Volume LXXXIII: The Magical Monday Motivation Edition; The Power to Publish, The Magic of One’s Word

Good evening every One, thank King You for being here!!!  Three Exclamation Mark’s (Matthew, Luke and John) makes a Crown, [just in Case You thought I was yelling at You].  😉

I am not sure which English teacher it was who taught Me to never underestimate the Power of alliteration in My Writing, but I Wish for that teacher to know I am Eternally Great-Full for the Wisdom of the Words.  And for whichever teacher it was who taught Me not to worry about starting sentences with ‘and’.  Punctuation is for Rhythm, and a Period is simply as King of You to take a Pause.

You see, this is really the Crux of My fear.  This is what I Love to do; to be here tall King with You.  I Love Living a Quiet, simple Life.  I am very Proud of this Blog, I am Proud of My Writing, the Unique Style I have developed over the years, the Evolution of My Word.  Most of all, I am Thank-Full I can share it with the world, with You.

From the Moment I arrived until the Moment the Mysterious Fog began to Set in (Paulo Coelho reference), I knew I was a King, that I would inherit the greatest Kingdom on Earth one day.  The strangest thing about that, is that I was not thing King this was any different from any other child.  The easiest Way to articulate the Idea would be to say that I was born knowing the Earth is God’s Kingdom.  This is Heaven!!!  In God’s Kingdom, every One grows up to real eyes they are in God’s Kingdom, We are all Heirs (Airs) to His Throne.  Even today, would any One really try to suggest that We are not at the very least, children in God’s Kingdom?  What else would God’s children inherit when they grow up?

I Love being here to tell You that this is the Truth, We are all Kings and Queens in God’s Kingdom.  My fear is something really hard to articulate because I know My Destiny, Part of Me always has, even when I was wandering through the Mysterious Fog and for so many years the only Quest-Ion was ‘how?’.  There was an urgency to find the answer, to figure things out, time was of the essence.  Now that I know how…  I can’t say I would Wish for anything else, but I can’t say I’m in a rush, either.  Sometimes I Wish all I had to do was Write this Blog, but I know that’s not My Destiny.

The Power of this Publication is that it is the High Court, this is the Common Law, My Inter-Nation-All Public-A-Sean.  This is the Foundation of My Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean.  I suggested once that We could Create a Virtual Kingdom by connecting Our Ideas in a Common Space (domain) and I Called it the Temple of Equated Forces.  That is an Evolved Version (Verse-Ion)  of the same Idea.

A Blog is as legal and Lawful as any other [news] Publication, it is an International Public Court of Record.  I actually made My [legal] Claim to God’s Kingdom here on My Blog first and just Called it a Public Notice.  Even suggesting that there is some ‘proper’ Way to Claim God’s Kingdom in Man’s legal fiction is participation in a fictitious Idea.  But the only game the Current world knows how to Play is Monopoly, so I’m going to be Playing the Bank’s Role.  You know what they say, ‘the House always Wins’.


I said that The Tower represents the Salvation Army in My Microcosm, the ‘Seven Nation Army’ that Will not hold Me back, but that it also represents something much Grander in Man’s Macrocosm, the destruction of Babalon.  Look at that Card.  See the Gaping Mouth with Gnashing Teeth in the bottom right?  That is Me.  That is the Power of My Word.

I spent seventeen months as a client of the Salvation Army, and in that time I Published over 200,000 Words on this Blog and Created over thirty Works of Art.  It was one of the worst situations I have ever endured in My Life.  However, if You read what I was Writing on My Blog at that time, You Will have a difficult time finding a Post of Me complaining about My situation or the conditions I was subject to.  I have countless photos that would shock the world, which I Will never Publish publicly.  Why?  Because this is the Good News Journal and My Wish is to Focus on making things better.

I did everything I could to communicate My intentions to Jason in the most Honourable Way I know.  I Gave him fair Notice that every Letter I Write him Will be Published on this Blog and that the Honourable thing to do, is respond.  I Gifted him with One Hand Writ Letter without any Record, duplicates, or copy of it Posted here.  I did advise him in that Letter that if he failed to respond I would make a copy of the next Letter, deliver it with proof of service and publish it here, but My Hope was that it Will not be necessary.

I also advised him that if he did not respect the rights of his clients he would One day find himself standing before Me in a Court of Law.  I even gave him fair warning My Words Manifest.

See, although My Statement of Claim may be with the Salvation Army, compelling Me to take them into Court has much Grander implications in Man’s Macrocosm.  Do You think any Man on this Earth would Wish to face Me in a Court of Law and suggest they have any right or authority to trespass upon My Claim to God’s Kingdom?  And-swearing (answering) to the defamation of My Character in Man’s Macrocosm Will be the least of their worries, Trust Me.

I was finishing up the Table of Contents for My Statement of Claim and I was actually admiring My Work; it looks more like Art than a law Suit, but that’s how I Wish to dress My Character.  Ironically, I was doing this at the place where I volunteer and a Friend walked by and said,

“Wow, that’s amazing.  If I was Your adversary, I’d be scared silly.”

(Okay, so the Language was a little more colourful than that but I like to try and Keep this Blog Family Friendly.)

But the State-Ment gave Me a brief knot in My stomach.  I don’t Wish to scare People.  I don’t really Wish to do this at all!  But they Claimed My “overall behaviour and Act-Ions placed clients and staff of the facility at risk!”.

Did Jason really believe I would tolerate that?  Did You know that making such a Claim on a Court of Record in Canadian Law is a criminal Act?  I’m not going to Post the link, I’ll let the Salvation Army do it’s own research.  But the point here, is that most staff and clients would say that I was an inspiration for others.  And there are countless individuals who have offered to testify for Me in Court if necessary.  How Power-Full is a Publication?  The Salvation Army has until the Full Moon to make this right before this King Will bring them to [a] Justice.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. No matter what you do or proceed , you are a journey of self-discovery in your microcosmic and macrocosmic universe …
    Faith , ascending awareness and imagination preceed creation and inspiration…
    Yes , You co-create with God …
    As said that the kingdom of God is within you…
    As said , Energy flows where attention goes…
    Focus peacefully and gracefully on love , tranquility and let go of the things that do not serve to ascend and transcend …

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