for a reason, Words are Magic.

Just after Publishing My last Post, a Friend in My Microcosm shared this Video in one of the information groups I follow on Facebook.  Because I don’t believe in coincidences, I Trust I was meant to share it along with My Letter to Lloyd Longfield to point out the relevance of the organizations I refer to in My Letter.

This is the first time I’d ever seen this information.  Though I do fully comprehend how the system works, most of what I know was intuitive, and I’m not entirely sure how I came to know some of the things I do.

King Sean 1

One of the other things I Will be doing on this Blog over the next little while is explain exactly why the system was Created the Way that it was.  This really is the Good News Journal, and although there is a sinister Tone to the Video Posted here, it is in perfect Harmony with the Universal Plan.  It is all Part of a Great Work, a Universal Production (the film production company name isn’t a coincidence either, these Ideas are war King in One’s subconscious all the time).

I Will be tall King more and more about how the events taking in place in the world right now are all Part of the Divine Plan.

Love You, thanks for being here!

“By the Power of Truth, I while Living have conquered the Universe” – Faust


Love and Blessings,



  1. I have never studied law but I have heard and I feel that the world capitalists that are similar to the feudalists and monarchs in the Medieval ages have put the financial system and the jurisdiction laws to be able to control the masses everywhere …
    God bless you that you are rausing awareness …
    Sorry , to go onto politics …
    Never believe that the Trump or the US government is the enemy of the Iranian regime . USA is using the Iranian regime as a cause to keep selling weapons to the rich Arab gulf countries like Saudi Arabia . These countries pay for the logistic support given by the American forces …

    1. Yes, thank You again for Your comments and support. I don’t really have an opinion on Trump, save that I’m not impressed with his lack of charisma with respect to equality. I know he forced the FBI and CIA to open their ‘classified’ documents, and he has done many things than no other president has ever done. So I think his intentions might be Good, I just Wish he had a little more ‘class’.

      1. Maybe , he is doing his best to protect the interests of US economically but I think he should care more about the environment and equality …

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