Volume LXXXVI: The Magical Motive A Sean Edition; The Adventures of Chris Tuck, Continued

Good day every One.  I already Published a Post earlier today as a tribute to all the Canadians voting today.  Frankly, I actually get a little nervous on voting day because I know the majority of People are uninformed, and they Will determine the fate for every One – this is why I’m not a fan of democracy.  Trudeau’s an idiot, but Scheer is dangerous, and I fear it Will be Scheer lunacy for the next four years.  This time, let’s Hope and Pray I am wrong!

I’ve been taking a bit of a break, and I am thing King most of My readers know this, though I do have some very big plans on the horizon (which is also partially why I need the break).  I also Keep forgetting to update You all with respect to My law suit against the Salvation Army!  I said I was going to file the suit on the Full Moon which would have been the 13th of October, but that also happened to be a Sunday and Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so I was not even able to file My suit  on the following Monday, as it was a Holy day.  So I started thing King about when the next meaningful, Magical date might be, and realized that if I file My suit on November 1st, it Will be exactly one year from the date I was unlawfully expelled from the Salvation Army.  That seems perfect.  It’s also another reflection of the ‘Voice’ of the Universe, as things weren’t lining up as I Wished for them to, but the Universe had something more ‘poetic’ in Mind.

I also thought that since every One is voting today and re-establishing their Trust with Canada’s government, I should probably turn My attention back to finding some One who knows how to dissolve the Trust created from the citizen ship contract, and Writ Christopher Tuck, manager of Ontario Works, (the private organization contracted to administrate the Trust to legal beneficiaries/citizens) another Letter.  It reads as follows:

Good day, Christopher,

I would like to arrange a meeting with Your Self and Orsolya Vancsody sometime in the first week of November to discuss the Trust being administrated by Ontario Works.  I Will bring [My] copy of the social services application form which clearly identifies the contract as a Trust, of which the incorporated person and commercial character created by the Crown by the event of My Life (birth), is the beneficiary.  I can only presume that means Ontario Works is acting as Power of Attorney for that Trust, which also means that as the beneficiary, I am entitled to full disclosure of the Trust being administrated, and its value.

I have also requested that Power of Attorney over the Trust be handed over to the rightful beneficiary, as I am not a ‘ward’ or child of the state, but a True Man of God Acting in My full Sovereign capacity.  It is both well established in law and reasonable that Man should have right to full disclosure of any contracts One may be ‘subject’ to.  If unable to provide such disclosure, the contract is void and the State (Ontario/Canada) is Acting in dis-Honour of their contractual agreements.

The wealth held in Trust was Created from the [promised] Energy of My Life, I am the source of the wealth being administrated to Me by Ontario Works, and therefor am the rightful heir and beneficiary to the wealth of that Trust.  I Will be making claims upon that Trust as necessary for basic food, lodging, health and dental care, travel expenses, and any other basic needs necessary for the full development of My [private] person as a Canadian National.

Once again, if You do not understand the language of this Letter or the Trust account being administrated by Ontario Works, I strongly suggest seeking legal advice or speaking with Your immediate superiors so We may Honour the dissolution of this Trust.  In order for the Trust to be Honourably dissolved, all debts to private, central banks must be repaid, and I do not anticipate You Will willfully interfere with My Honourable determination to do so.

Otherwise, failing to do so implies I am ‘bonded’ to the [Canada’s] debt created by the Crown by Way of the incorporated person, or citizen ship contract at the time of My birth.  Bondage and slavery are serious crimes in any Common Law Jurisdiction, so I Trust this Will not be the case.

Thank You, I look forward to meeting with You both to amicably resolve this long outstanding Issue.

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

On Her Majesty’s Service

Again, I don’t really enjoy sending these Letters because I’m quite confident Chris Tuck has no Idea how the Trust was Created or what the citizen ship contract is all about.  He’s as plugged into the Matrix as anyone else.  But contract law is pretty straight forward, every Man has right to full disclosure of any contracts she may enter into, and no ‘trickery’ or deceitful, misleading language may be used.  As the manager of Ontario Works, Chris Tuck has a duty and responsibility to comprehend the Trust his organization has been contracted to administrate.

Love and Blessings,



  1. Sing in the voice of freedom and allow the change to be
    It is the symbol of goodness , progress is going to be ,
    Know the truth to set you free,
    Our eternity is a key ,
    Have a good insight for all to see, God bless Lebanon symbolized by a Cedars tree …

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