Volume LXXXIV: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Tales from the Universe

Hello every One, thank King You for being here, I really do appreciate You.

Today I have something of a ‘Special’ Edition to Present.  My Spiritual awakening was similar to any other experience of Spiritual ‘enlightenment’ (for lack of a better Word), in the sense that it was dramatically different from any other.  We all relate to the Universe in a unique Way, and We all comprehend Ideas differently, too.  So each direct experience One has with God Will be customized to Suit One’s Character perfectly.  Much like the Oracle, the Universe Will Show One exactly what One is as King of God to See.

My experience literally took Me back to the beginning of time.  As One might expect, this is something very difficult to describe, even after One has experienced it.  But that’s what My experience was; or at least, that was how it began.  Then I watched the Creation of the entire Universe in fast forward, including this Earth, right up to the moment God and I had Our little chat.  God was telling Me that his Creation (the People) were in trouble and as King to God for help.

This is even a confusing Idea to try to articulate because God and I were the same thing!  There is nothing else, there is only God.  It was exactly like the Voice of One’s conscience.  The funny thing is, the Idea seemed laughable and ludicrous to both of Us.  What could possibly go wrong?  How could Man (God’s children) ever be in trouble?  God didn’t know any better than I did!

The other interesting thing about this Part of the experience, was that although I’m communicating Ideas as best I can with the English language, there was no Words, there was no language.  The Truth is, nothing can go wrong!  It is kind of ludicrous that We take things so seriously.  We are all a Part of a singular consciousness, very much like the ego and the True Self.  We all chose to come here, knowing We were/are God when We did.  The ego is what tricks Us into believing We are something less.

I basically chose to come here as a translator.  My ‘job’ was to find out what went wrong and why People were as King of God to save them.  Didn’t take long to figure it out, either.  People had clearly forgotten the nature of their being, that became clear the first time I learned about war on television.  Honestly, I still recall this being the most traumatic moment of My childhood.  A country was at war with Libya.  Before this, I had never considered that a Man would ever kill another Man, it was incomprehensible to Me.  To see entire countries killing each other was truly horrifying and unbelievable.  Then I began to see the commercials for starving children all over the world.  It seemed unimaginable to Me that Man could become so lost.  And the worst part is, I began to accept it as part of Our world as much as anyone else.  Until I awakened (remembered).

One of the things People don’t like about Me is My moral ‘Highness’.

VI – ‘Thou Shall not kill’ – The Ten Commandments

X – “Thou Shall not covet” – The Ten Commandments

‘But I did it for My country…’

I – “Ye Shall have no other Gods before Me’ – The Ten Commandments

My Law Book contains My Claim to God’s Kingdom, followed by three Public Notice documents (with proof of service), Sean Kearney’s reply, a copy of Sean Kearney’s reply placed on the Superior Court Record, My administrative rights to the wealth of God’s Kingdom (also on the Superior Court Record), followed by the Laws of My Kingdom, the Ten Commandments.  That is how One ‘Honourably’ Claims One’s Sovereignty, and any One can do as I have done, We are all Kings and Queens.  Yet is it not somewhat remarkable that very few People have (and most would perhaps even perceive it impossible)?

There are Magical reasons for using Scripture in My Cestui Que Vie and including the Ten Commandments as the Laws of My Kingdom.  The Kingdom I’m Claiming is God’s (available to every One, of course), and My philosophy is that the Kingdom of Heaven is God’s Kingdom, and We Will have it when We all Claim that Kingdom as Our own.  The Bible is accepted as ‘Truth’ and the Word of God in Court, and even Christ said to Keep the Ten Commandments.  I don’t need to be Christian to acknowledge the wisdom of the text, and I don’t anticipate any Court Justice is going to suggest the Ten Commandments do not represent God’s Law (if there is any confusion about what God’s Law (the Common Law) might be).

This was meant to be a lighter Post, but it makes for a Good prequel to My final Interpret-A-Sean of the Netflix docuseries ‘The Family’ later tonight.  The comical aspect I Wished to share with You in this Post was the translation of that little ‘conversation’ I had with God without Words before I chose to come here.

Maybe two weeks to a month after I had first mailed My Claim and Public Notices, I was contemplating what it all means.  The Act of Creating these documents and sending them to the appropriate representatives had a Magical, transformational affect on Me.  The Idea of being a King, legally, was having a profound influence over Me.  I found My own Words echoing in My Mind, “Claim to be, then be it”.

‘How does One go about being a King?  A King’s Duty is to God.  So what is God’s Duty?’

That was the Quest Ion that prompted a very Powerful Idea, “God Save the Queen!!!”.

I know it sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever, but I Swear those Words are a Magical incantation, a conjuring of sorts.  That was what the world was as King of God for before there were Words, “God Save the Queen”.

It’s also reasonable fair to say that My perspective (which is also Part of the Good News), is not well received in the ‘Sovereign movement’, as most perceive the Queen and the Pope to be more or less responsible for the deception and current state of Our planet.  At the same time, no One may compel a Man to break the Law, much less God’s Law.  Consider how Our world may look if every One obeyed only the Ten Commandments.  Oh, wait, in Order for Us to do that, We’d all need to be Sovereign, as We would have no other God’s before God.

I am thing King this is a Good lead in to ‘God Led Leadership’, which is apparently the ‘Agenda’ of ‘The Family’.  I’ll be tall King more about the Netflix docuseries next.

Love and Blessings,





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