Volume LXXXVIII: The Magical Monday ‘Mandamus’ Edition

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Mandamus Edition.  For Me, it has Truly been one of the most Magical Monday’s in a long time.  The Mandamus is a bit of a teaser, too, as it’s actually the less Significant of the two Spells Cast into Man’s Macrocosm today, as I also managed to file My Statement of Claim and Serve it on the defendants.  Today’s featured Image is also My new Favourite personal document and represents one of My greatest achievements thus far.  There were three Powerful documents Created today, the ‘hat trick’ of the day was a ‘Notice to Registrar’.  So, yes, it seems the Universe knew what it was doing as it was a Magical Monday in Deed.  Let’s start with My Monday morning meeting with Orsi Vancsody, Ontario Works.

I swear Orsi is an Angel, really.  I mentioned in one of My last Posts that I don’t have a bad Word to say about Orsi, as I immediately had an intuitive sense that Orsi genuinely cares about the People she is war King (working) with.  I still believe that, and I also believe Orsi is almost as passionate about equality rights as I am.  I had invited Chris Tuck, the manager of Ontario Works to join Us so that I could speak with both of them together, and I was disappointed Chris wasn’t able to make it, but I’m pleased to say it didn’t interfere with that which I Wished to accomplish.

My intentions are not ‘unknown’ by any organization I am dealing with, it’s not like the government doesn’t know I’d like to receive some answers with respect to the Birth Certificate contract and the citizen’s presumed obligation to the national debt, and how I can go about honouring My share of Canada’s debt to central banks and pay them back.  Problem is, doesn’t seem like anyone knows how to do that, or I need to Give specific direction, empower them to help Me do that.  I have to empower healthcare providers to Give Me whatever care is in the best interest of My overall physical, emotional, psychological and Spiritual health and well being.  So I Writ an Issue of Mandamus.



So, yeah.  I know pride is supposed to be one of the seven ‘deadly’ sins, but I am Proud of this, and I feel God is, too.  It was Truly a Wonder Full morning.  Orsi commented on how much she liked My elephant pendant necklace, and how much she Loves elephants – if I remember correctly, I believe Orsi might have mentioned dreaming of elephants, too.  I felt like We had a real meeting of the Minds and I have often felt that I intimidate her a little, I didn’t feel that sentiment at all today.

Without getting into any detail, We were tall King briefly about how the issue isn’t ever going to go away if We don’t deal with it.  I showed the stack of court papers I was about to file into the Court, and told Orsi that this isn’t really what I Wish to be doing.  I Wish to have a government responsible enough that this should never need to be done.  I mentioned being falsely arrested, assaulted, then having all the charges withdrawn and never receiving so much as an apology for the transgression against Me.  I shouldn’t have to ‘sue’ the government for the harm that was done by an unlawful arrest, that should be automatically Ordered by the Court.  There should be a minimum penalty for unlawful arrest that the officer pays directly.  I said everything but the last sentence to Orsi, and she was in agreement with Me.

So I mentioned to Orsi that I had prepared a Writ of Mandamus, Orsi did not seem surprised and was eager to read whatever I might have.  Orsi read the Mandamus over carefully, was as King of Me if I Wished for her to Sign and Keep that copy or to return it to Me and Keep the copy (I requested the original, left the copy with Orsi).

I told Orsi that We had just Created a legal and lawful commercial instrument that allows Me to receive whatever health care I need, regardless the cost, whatever is in My overall best interest.  I Swear Orsi’s response, (paraphrasing),

“We all have that right.”

Seriously, I almost got emotional, I had to Focus on Keeping it together!  Thankfully, I did manage to Keep it together as I collected My new Mandamus and made sure My paperwork was ready for filing (I’d only done that about three times already, but just to be sure).

Then the Courthouse, where I felt equally Victorious.  First and foremost, Statement of Claim got filed without a hitch.  Last time I had an outdated ‘Information for Court Use’ form, this time it was Good.  I also got the copy thing sorted out, too.  I Wish to Keep My original, Hand Writ draft.  It’s exactly the same as the first colour copy, except that some pages have Writing on the back (because I had made a mistake and was trying to save paper).  In My briefcase it doesn’t make a difference because the Pages are in plastic sleeves with only the Good side Facing out.  If the Court were to have kept that copy, it would have been rather distracting if not confusing.  The colour copy was such Good quality I mistook it for the original more than once.  The original is much heavier, too (parchment paper).  This time the Court was as King of Me which One I Wished to Keep as the ‘Master’ copy.  I’m very pleased to add this new Page to My Story.

Lord Sean, House of von Dehn Verses The City of Ottawa and The Salvation Army Booth Centre

This is exactly how it was received by the Court, which is also a huge Victory for several reasons.  The first and most obvious, is ‘Lord’ Sean, House of von Dehn.  When I filed My application to the Divisional Court, I had also planned on filing it as ‘Lord’ Sean, but I was in very close proximity to One of My legal Friends who was concerned it would not be accepted if I did (no reasonable reason why), but it wasn’t worth an argument with My Friend to care to insist on.  My Friend had no objection to ‘House of von Dehn’ in My application to the Divisional Court, and that’s actually the Part that Matters, so I didn’t really feel I was even compromising.  It actually made Me feel like I was making a ‘quieter’ introduction to Canada’s Courts.

The House cannot Stand if it does not have Land for its Foundation, so ‘House of von Dehn’ already defines ‘Sean’ as the Land-Lord.  ‘Lord’, ‘King’, or ‘Sean’ all have the same status in Court when the Given name is followed by ‘House of [last name]’, Lord or King is presumed.  A King is the Crown, a ‘Lord’ is the Heir to the Crown.  A Lord is therefor ‘redeeming’ His worth before the Courts, a King has already redeemed Him Self.  Keep in Mind the Words I use are not arbitrary, even here. 😉

It was also accepted with My thumbprint Seal on the Face of the Claim.  The Court was even kind enough to place their Seal below the title, Giving My Seal Highness.  Literally the upright authority of the Claim, which is True because I am its Creator.  It’s not just a Claim, it’s a work of Art.  Even the reception at the Salvation Army signing to show receipt of delivery said she feels like she’s Signing a piece of Artwork – I told her she is.

The last detail worthy of mention with respect to this Claim, is that it very clearly states that I am Acting ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  I made that claim a long time ago, I swore an Oath to God and the Queen on the Superior Court Record of Wellington County, hold proof of having done so, and am getting a little weary of organizations pretending it doesn’t mean anything.  It does, this prevents any of the defendants from claiming they don’t know, or that I haven’t [Sworn an Oath].  Which leads beautifully into today’s trifecta – a ‘Notice to Registrar’.


Now the Courts can’t claim they weren’t informed, either.  It was very interesting Presenting this to the registrar.  He read it over and said to Me, “I’m not sure I have the authority to approve this.”

“You don’t, and I know that.  I’m not as King of the registrar for approval, I’m as King of the registrar to take notice of My position.  I just Wish for You to acknowledge the Notice I’m Giving, You can Keep the original but I would like a copy.”

And that was that, he was very happy to Sign it (and saved Me $225.00 cost for filing).

So, that’s My Marvelous, Magical, Mandamus, Monday.

Love and Blessings,



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