Volume LXXXII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Thoughts from the Throne, Part II

Hello every One, I hope You are all enjoying Your weekend.  Today I Will be continuing with Part II of My ‘Thoughts from the Throne’ series which is really tall King more about some of My insecurities or ‘fears’ moving forward (and how I Plan to deal with them).

Yesterday, I was tall King about some of the adventures from My youth, dealing with bullies as a small boy, and how I almost over-compensated once I was able to adequately defend My Self.  It’s something I’ve been reflecting on recently because I feel I’m in a similar situation today.

Most of My readers Will know that I began studying Law out of necessity.  I was falsely accused of crimes by the Toronto Police Service in June of 2010.  After consulting a legal aid lawyer concerning the charges, I was told I’d be facing five years in jail on a conviction if I didn’t agree to plead ‘no contest’ to the charges.  If I agreed to the ‘no contest’, I would be listed in the system as a dangerous offender but would serve no time or probation, I could walk away a ‘free man’.  I was also told that if the matter went to trial, I would have ‘no chance’ of winning My case because it would be the testimony of three officers against Me.  When I protested that this seemed incredibly unfair considering My innocence, the lawyer told Me innocence has nothing to do with it, it’s all about what One can prove in court.  I felt like I was being bullied by the system, and I believe anyone in My situation would have felt the same – because I was being bullied by the system.  My ignorance was their bliss.

In My early years, I dealt with bullies by becoming proficient in martial arts and I’ve required those skills more times than I Wish to recall.  When I was a tiny, insecure young boy, it made sense to Me that bullies would see Me as an easy target.  Once I outgrew that, I honestly thought My ‘need’ to defend My Self would stop – but it didn’t.  I can only presume I’m perceived as a threat to the ‘manliness’ of alpha males, and if they can’t diminish Me with Words, they generally resort to violence.  The first Friend I made in junior high is still My best Friend today, and he would be the first to tell You just how often this happens to Me – it’s like they are drawn to Me or something.

I think some People started to believe I actually enjoyed fighting, which I don’t.  In fact, Truth be told, I can’t Willfully cause harm to a man.  Only when I’m in serious enough a situation that I feel My Life may be in jeopardy that ‘flight or fight’ takes over, can I actually throw a punch; and even then, it’s only because I black out and have absolutely no knowledge of what happens, returning to My senses when it’s over.  Adrenalin is kind of like a super Power that Way.  Now I believe it’s just the Universe’s Way of protecting Me and allowing Me to do whatever needs to be done to Keep Me safe.

The point is, I know what I’m capable of and [thankfully] I haven’t had to defend My Self physically since I awakened Spiritually.  I have had People threaten Me since then, but when I warn against attacking Me, they back off.

This is a perfect metaphor for what I’m going through right now with respect to Law.  I know the government doesn’t Wish to revisit the events of Toronto in a Court of Law with Me because I’m no longer ignorant and I Will crush them.  They Will also owe Me a considerable amount for damages [$11 million + 1 ounce of gold for every hour unlawfully detained (16)].  That is not My Wish!  My Wish, is for them to apologize for what they did, and clear the Record.

The same goes for the false accusations made by Constable Christopher Jenkyn’s.  I gave Jenkyn’s more than fair warning that he would regret arresting when the Matter goes to court; he didn’t listen.  In fact, he actually told Me that the Courts ‘Love’ dealing with People like Me.  He was right, I suppose; they Loved dealing with Me so much, they withdrew all charges without Me having to provide anything in the Way of defence – but something tells Me that’s not what he was expecting.

The city of Ottawa was the same thing.  They may not have Wished to compensate Me for My injuries, but they also didn’t Wish for Me to proceed with the Matter in Court.  I’m also confident that Genevieve (the city’s lawyer) knows how that would have turned out if I had.  The only reason I didn’t, was because I didn’t think the city (and therefor the taxpayer) should have to compensate Me for harm done by the Salvation Army (even if they are legally liable for contracting with them).  The other reason I didn’t proceed with the city was because the city’s lawyer respected My legal position; she knows the King thing is no joke.  I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the Salvation Army if they don’t – it’s just My nature.

At the same time, I’m reasonably confident that the city solicitor advised the Salvation Army that My position is no joke and that they should Honour My Letter of Demand.  The problem is, she didn’t have the authority to compel them to do so.

Instead, the Salvation Army has done nothing but compound the magnitude of their problems as a result of the investigation conducted by Housing Services.  They were asked to produce a Letter from Jason explaining why I was barred from the facility, they were asked to produce copies of the application forms to their social programs, and they were asked to produce a copy of the email Jason allegedly sent to a lady inquiring about My Art work regarding a $4000. grant opportunity.  The Salvation Army refused to produce any of those documents.  I can tell You 100% for sure that the city solicitor certainly knows that if I had chosen to proceed with My application to the Divisional Court, I would have subpoenaed all of those documents and the Salvation Army would have been required to produce them by Court Order.  The fact that they didn’t, strongly suggests they are guilty as charged, otherwise they would happily have produced those documents to absolve themselves.

Because the Salvation Army refused to rescind their statements or answer My Letter of Demand, far more incriminating information Will be presented to the courts.  I won’t only be as King for the documents I was requesting previously, but I Will also be as King for them to produce copies of ALL documents I presented to the Salvation Army, notifying them of My position and [copies of] My Judicial Oath of Office as a servant of God and the Queen, and My determination to protect the Common Law rights of Canada’s People.  If the Salvation Army doesn’t understand how serious that is, I’m confident their attorney Will.

I didn’t take martial arts so I could become a bully and push People around, I took martial arts to defend My Self from being pushed around.  Similarly, I didn’t become a King so I could bully People and push them around, I became a King to protect My Self from being bullied by local police services and the Canadian government.

At this point, I have no reason to believe the Canadian government has any Issues with Me at all, or they would have tried to challenge My documents in Court.  I believe the only thing the Canadian government is guilty of, is ignorance; they have no Idea how to Honour My documents, and that’s something I Will be tall King about more in the near future, too.

I’m basically finished My Statement of Claim and I was hoping to file it on the New Moon, but apparently that was yesterday.  For some reason, I thought it was the fourth of October, though I have no Idea how or why I thought that.  The next Full Moon is the 13th of October which is a Sunday, so My new Plan Will be to file My Claim on Monday, the 14th of October, which Gives Me a couple more weeks to make sure every detail is perfect and ready to go.  As per usual, I Will share the completed work when it’s ready.

The last two Posts have been long and I feel I still have more to say about this because I really don’t enjoy humiliating People, but I also don’t expect the Salvation Army to Magically Honour My Letter of Demand before I get a chance to file My Claim, so there Will likely be a Part III.

I can’t let their defamation of My Character remain on a public court of record, regardless what the consequences may be for them.

I hope You are all having a fabulous weekend!

Love and Blessings,





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