Volume LXXXIV: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; ‘The Family’, Part III

Hello again, every One.  I’m so sporadic with My Writing these days, though Tuesday (Two’s Day) does seem to be a Good day for Writing two Posts.  Tonight I Will be concluding My Interpret A Sean of the Netflix docuseries, ‘The Family’.

The trailer for the series and a few scenes in the first episode especially are filled with dramatically sinister sound effects, suggesting some dubious conspiracy ‘The Family’ may have for world domination.


This is My third Page of Notes from watching the series, likely taken from the last couple of episodes.  I began Writing about The Family because it was synchronized with events in My Microcosm and when I considered the Idea, the first quote shown in the series was 137.  37 is always a Sign, so here We are.

But I am also tall King about the Tarot and I have mentioned that the study of The Tarot is actually the study of the Holy Kabballah (which, by the Way, is also sometimes referred to as the Tree of Life).  The Purpose of the Tarot, is to know One’s Character in the Great Work.  The Great Work is also known as the Golden Dawn.  I thought this little speech from one of their gatherings was of particular interest in this regard.

“Our Father and Our God, We just thank You for this opportunity to talk about a ‘Great Work‘, uh, in lifting up the name of Jesus and representing the Kingdom of God around the world.”

Again, ominous music plays in the background.  They later state,

“We Will consecrate the United States to Jesus.”

So for a guy who doesn’t believe in coincidences, I thought this was an appropriate share, although I can’t really Give ‘The Family’ a positive review.  It was often rather drab and boring to watch, even for Me.  I genuinely only stuck it out because I believed there would be some content worth sharing, and there is.

They define their international strategy as follows.

“Generate a genuine Spiritual awakening throughout the world”

The Truth is, the world could never be in the state that it’s in if the world were Spiritually mature.  Of course, nobody Wishes to hear that, We all Wish to blame someone else, usually government.  Yet anyone participating in the madness is a party to it.  I believe this is one of the reasons they say We are born into sin.  We should reject virtually all Ideas about this world, yet We readily learn to accept in stead.

There was also a closing ‘Gem’ in the series for Me with respect to My Claim against the Salvation Army.  This was also before I had started war King on My Claim.  I believe this is an important quote:

“You keep Your mouth shut, You deny the Faith.  We have to talk.  And We have to talk righteously.  If We remain silent and cower and don’t wanna disturb the peace, God’s Kingdom is not brought forward.”

That was a very Powerful quote for Me moving for Ward.  It’s True.  It would be great if I could let it go, but I can’t – not if My determination is to Honour My Duty to God and His Kingdom.  That is Truly how I perceive My Duty now, and I take it very seriously.

Doing a little ‘Interpret A Sean’ of ‘The Family’ here on My Blog was important for Me because it supports My Highest belief – We are in Good Hands.  The laws We have now have been necessary  because We have been evolving both intellectually and spiritually and until now, have been Acting like spiritual infants.  We should not need a law telling Us not to kill, it should be self evident.  We should not need to be told not to hoard and amass wealth, it should be self evident.  Most of Our laws should be self evident.

It also supports My belief than no One on this Earth is ever going to try and Stand in the Way of a Man who Wishes to represent God’s Kingdom, whichever sex that Man may be.  The world is in desperate need of True moral guidance.  Let Us not be silent, let the Power of Your Word be heard.

Love and Blessings,


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