Volume LXXXV: The Magical Motive A Sean Edition; CBC Media Incites Fear to Inhibit Freedom of Speech

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Motivational Monday Edition, thank King You for being here.  Today I Will start off by tall King about an article Published by CBC [News] Saturday evening that I find rather troublesome.  It seems Canada’s mainstream media is more interested in protecting the reputation of elected officials than the People’s right to express their opinion on an elected official’s performance.

Perhaps I am more sensitive to these nuances in Writing and the media because I do Author an online Publication, or maybe it’s because I was raised by a very strict father who escaped Nazi Germany and instilled in Me an attitude of Vigilance if I should ever hear of anyone attacking One’s right to criticize One’s leader.  When speaking out about the criminal Acts of One’s leader becomes a criminal Act, that’s called tyranny.

I would like My audience to read the CBC article.  No specific threat is mentioned in any detail, and no further comment on the incident Will be provided by the liberal party who reported the alleged breach.  Was there really an incident at all, or was this just a media stunt perpetrated by the liberal party?  What would be the motive for such a publicity stunt?

In February.  That’s right, February (8 months ago), Michael Wernick warned ‘of the dangers of rising hate’ on the campaign trail…

“I worry about the rising tides of incitements to violence when people use terms like ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’ in open discourse. Those are the words that lead to assassination,” Wernick told committee members.

Really?  I think it only leads to assassination when the accusations are True and the elected official continues to govern the country as if it’s just another day.

Articles like this one really bother Me.  Here’s why:

“Trudeau’s father did this in 1974.  Effectively, it’s an Act of Treason against Canada’s Sovereignty.  No one said a Word, and that was 45 years ago.  Today, it’s commonplace, acceptable!  Since when is a treasonous government ‘acceptable’?” – The Good News Journal, Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

‘incitements to violence when People use Words like treason and traitor’?

I am not inciting violence in any Way!  But I am not going to say that borrowing wealth from a private corporation is not a treasonous Act against Canada’s Sovereignty because it is!  

I’ll tell You this – if I were the prime minister and told by security that I need to put on a bullet proof vest before I can address the People, I would know it’s time to step down.

Photo credit; Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

Now, does that look like a man concerned about his ‘safety’?  No, the man directly behind him looks serious, but Justin looks like he knows it’s a joke (at the People’s expense).

Now, did the CBC have all these comments from Wernick prepped and ready to go at the onset of this story with a predetermined agenda, or did they dig these comments from February’s Lavalin affair up after the breach was announced as part of their ‘investigative’ work into this story?  Seems like a strange ‘go to’ for so-called related information, unless maybe this is related to the Lavalin scandal?

The Words treason and traitor do not incite violence, they incite Action; and the proper Action should be a resignation or at the very least, an investigation (if One of Canada’s elected officials is thought to be a traitor or have committed Acts of treason against the People).

The responsible thing for elected officials to do would be to respond to the accusations directly and dispute them, clear their name and potentially, gain a voter by demonstrating Honourable Character.  Running away and hiding from accusations of treason or being a traitor to One’s country implies guilt.  It is only when elected officials refuse to be accountable to the People, do the People take accountability (and the law) into their own hands.

Our right to freely express Our thoughts and opinions is the greatest Power We have, and I Will not curb to fearmongering by mainstream media.  I would be Willing to bet this was nothing more than a publicity stunt to curb hate speech against Trudeau while he’s running for re-election.

Love and Blessings,

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