Volume LXXXVI: The Sensei-Sean-All Saturday Edition; On Ward and Up Ward

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me!

As the last couple of Posts have sounded somewhat cynical, was thing King I should re-Mind My audience that this is The Good News Journal (and perhaps My Self, too!).  The Truth is, I’ve been in a Fabulous mood lately and am full of positive energy – it’s just a little difficult for Me to not be outraged when I hear of the atrocities of the Trudeau government.  People across Canada Will literally freeze to death this winter because they don’t have suitable housing, while Trudeau Will claim it’s a budget issue while simultaneously bribing mainstream media with over half a billion dollars of taxpayer money – how any One does not feel outraged by the man’s incompetence is beyond Me.  But I digress…

Aside from some of My own personal issues which I was tall King about in My ‘Thoughts from the Throne’ series, I was also partially procrastinating on some of My more ambitious Ideas because of My current living situation.  After everything I have endured over the last two years, I could not possibly feel anything but Grateful to be where I am now, though I mentioned it is still not where I ultimately need to be.  That is about to change!

I honestly believe that God Will grant Me anything I am as King of God for, yet I spend most of My time thank King God for the Gifts I’ve already been Given.  I had really been hoping to be in a new place before Christ-Mass, and on Tuesday night I was as King of God to please make sure that happens.  Well, wouldn’t You know, I was Presented with some Wonder Full News about a new apartment on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.  I knew it was an answer to My prayers which was further confirmed when I was told of the house address, ‘437’. ❤

For those who don’t know, 37 is a Sacred number the Universe uses to communicate with Me to let Me know My Way is Blessed.  It first began showing up after I had Writ the last Word of My Book, a Significant moment in My Life for obvious reasons.  The time?  6:37.  For more than two years after that, without ever using an alarm, I would wake every day as ‘xx:37’.    The second I heard the potential address of My new space was 437, I knew it would soon be mine.   I haven’t even met the landlord yet but My last landlord has already put in a Good Word for Me, and she is eager to meet Me; soon, I Will be moving into My own, modest, one bedroom apartment – I Will finally feel somewhat ‘settled’.

I’ve also been Blessed with new Friends who are ‘on My level’ with respect to Sovereignty, Spirituality, and the dream for a better world.  Collective consciousness really is expanding, despite what We may witness in the mainstream media, I believe a lot of the chaos We see ‘out there’ is to distract Us from the growth that’s happening within.  It seems every One I know is becoming more conscious of the state of Our world and the need for change.

“Keep on as King, and it Will be Given.” – Matthew 7:7

I’m also only six days away from filing My Claim against the Salvation Army and I’m very excited about that.  I had two more Court forms to fill out to Keep My Claim in compliance with the Rules of Civil Procedure, and I managed to get those completed today.  Today’s ‘featured’ Image (I-Mage) is the back sheet and something I had no Idea about when I filed My application to the Divisional Court with the City of Ottawa (because I didn’t research the Rules of Civil Procedure).  The Court clerks were surprisingly accommodating and kind.  They had no problem letting Me know a back sheet is required (or it voids the entire application) and let Me Write one by Hand at the counter.  They allowed Me to do the same thing when I withdrew My application to the Divisional Court, not knowing a special form is required for that, too!


This is why I’ve decided I’m not going to type out another copy of My Claim, as I sincerely doubt they Will refuse to accept My Claim simply because it was Writ by Hand.  However, I did Wish to make sure that every other detail is in absolute compliance with the Rules of Civil Procedure, as the more I researched the rules, the more they seemed to make sense.  Previously, I had been under the impression that the Rules of Civil Procedure were designed to make things more complicated than they need to be and intimidate the Common Man from filing a Claim; the Truth is, they are really just more of a template to ensure whomever is filing a Claim does not negate to include any pertinent information that could be detrimental to their application or claim.

Because I said I would also share the links and resources I used to Create this Statement of Claim, I am going to post the links here today as listed below.

And that’s pretty much it, though the second link from Ontario’s Law Society also provides a link to all the necessary Court Forms.  I simply Hand Writ My own version of the Court Forms (verbatim).  The Rules of Civil Procedure actually state that One can Hand Write their Claim, though they were as King that it be ‘printed’.  It took long enough to Write, I can’t Imagine how long it would take Me to print!  Also, because the Court has already accepted all the other Forms I have Hand Writ and made no objections to the Hand Writing of My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review, I have no reason to believe they Will refuse this Claim.  I am thing King their main concern is that the Claim is legible and some People probably have pretty messy Writing – One must be able to read One’s documents in order to respond to them!


It is also worth noting that in the form pictured above it is not necessary to Write ‘Form 14F’ or ‘information for Court use’.  I did that in this Case because I am Hand Writing the documents and Wish for the Court to be able to easily identify the form.  It is perhaps also worth noting that One does not need to make copies of the above form, as it Will not be Given to the respondents/defendants.

So, this is My Good News for this Saturday.  I am officially ready to file My Claim on Friday and am excited to get things under Way.  The only downside which relates to My previous procrastination, is that I Will have to return to the Courthouse to amend the address after I move.  Truthfully, that is one of the other main reasons I was procrastinating My plans, but it was beginning to become an excuse (because of the other reasons for procrastinating mentioned in previous Posts).

Anyway, that’s all for today.  I hope You are all having a Sensational Saturday, with a bit of Luck and God Willing, I Will be back tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,






  1. I think that was paid to the media is 600 million dollars or 0.6 billion dollars .
    If it was 600 billion dollars bribery , the prime minister would be taken to the court …

    1. Thank You!!! I realized this as I drifted off to sleep last night – I had Canada’s national debt in the back of My Mind, I think, which is 685.5 billion, or half a trillion! Time to make an edit! 😀 Thank You so much for the correction!

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