Volume LXXXV: How to ‘Master’ the Navy-Gate Sean of One’s Citizen Ship on the Holy Seas of Commercial Admiralty

Well, welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks [Lucky] Wednesday Edition, thank ‘King You’ for joining Me.  My Microcosm has been especially Magical for Me lately and I figured it was a Good time to revisit the Magic of the Thoth Tarot and ‘The Lust’/Babalon Card.  I suggested in My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean that the Matrix represents Man’s current codified system of Commercial Admiralty Law, and The Lust Card from Our Tarot read represents Babalon/Babylon/’babble-on’, the non-sensical system of legal Lunacy.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

There are so many little Miracles in My Microcosm it would be impossible and impractical for Me to try to recall them all.  Two things I am most Great full and Thank full for are new Friends I am connecting with in My Microcosm, and the Nature of the Posts visitors to My Blog have recently been reading.  Just to Give a small example, the legal documents and Public Notices to government officials included with My Cestui Que Vie have been downloaded and viewed more times in the last couple of weeks than in the entire history of their existence.  Let’s just say I am thing King Canada is beginning to understand that some One Will have to respond to these Letters One day!

The other encouraging detail for Me, is that the Posts People are most interested in reading relate to My explanations of the Tarot and Babalon, Man’s Current (like water) system of Commercial Admiralty Law.  I also suggested that the Tarot read would make a great deal more sense as events Play out in My Microcosm, and We are quickly approaching the ‘Natural Progression of the Central Idea’, the second grouping of Three Cards.

The Tower; The Magus, Fortune.

In My Microcosm, The Tower represents the Salvation Army.  In the Thoth deck, The Tower represents ‘WAR’.  A couple of reasons I Wished to review this again was because I have said that as much as Part of Me would Love to let the Matter go, I can’t according to Universal Law.  False witness of a Man’s Character on a Public Court of Record is an Act of War.  The Salvation Army had not waged War against My Character at the time I Presented this read, and I had no Way of knowing they would – this is simply the ‘natural’ progression of events.

I am also touching on this again because I said that although The Tower represents the Salvation Army in My Microcosm, it also represents the fall of Babalon in the Macrocosm.  There is some insight provided by Crowley in the description of the Card:

“It may be taken as the preface to Atu XX, the Last Judgement, the Coming of a New Aeon.”

Another Idea I Wished to point out from The Tower Card and it’s relation to the Central Quest-Ion of Babalon, is this line:

“Shiva is represented as dancing upon the bodies of his devotees.”

Babel On

Hmmm…  The Lion may represent Leo but We can’t deny that this beast appears to be treading upon the souls of its disciples, much like Shiva the Destroyer of worlds.  There are also Ideas to suggest the birth of a New Aeon clearly Present in the Lust Card on the Horizon [Horus-Son?]…  Which finally brings Me to the Navy Gate-Ion (navigation) of One’s citizen Ship on the Holy Seas of Commercial Admiralty.

If You ask most lawyers and attorneys, they Will likely suggest that Commercial Admiralty Law is an ‘archaic’ system of Law that no longer exists – and they would be right about the first part, it is an archaic system of Law – but it is more alive and well than any incorporated person Acting as a citizen in Man’s modern commercial fiction [of law].

I also Wish to point out that I was reading a Blog some time ago Writ by an individual criticizing what he was calling the ‘sovereign citizen’ movement, attempting to discredit individuals for making comparisons between Commercial Admiralty and the use of Words like ‘Ship’ (which he was alleging were being used out of context when placed beside a word like ‘King’ or ‘citizen’), ‘Docks’ for documents and/or doctors, etc.  Well, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll let the Author have his Fun (though You won’t find a link to the article here – actually, I probably would if I had any Idea where to find it).  I, on the other Hand, know only that there are no coincidences.

What connects the Ship (the Vessel We travel to Earth in) to the Seaman/Sailor (Saler/Seller)?  The umbilical CORD.  The cord is cut, the seaman goes ashore on the Land and leaves the abandoned Ship behind.  The abandoned Ship is salvaged, the event of the ship’s birth is Re-Corded, named and Given Title, becoming the citizen’s ‘Ship’; One’s ticket to participate in commerce as liability for the abandoned Vessel.  Now, is it just another coincidence that the Seaman is connected to the citizen Ship by the Naval?  The Naval is responsible for Creating Commercial Admiralty’s Navy of Citizen Ships.  Trust Me, I’m not that clever, the similarities are not a coincidence.

Whomever is responsible for Creating the world We enjoy today would never be foolish enough to presume People would never figure this out, they can hardly wait for Us all to figure this out, that’s why they used the Words they did, to make it more Fun and entertaining to be tall King about when We do.  It’s genius, and I can’t take an ounce of credit for it, I can only share the brilliance of it with You.

Essentially, what I’m suggesting is that there is no evil conspiracy to enslave Man, the complete opposite is true, God’s Kingdom is assured, and His Kingdom is Heaven;

“as above, so below.”

Commercially Admiralty deals with commerce over the Seas.  The Truth is, the colonists that Wished to separate, declared themselves ‘independent’ [of the Crown] and ‘Sovereign’, had no Idea what the Word actually means, so there was no harm in allowing the colonies to believe they had obtained it.  Although it may have appeared as though many of the colonies did achieve their ‘independence’ from the Crown and arguably even established their own economic and postal systems, all of those systems are thousands of years old in their making and were only known intimately to those that Created them!  Those same individuals would eventually create and take up government positions in their new ‘Sovereign’ states.  Once that was done, all they had to do was use the very same system they created to regain control of the lost resources.  That system, specifically, is the citizen Ship system of commerce.  Governments are now ‘stuck’ because their People are going to [eventually] figure out they’re being held as bonded liability to a private, corporate debt, which is a form of indentured servitude, or slavery.  The only reason it’s not is because of the system of Commercial Admiralty which created the birth certificate from the afterbirth material, the Ship wreck upon One’s arrival.  There is no citizenship contract upon the Living Man.

I’ll have to do a Part II later!

Love and Blessings,






  1. Yes , by you being you , you add val-ue …
    That is true …
    The ship heading forward joyfully with the crew , …
    The dreams are now here with nothing to pursue , ( you already have them energetically ) …

    Faith is so strong and
    the ocean is blue …
    Expanding together, awareness grew ,
    Yes , Eckhart Tolle , we have got a new earth too ,
    To a new conscious level  , our minds flew ,
    Jumping higher in degrees like a Kangaroo, …
    Question starts with a Q,
    Answers are here to view ,
    In your awareness to review ,
    Enlightened members are not only a few ,
    But growing in numbers for real and the timing is  ready and due ,

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