Volume LXXXIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; Trudeau’s Trillion Dollar Debt?

Hello every One, welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks, Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here. 😉

Okay, so today’s title is a tribute to a rumour I heard earlier today, claiming that Trudeau had tipped Canada’s national deficit into the trillions.  Me being Me, I had to investigate to find out if it’s really True.  Alas, it turns out the statement is a slight embellishment of the Truth, Canada’s national deficit is only $685.5 billion, according to Andy Blatchford of the National Post.  You can link on the full article here.  (Photo credit for today’s Post goes to Sean Kilpatrick of the National Post/CANADIAN PRESS also).

The amount of Canada’s national debt, and/or Trudeau’s contribution to it are not really why I’m Writing today.  This is the Good News Journal, and I’m here to remind You it’s a big joke.  On a level most wouldn’t even be able to comprehend at the moment.  Money is worthless, and that isn’t a joke.  It’s a ‘Secret’ I don’t believe Canada’s elected officials are privy to.  The belief elected officials have in currency is what allows them to be so easily manipulated.  When elected officials (and in particular the One allegedly ‘governing’ the country) are borrowing wealth from a private organization, their obligations are to the creditor of the loan, not the People.  That isn’t advanced economics or the result of years of law study, this is Common sense.  The ‘burden’ on Canadian taxpayers of the national deficit is 30.1 percent (according to National Post article).  Almost one third of every Canadian’s working Life Will be spent repaying a national debt which does not exist in a Sovereign Nation.

That’s what I’m really here to be tall King with You about today.  I have always said that I would Show You the ‘Good’ in everything.  One of the primary complaints about Justin Trudeau and his father, is that Trudeau’s father sold out Canada’s Sovereign economy and his son is just running up the national debt, effectively enslaving Canadians.  Right now, it’s 30.1%.  People get really upset when I compare the economy to slavery but that’s exactly what the 30.1% means.  If it were 100%, every dime a Canadian makes would go toward the debt.

Trudeau’s father did this in 1974.  Effectively, it’s an Act of Treason against Canada’s Sovereignty.  No one said a Word, and that was 45 years ago.  Today, it’s commonplace, acceptable!  Since when is a treasonous government ‘acceptable’.  But again, this is the Good News, so let Me Give You My positive spin.

I believe that Canada’s elected officials have become increasingly more corrupt over the years, and I believe this was evident even when Canada was operating as a Sovereign Nation.  Also Keep in Mind, I believe the Queen is Good and Will do whatever She must to Keep her colonies safe and within Her control because there is a Great Work in progress.

Now, did Canada ever pay back Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II for the ships and seamen that were sent to conquer these shores?  What about the skilled tradesmen, engineers, city planners, tools, equipment to make tools?  Or did ‘Canada’ just decide that it would Keep the ships, the tradesmen, and all the other things that allowed Canada to prosper and grow to themselves and say they Wish to be Sovereign?

Honestly, let’s be thing King about that for a moment.  The Queen did not become the Queen overnight.  The lineage of Royalty goes back as far as One can research.  Managing People, building magnificent structures, designing cities…  That’s what Kings and Queens do, they manage People – entire nations.  One of the most effective Ways to do this, is to be invisible.

I know this Part is going to be something of a hard pill to swallow but We are Spiritual infants, really.  All of Us.  But We’re growing up.  The state of Our world now is just a reflection of Our collective adolescence, zits, temper tantrums, hormones and everything.  So although I am well aware there have been many tyrannical ‘leaders’ over the centuries with morals no more spiritually evolved than spit, I also know those rulers are also responsible for the development of the magnificent cities and architectural wonders that provide the potential for God’s Kingdom today.  The Queen’s job was to Keep all the worker bees busy building God’s Kingdom until We are Spiritually mature enough to appreciate it.  Doesn’t it say somewhere that the Kingdom of Heaven is before Us now for those with eyes to see?  I’m pretty sure I’m stealing that from somewhere.

So, gold was recalled because it’s actually worth something (very useful as a superconductor in Our New world), and because everyone developed such a fascination with greed, We wouldn’t Wish for some corrupt corporation to get its hands on all kinds of gold.  Money, on the other hand, is worthless, so corrupt corporations can aspire to have as much worthless paper as they Wish with little or no consequence when it’s finally revealed to be worthless.  Then who’s laughing?

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” – The Bible

The deal to hand Our economy over to central banks…  Well, whom do You think is the wealth behind the central banks loaning Canada money?  Seriously.  Who’s face is on the coin?  Probably just a coincidence, right?  Did You know that Trudeau (senior) was Honoured by Her Majesty for the Act, too?

The reason We don’t have any Sovereign countries is because We don’t have any Sovereigns.  A Sovereign Nation requires at least One Sovereign.  We haven’t had One!  We may all be Kings and Queens, but how many of Us know We are?  That’s why the world is in the state it’s in.  The Sovereign is the wealth of the Nation (that’s why the coin was actually called a ‘sovereign’.

Arguably, Julie Payette is Canada’s Sovereign, but it’s just a role, she has no Idea what the Word Sovereign means or she would have already rescinded a number of bills/laws, paid the Queen/central banks back, and restored Canada’s National Mint.  Good News is, as long as Canada is borrowing from the Queen, everything the People Create with that wealth remains in Her Trust.

See, most conspiracy theorists believe there is a plot for an elite few to dominate everyone on Earth.  Guess what?  They’ve already been doing that for several thousand years and they’re tired of it.  They do not Wish to have to babysit Us anymore with police and stupid laws, We should know how to behave, how to put the technology and resources We’ve Created to Good use and get everyone on this planet fed, clothed, sheltered and cared for.  Because guess what else?  A child could tell the world that none of these things require money, only One’s Will.  Where there is a Will, there is a Way.

Will = Wealth

Love and Blessings,



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