Volume LXXXVII: A Sensei Sean All Saturday for Tall King About a Fabulous Friday for Fluevog’s

Hello every One, and Happy Saturday, or ‘Saturn’s day.

Yesterday Truly was a Fabulous Friday for Fluevog’s, and for filing My Statement of Claim.  My regular readers Will know I have been war King on a Statement of Claim against the Salvation Army for roughly the last month or so.  Actually, it might even be closer to six weeks since I first started Writing it up, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to file.  I was thing King that would be Friday; exactly one year from the day I was arbitrarily ‘barred’ from their facility ‘for Life’.  The ‘for Life’ part was actually recently retracted by Mike White, program director who wrote ‘You are welcome to stay with Us anytime You may be in need of Our services.’  Easy enough to say eleven months after the fact and after a lawsuit where the Salvation Army had refused to comment on the issue, and in the confidence of knowing I wouldn’t go back if they paid Me.  However Fabulous a Friday it was, filing Will have to wait until Magical Monday.

My day started early.  Not quite as early as I had Wished, as I had set My alarm for 7:37…  In the evening!!!  We’ve all done that at least once, right?  But I rose at 8:37 anyway, and felt that must be a Good Omen; right on time!  So I managed to be showered, out the door and across town making copies in My Fancy Fluevog’s, feeling fabulous by ten o’clock in the fore noon.  I still had seven hours left to file My Claim, so I took My time and made sure all documents were as perfect as I could arrange them.  I even had time to relax and enjoy a coffee at Starbucks before making My Way to the Courthouse.

I’m not sure what time I arrived at the Courthouse, but it would have been very close to 12:37 because I was at the counter ten minutes before 1:00 and hadn’t been waiting long.  All Signs from the Universe were green, “Go!!!”

I asked the clerk (registrar) which copy of My Claim he Wishes to receive, the ‘genuine article’, or the ‘true copy’?  In this case, the genuine article is My Hand Writ Statement of Claim on the original parchment paper, the ‘true copy’ is the first [colour] copy of the genuine, Hand Writ document.

“Uh, I’m not sure what that means.”

“Are You as King Me for the Hand Writ original, or the first true copy of it?”

“Oh, I want the original, the one You wrote by Hand.”

He doesn’t, actually, but I don’t Wish to argue with the registrar,  and the ‘true copy’ is ‘cleaner’ to be war King with so I would have been happy to ‘trade’ back with the Courts later if necessary. Some of the original Hand Writ Statement of Claim has Writing on the back side of the Page because if I made a mistake, I didn’t Wish to waste paper – so it could be a little confusing for the Courts to be war King with.  It was also partially My fault because I should have called the first ‘true copy’ the ‘original‘ Claim because it is the first ‘perfect’ copy.  My version is technically the drafting of My Claim, the copy is the prepared, completed Claim for the Court.

I could tell the clerk was a little overwhelmed by the Writing at first, but once I told him it conforms with all rules of civil procedure ‘verbatim’, he began reading it to confirm it included all the language required by the rules of civil procedure and was perfectly okay with it being Writ by Hand.  I kind of figured they would be because My logic and reason is rooted in the Idea that We all have an equal right to access the Justice system, so to say that something must be typed would place People who are computer and typewriter illiterate at a serious disadvantage.  However, one of the Forms (Information for Court Use) had since been updated, and the clerk was Good enough to Show Me the new Form.  The only difference is that Rule 77 and 78 no longer apply, so I was as King of the clerk to just cross those lines out if they are no longer applicable, but he insisted he can’t do that, the entire form needs to be re-Writ.


However, there really are no coincidences.  Although I don’t really need copies of the Information for Court Use form, I Wish to make them anyway for My own records.  So having to re-Write even one form also means another trip to the copier’s before heading back to the Court.  The clerk also ‘advised’ Me that the cost for filing is $229.00, and I told him I’d be waiving the fees, so he handed Me ‘a few’ fee waiver forms so I could fill that out and have it ready when I return (they really are very kind and accommodating for the most part – just very thorough, which is proper, they should be).

But a registrar should not be as King of the People for Court fees when they are filing an Action against the government, so this also gives Me an opportunity to Write a Notice to the registrar to Present with My Claim to explain this to them.  There are also some ‘dis-Honourable’ requirements for People on the fee waiver application form, so I may Give Notice to the Court of those details, too.  (Though I Will probably save that for another day.)

Truth is, I was Thrilled!  Okay, so I had to do a little more Writing and make a couple more copies, and the chances of Me making it back to the Courthouse in time to file were slim, but it didn’t slow Me down a bit, I was determined to try.  I finished printing the last copy at 4:37!!!  Obviously, not in enough time to make it back to the Courthouse to file, but definitely a Sign.  The Universe Wishes for Me to wait until Magical Monday.

Although I also took the time to fill out the fee waiver form and had it prepared and ready to file with My Claim, I did not take the extra time to Write a Notice to the registrar about the Court fees, which is something I still Wish to do.  The Idea of Authoring a Writ of Notice to the registrar did not occur to Me until I was half way back to the print shop.

So that’s something I Will probably Write today.  I was also out of parchment paper, and I replenished with ‘granite’ paper, which I’ve never tried before but it has a nice texture, much like One would expect from paper made from stone.  I liked the Idea of My Words being Set in Stone…

I Hope and Trust You Will all have a Sensational Saturday!

Love and Blessings,


  1. One suggestion to empower the homeless and the lower income people is to teach them skills to empower themselves and make money …
    I watch youtube videos for Daniel Ally that I may share with you now…

    1. Nothing is wrong with having some fun and entertainment every now and then but the best thing to do while having fun is having a life-work balance to give your life a purpose, a meaning and a good taste .
      Having fun could give your life or at least add some joy to your life -work balance . It is like the spices , salt or the flavours added to the food…
      As a proverb says , Variety is the spice of life …
      I have read in a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma that he encourages us to do things not because we have to do it but because we choose something wholeheartedly, gladly and joyfully. One thing he adds do everything in moderation and nothing in extremes… Personally , I would give just an example , if you like to drinking beer from time to time , it is okay as long as you stay within certain limits to remain healthy and conscious. If you like playing videogames or watching films on Netflix , limit these activities to no more than a few hours a week to keep some time for working and improving …
      Best wishes from Lebanon…

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