Volume LXXXIV: The Sensei Sean All Thanks Giving Sunday Edition

Hello every One, and Happy Thanks Giving weekend if You are celebrating the occasion in Canada today.  To every One else in the world, a Happy Thanks Giving Sunday to You, too, as today I Will be tall King about the wonderful things We each have to be Thank full for.  I Wish to share a fabulous feast of Ideas with You today in celebration.

When I started thing King about Thanksgiving weekend, it occurred to Me that the Holy Day was likely a traditional festival long before it became a tradition in Canada or the United States.  I decided I’d look it up and it’s another great example of North America’s social evolution.  How many People have a family Record of everything their family ever Created, going back thousands of years?  Very few of Us.

Here’s a great website to visit regarding the origin of Thanksgiving weekend, and although it’s designed for children, it was the most inclusively informative single page I could find on the subject.  It’s starts with the most familiar known tale of the Holy Day tradition in America where the pilgrims of the colonies broke bread with the Wampanoag People in a festival celebration.  For this reason, it’s typically regarded as an ‘American’ Holy Day.

For Me, the most interesting thing about one of America’s most celebrated Holy Days is that it is founded upon a New England custom of celebrating the harvest, combined with the Puritan Thanksgiving, ‘a solemn religious observance combining prayer and feasting’.

I recommend checking out the link I provided because Edward Winslow’s Letter is moving; it feels both genuine and sincere.  Winslow seems grateful to be where he is, colonizing new land, and enjoying a bountiful harvest.  He seems grateful to God for the feast, and for the Fortune of his company.

I’m not going to get into any specific details of anything that happened since that Letter was Writ, but I am going to suggest that somewhere along the Way, We have forgotten to Give thanks to those who have made this Life We enjoy today possible.  We collectively take so much for granted, including the internet.  The internet, and in particular My ability to share My thoughts with the world like this today, was a science fiction Fantasy when I was a child, now it is Common.  Children literally grow up with the world in the palm of their Hand.  Who is responsible for all of that?

There is a reason I was as King how many People have a family Record that goes back thousands of years because if We only see a glimpse of the Great Work, We can’t possibly hope to comprehend the Magnificence behind it.  What can We really know in one generation, one Life Time?  Neither Canada nor the U.S. would exist at all today if it were not for expeditions financed by the Crown.  Now consider that every single one of these colonies decided at some point that it did not Wish to be governed by the Crown, would Keep everything Given by the Crown to establish and develop their new world, and declare it Self independent of the Crown.  It’s kind of like running away from home in the car of One’s parents, insisting One is all grown up now and entitled to the car they’re taking.

The other Idea I am trying to communicate here, is that virtually everything We enjoy today (at least in Canada), We would not enjoy without the Crown’s influence.  Even if Canada were still printing its own wealth, how did Canada learn to do that?  Where did the financial planners and the Idea of banking itself come from?  How did We know how to build intricate cities and incredible structures, where did all the Master Mason’s learn their trades?  What about the system of government Canada Created?  It is a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy, We would not know the first thing about how to establish a government if it were not for the Crown, or have any foundation for the Creation of a system of Law.  At the very least, Canada would require all these blueprints before being able to implement any of these Ideas, and all of them Will have been Created by Master Masons that are passing on thousand year old traditions.

What I’m most curious about, is why all of these colonies were so determined to fight for ‘Sovereign’ independence from the Crown, was it really about taxes?  Taxes are really supposed to be about One sharing One’s wealth with the Nation, that’s why I find it so funny that People are so afraid of socialism because the Idea of taxes and social insurance is socialism; virtually every country in the world pays taxes and therefor has some measure of socialist policy.  The surplus of crops are collected and distributed among the People, that’s Common Sense economics.  It would seem logical that there would be some sharing of the wealth of the new colonies with the nation that made it possible, especially if the ‘old world’ were struggling economically.  Is it possible that the colonists leading the expeditions just got greedy?

Now, who knows, maybe it was the People, too.  But the point I’m really trying to stress is that generally, We do not take into consideration the level of sophistication of this world nearly enough.  The smallest detail like dropping a Letter in a mailbox is a Mind numbing Miracle when One considers it Will go virtually anywhere in the world if One has Writ the address correctly.  The sophistication that lies behind a global mail system is well beyond what any One man could ever accomplish alone.  Those ‘systems’ have taken hundreds of years to develop to the level of sophistication We enjoy today.

There is an important reason I’m sharing this.  I have said that I feel it would be wrong for Me to ever ‘charge’ anyone for any information I have to share, I feel it is My Duty to Man and God to share the Gifts I was Given by God with the world.  In fact, I believe it is My only purpose.  The reason I feel this Way is because I could not Write a single Letter without the Creation of the English Language.  To Whom should I Give thanks for that?  All the information I share with You here, I could not share with You if it did not exist in the Universe for Me to discover.  The collective is wholly responsible for everything I am and Will be, as We are all a product of Our environment.  I am a Manifestation of the collective, I could not exist without You.

This is getting long quickly and I Wish to share a few special reasons for Giving Thanks this Sunday.  In My Microcosm I am connecting with more like Minds, and Writing of My old apartment in Guelph in one of My recent Posts also reminded Me of My previous landlord, Joe.  I wondered how John and Joe might be doing and thought about texting Joe if his number was still on My phone, as he had texted to ‘check up’ and see how I was doing a couple of times after I moved to Ottawa – great guy, really.  I decided not to because he’s so nice I thought he might think I was texting because I was in need of something.

Two days later, Joe found Me on Facebook.  He was sharing some rather unfortunate news of My old roommate John who passed on the 1st of November from terminal cancer.  Although John was My housemate for a couple of months before I moved to Ottawa We were not that close.  He was in rough shape physically and mentally when I knew him and not taking care of himself very well, which is one of the reasons it would have been impossible for Me to stay there.  I wasn’t surprised by the news, though it was Good to speak to Joe again, and I am very Thank Full to have connected with him again on Facebook.

Honestly, I know it sounds kind of like ‘Good’ news, ‘bad’ news, but John was in a lot of pain when I knew him and it only got worse, so the news is not bad for John because he is no longer suffering, and that was perhaps something of relief for Me to hear.  I thought it might also work to My benefit to at least have the contact information for My last landlord in the event I ever require a reference and it found its Way to Me instead.  This is the Magic of My Universe, and I am full of Thanks for all things that make it possible for Me to be here sharing My thoughts with You, including You.

Love, Blessings and many Thanks!


Oh, and Happy ‘Hunter’s [Full] Moon’!!!  What are Your sights Focused on this month?







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