Volume LXXXVI: Happy V Day, Canada; My Message to Voters

Democracy is the greatest sham ever sold to the People. It guarantees that the most complacent, uninformed majority Will vote for the most charismatic and well spoken psychopath, who Will say whatever needs to be said to appease the easily influenced majority. Those who have Good intentions for the People with the kind of radical Ideas that have the potential to facilitate real progressive social policies, Will never be accepted by the majority because the majority don’t have the capacity or the understanding of the necessity for change. And most People are afraid of change, even when they know it is necessary. So We take comfort in mediocrity, supported by the ‘majority’, and the complacent People can go back to their complacent, apathetic lives, feeling as though they have ‘done their part’ to uphold ‘democracy’ even if at the cost of their own sovereignty and the best interest of the majority. Then they Will turn around and suggest that if One doesn’t vote, they don’t have a right to complain, when the opposite is true, once again showcasing the limited mind-set of the majority. If You vote, You claim the system is working, when it is blatantly obvious that Canada’s economy has been usurped by private banking interests (We no longer have a sovereign economy), the environment is collapsing, social services don’t take care of veterans or those unable to work, homeless People sleep in Our streets, ALL because of government legislated policies that People did NOTHING about because ‘they did their job on voting day’. If You’re going to vote because You like the party leader’s policies, You best be ready to hold them accountable for failing to keep those promises. The real Power of a constitutional democratic monarchy, lies with the Sovereign, and elected officials who break promises must be removed from office for breach of public trust if We expect this system to work as it should. One’s Duty to their fellow Man (regardless the kind/sex of Man) does not end on voting day, We must be vigilante in holding elected officials accountable to their Promises.

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