Volume LXXXVI: The ‘Troubling’ Tuesday Edition? The Majority of Canadians are Complacent Children in Need of Parents

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Troubling’ Tuesday Edition.  I hope no One is too offended by today’s meme, I generally refrain from the use of course language on My Blog but the ‘F’ Word is far less offensive to Me than a majority of uninformed individuals determining the fate of an entire nation (that is very troubling in Deed), and I really don’t think there are a lot of young children frequenting My Blog.  If there are any minors reading My Blog today, well, even course language has appropriate Purpose from time to time – this is one of those times.

Yesterday, I Writ a Post for those heading to the polls in Canada.  One of the few political candidates I do follow on Facebook (actually, the only one) is the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Although I believe Jody is deeply entrenched in the system of Canadian politics and hard-wired to Man’s Matrix of fictional laws, My intuition also tells Me that she is one of the few individuals who knows how Canada’s system should work, is well aware of the corruption in politics (especially considering her recent experiences concerning the SNC Lavalin affair), and genuinely determined to expose and remove corruption within Canada’s House of Commons.  I can’t even begin to Imagine how challenging this Will be for her as an independent, but I admire her resilience and determination.  Her Honour also gained a few extra points with Me yesterday as the message I sent to those heading to the polls in Canada was first posted on Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Facebook page.  Not only was it not removed, I received absolutely zero negative feedback and several ‘likes’.  That reaffirmed My belief in her integrity as a politician and her knowledge of how the system should work; the responsibility of the citizen in a constitutional democratic monarchy does not end after voting day, that is when the ‘real’ work begins!  

The problem is, how many of the majority of People who voted for the re-election of Trudeau Will actually hold him accountable to his campaign promises?  Most likely no one.  The majority of Canadians Will return to their regular lives today feeling as though they have done their part to preserve democracy and freedom, and Will tune out from politics altogether – at least until Trudeau’s next scandalous Act is published in the paper.  Then they Will scoff, laugh, complain about how incompetent and unethical his Actions are, but they won’t actually do anything about it.  THAT is why the People lost their Sovereign Power and Authority; if One doesn’t use a thing, they lose it.

One of the saddest realizations I have made on My personal Quest, is that the majority of People are complacent and apathetic when it comes to politics.  People don’t Wish to take accountability and responsibility for their own Life, they Wish to have someone else tell them how to Live, and how to behave.  In fact, most People need it and would not know how to Live without someone telling them what to do.  That’s exactly why We (collectively) need to be governed, and why We Will soon have global governance and what many refer to as the (dreaded) ‘New World Order’.

This also goes hand in hand with another individual I had a debate with on Facebook yesterday.  Though I Will Keep the individual’s name confidential (for now, anyway), he has a lot of really Good intentions for Canada’s People and is hoping to Establish a new ‘honest and accountable’ system of government which he calls de-Jure Canada (if one is really interested in knowing who this individual may be, One can ‘Google’ de-Jure Canada).  I have tremendous respect for anyone who is legitimately and earnestly doing what they can to protect the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People, which is essentially the objective of his society (in a nutshell).  However, the comment that started the debate was something like:

“giving away Our resources and Our jobs to foreign workers and immigrants”

Basically, I replied with, “You do realize that every Canadian with the exception of the aboriginal People of this land are immigrants, right?  You realize We claimed ‘ownership’ of this land as a ‘Sovereign’ nation, completely exploiting the culture, resources and land the People of this country were responsibly taking care of before colonists arrived?  You realize that every Idea You have for a ‘new’ system of law is not new at all, but an evolution of British and Vatican/Roman civil Law?  Patriotism, and claiming ownership of resources We should responsibly steward and distribute amongst the People, claiming ‘We’ belong here, but ‘they’ don’t, is the primary cause of all conflict in the world today?  The ‘patriot’ Ideology is what got the People in this mess in the first place, with the colonists claiming they ‘own’ all the things they used to first Establish the country called Canada, then claimed ‘independence’ (like anything would have been possible without those tools and systems already developed).  We are One People, One Earth, borders are a fictional construct of Man’s Imagination.”

Well, let’s just say it didn’t go well and I was basically attacked for My comments by the entire group.  Ironically, the group’s founder solicited Me on Facebook and invited Me to join and add My insight because he was impressed with some of My posts on Facebook.  People always Wish for One’s opinion until that opinion does not match their own.

I sincerely believe this determination to hoard wealth for self as per the ‘capitalist’ model, is the number one reason every Common Wealth country in the world is in perpetual debt to a private, central bank.  In fact, I’m not sure that there is any country in the Commonwealth that is not in debt to a private organization/central bank.  Theoretically, if any of these nations actually know what it means to be Sovereign, all are committing treason upon their nation’s Sovereignty.

Because I don’t like to postulate opinions without providing some kind of information to support My beliefs, I thought I would share a link with My audience, too.  The information relates to American (United States, specifically) law and is tall King about how the citizens of the United States were declared ‘enemies of the state’ and enslaved to central banks by Way of indentured servitude through the citizen ship contract and perpetual debt (because the interest never enters the economy and creating more is to commit the crime of ‘counterfeiting’ currency).  Click on the following sentence to visit the article.

FDR makes US Citizens the Enemy March 6, 1933

I’m not going to say too much about this now except to offer a short ‘disclaimer’ of sorts.  A lot of People in the ‘Sovereign movement’ believe the intent was to enslave the People of the United States to central banks.  It’s not quite that simple.  America was trying to Establish its own country, completely free from foreign influence (a Sovereign nation).  However, that was never the intention of exploration or sending colonists to the New World, the intent was to expand the colonies and Unite the world under a single banner.  The colonists were committing a crime by declaring independence; they essentially went rogue.  So the citizens of the country are not really responsible for the crime against the Crown, they are unfortunate casualties of the colonists treason.  The Crown simply used the economic system to regain control of the ‘rogue’ colonies.  I presume the Federal Reserve and the private central banks lending money to countries like Canada, are all owned and operated by the same individuals who’s only ‘sinister’ intention, is to unite the world into One Kingdom and remove all borders.

I Will be tall King more about some of these Ideas and the globalist agenda, which most Will know I generally support.  Listen to the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, and You’ll have some Idea how I Visualize Our world within the next century (much sooner but I like to Play safe).

Love and Blessings,






  1. Good insight coming from a deep intuitive plus intellectual awareness that is expanding endlessly day after day …
    To add something , those colonists especially people coming from the so called first world countries ( especially the elite capitalists who own a great portion of wealth ) are also taking the knowledge , benefiting from the culture , and natural resources of so called third world countries in Latin America, Africa ( including North Africa ) , Asia and the Middle East…

    Second , these elites that are the shadow governments that are giving power to such politicians in both developed and developing countries, have been supporting political leaders in The world including those in the Middle East…

  2. Yes , I agree , and now the level of awareness is rising …
    Yes , I really have faith that more justice , freedom and accountability is coming .
    In Sudan , Tunisia , South Korea , Brazil , Lebanon , Syria , Algeria and Iraq , people are revolting and becoming aware to replace there goverments with more responsible and accountable leaders…

    1. I actually think that’s why We have such shitty leaders, I think some ‘force’ (let’s call it the Universe) Wishes for the People to stand up for rights and equality – it’s the push the People need.

  3. Sing in the voice of freedom and allow the change to be
    It is the symbol of goodness , progress is going to be ,
    Know the truth to set you free,
    Our eternity is a key ,
    Have a good insight for all to  see, God bless Lebanon symbolized by a Cedars tree …

      1. Yes , people are having parties and fun in the protests .
        Demonstrators are estimated to number between 1.5 million to 2 millions consituting around 50 percent of the Lebanese citizens in Lebanon.

      2. Wow, I Will look into this, I have heard nothing about the protests in Lebanon, though I know there are many taking place in the world right now.

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