Our Compact, Interim Natus Ab Initio.

Tactical [Sovereignty] my journey.

“Our Compact”
Iterum Natus Ab Initio

To all whom this may come, greetings:
1. We the Men and Women of This Compact who shall hereafter be referred to as: ‘We, Us, Our, My, and Ourselves’, come now being of Full Age of Majority dwelling on our original jurisdiction and Nationality and possessing first-hand knowledge of the contents herein with Our allegiance being unified in like mind one to another under Our Creator(s) realm in Our Sentience, Established Trust and governance of Election, being void for cause of any and all constructs, surety claim, or controversy of any principality, or temporal power whether by Canon, Proclamation, or Writ, due to Cast, Corporate, Divine Right, Trust or Religion, et al. which is not evidenced by My full written consent. We have chosen this station for Ourselves and Our lineage bonded together with only those of like mind and moral intent standing…

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