Volume LXXXVIII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Thing King of the Crown

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition.  I am thing King of ‘the Crown’ today because it Will be the next Netflix miniseries I Will be Writing about for the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, however I am planning to start that next week.  Today’s Tuesday, I was enjoying the Magic of Monday’s adventures.

I thought I might spend at least part of My Tuesday at the Courthouse filing My Affidavit of Service just to get it out of the Way.  But I have another meeting tomorrow anyway, so I decided I Will file the Affidavit of Service on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday; today I just Wished to enjoy the Magic of Monday.

My Affidavit of Service is an example of a Court Form required by the Rules of Civil Procedure that ‘borrows’ the general format, though everything after the Title of the document is Authored by My Writ, My Words.  I thought it might be worth mentioning that I was as King of the registrar to review the language of the document to ensure it was sufficient for an Affidavit of Service.  Really, although the Rules of Civil Procedure are very specific, I believe their purpose is to ensure that the information Presented to the Court is sensible to protect the best interest of the parties concerned.  In the example of My Affidavit, is what I am Presenting to the Registrar likely to be convincing enough proof of service to Stand before a Justice in Court?  Anyone who reads it would know that it Will.  The registrar was as King of Me to number each of the two paragraphs and leave a space for registrar to sign and date, otherwise it was ‘perfect’.



So this is on My agenda tomorrow.  Then I wait.  One of the things that surprised Me about the Rules of Civil Procedure was the twenty day deadline to respond.  I don’t know why, but I thought it was longer (though I’m very pleased it’s not).  So I Will receive a reply on or before November 24th, which is kind of exciting for Me.  Feel a little like I’m in the Eye of a Storm.

I was also feeling very Thank Full yesterday.  Again, the Word ‘proud’ gets such a bad wrap with pride being one of the seven deadly sins that I don’t much like using it, but I was most definitely feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment last night as I Marvelled at the Cover of My Claim.  I also made a serendipitous error when purchasing parchment paper – I didn’t notice I was buying a very heavy weight of paper, almost as sturdy as cardboard!  Not very practical for Writing a Statement of Claim, but it was only the Title Page, back sheet and addressees that needed re-Writ, so for My Original, Hand Writ version, the Front Page, the Face and First Impress-Ion of the Claim is especially elegant.  The Court Seal even Stands out more, as it’s punching thicker, stronger parchment, and the three sheets of sturdy parchment seem to add more Order and Elegance to the overall Claim, the Front and Back are firm like covers of a Book, and the address Page Acts as a final divider before the Glossary and Table of Contents.  One would be thing King I had intended to do all of this, it was really the result of a Fortunate accident.

I re-Read the Claim too, front to back, every Word.  One would probably Imagine I have done this many times but the Truth is, not as much as One might think.  I have a lined notebook I use for rough notes; things I Wish to Write about, random math problems, addresses, websites, that sort of thing, and I used it to ‘rough’ out My Claim.

I haven’t got the Claim scanned to pdf yet, when I do I Will share it because One of the purposes of publishing and sharing this information is to hopefully make the process seem a little less intimidating for others.  For One who doesn’t know from experience, it is reasonable to wonder if My Claim would be accepted because it was Writ by Hand.  Just because I know I should be able to, doesn’t mean they Will allow it if they are hard wired into Man’s Matrix.  De-Jure means that something is True in Law but not necessarily True in practice, which is basically how the ‘de-Facto’ system of law functions.  ‘De-Facto’ simply means something has been Established in Law [by Man] on paper and does not necessarily mean it is the True Law.  It’s not actually as confusing as it all sounds once One gets a sense of the Ideas.  Marijuana might be a great example; one day it’s illegal, the next day it’s not.

“Legus humanae, nascuntur, vivant, moriuntur.” – Latin, meaning, “The laws of Man are born, Live, and die.”

Really, a Statement of Claim is Writ in almost exactly the same format as most high school or universities would expect of an essay, and in the Common Law, that’s precisely what it is, an essay.  The Title Page and Rules of Civil Procedure Forms preceeding the Statement of Claim are simply providing the adversary with the necessary information required to [Honourably] defend against the Claim, and defining the Characters of the Story.

A Glossary of Terms is not required, nor is a Table of Contents.  I recommend both unless it is a very short claim, and even then I recommend a glossary of terms, even if only to define that the language of the document to be Writ Will be in Standard English.  This presents more of a problem for the Court than one can imagine, because any Words typically Spelled (like Magic) in all capital letters on the Rules of Civil Procedure are incorrect and do not mean anything in the English Language.  One can literally request that all Words expressed in all capital Letters be Spelled correctly in proper Standard English for clarification.  It is important both parties are communicating in the same Language.

Then, prepare an opening Statement, the ‘thesis’ of the argument.  I claimed ‘I am as King for $537,000.00 Canadian dollars in gross punitive damages for numerous negligent and Willful tortious Acts.  The various torts are listed in the following numbered paragraphs in reasonable chronological order and titled for ease of reference.’

That makes sense, right?  A Table of Contents just makes each of the Pages and torts easier to find and address later.  A glossary of terms allows Me to use My own Style of Writing without defence claiming they don’t understand what I’m tall King about (because tall King = talking in My glossary).  This also Gives the Canadian government a sense of My Nation’s unique culture, and English influence over My People’s evolving Language.

Each of the torts I Wished to complain about got it’s own Title and Page number in My Table of Contents.  I also included an Alternate Resolution Proposal which must be met within the twenty day time limit and it was also listed in the Table of Contents.  Finally,  like all Good essays, One should finish with a conclusion, a summary of the events and what One is as King of the Court to do.  Mine was Titled,

Conclusion:  Cause of Action:

The city of Ottawa were negligent in their fiduciary Duty, and the plaintiff relies on His Faith in God, the belief in the Supremacy of God as absolute authority, the Rule of Law, and the Canadian Courts recognition of the importance of the city of Ottawa’s accountability to and for service providers they contract with that breach the Public Trust, causing harm to Ottawa’s People.

The Good Man Acting as registrar at the Courthouse did comment on the fact that it was Hand Writ.  He told Me he thought it was really cool and he has absolutely no Issue with it so long as it’s legible – then he looked up from the stack of papers previously occupying his attention to make eye contact for a moment, “might not be 12 point, but it’s certainly legible.  Defence might try to challenge it, I can’t promise they won’t but that it’ll be up to the Justice.”

“Exactly.  And I know there’s strict rules for civil procedure, but I also know We’re in a Common Law jurisdiction that existed before type Writers, so they have no legitimate objection if it’s legible.”

The guy looked at Me kind of triumphantly, as if he’d hoped I might say something like that, “And that’s probably what You should say to the Justice.” (Paraphrasing)

I am not thing King defence would even try to dispute the legibility of My Claim, that Will be too easy to defend and it Will make defence look weak and petty.

Monday really was a Magical day because there was also the Issue of My first Mandamas.


  1. a judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty.

The Wikipedia link is worth visiting, too.

One of the other reasons Monday felt so Magical is because a special new Friend of mine was as King of Me how People react when I Present them with the documents I do, ‘do they look at You like You’re a crazy person?’

I told her one of the funniest things about this entire experience so far, is how seldom that actually happens; even would expect it!  But I don’t really have any Idea what may or may not have happened ‘behind the Scenes’ when I sent My very first set of Letters to Canada’s government back in early 2017.  The Tone of those Letters is not so Friendly, and the longer I walk this path, the more I believe the government may not actually know how to do what I am as King of them to do.  It was very much like Orsi was expecting Me to Present her with a document I would be as King of her to Sign, and that she had been Given authority to Sign anything ‘reasonable’.


The Mandamus is One, two sided document on that thick parchment Paper I was tall King about previously (it doesn’t bleed through, which is nice because both sides look ‘clean’).  I figure this is kind of important, too, because People were often as King of Me what I Will do without a health card.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t really sure what I would do, either.  This is My answer, this is basically My health card.

The other interesting detail for Me, is that I had never noticed that Orsi also holds the title of Commissioner.  Again, One can click on the Word to access the full definition because in Man’s Matrix, everything is legal, every title means something in that legal fiction.


  1. A member of a commission
  2. The representative of a government authority in a district, province or other unit often having both judicial and administrative powers
  3. The officer in charge of a department or bureau of the public service

And I Will not bother with the fourth definition because it’s not relevant and this Post is already almost twice as long as the average.  But that’s okay, despite being Published very late now, it’s still the Tuesday Edition, so twice as long on 2’s day seems appropriate.  This is actually important stuff.  Acting as Commissioner of Public Service means that Orsi actually has the Power and Authority within her department I was Wishing to invoke by Way of ‘Agent’ status anyway.  If Orsi did not have the Power and Authority to ‘approve’ (because it’s not really a request, it is an Order) or respond to the request, by Signing as Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, so the Authority is still accountable (billable) to the Order (pay to the Order of…).  But because Orsi is a Commissioner under the Act, she is Acting as the administrative authority, and she has agreed to take on this administrative duty, by officially acknowledging the ‘Order’ – it is both legally and lawfully approved.  A Genuine negotiable instrument of unlimited commercial value.

I’m not sure how interesting this is for My readers, but this is all very interesting for Me because it suggests that Ontario Works might actually be the right organization for Me to be dealing with after all.  I shouldn’t really be surprised, I initially believed that Ontario Works was administrating a social insurance account that People pay into with income tax (probably how most presume the social welfare system works), and the account number is the ‘S.I.N.’ card, or social insurance number.  (Reasonably obvious why People might make these assumptions).  However, I have known for a considerable amount of time that whatever is being administrated originates from the wealth of a Trust that is set up for every citizen.  I just figured that social insurance was how it operated.  But above all, I got a sense that Orsi was fully in support of everything I Wish to achieve and Willing to help.

I left feeling as though Orsi is secretly routing for Me, that’s the best Way to describe the meeting, and the opposite of People looking at Me like I’m crazy.  Same thing at the Courthouse, the registrar didn’t treat Me any differently from anyone else at all.  I’m not even sure if they would have mentioned anything about the Claim being Hand Writ if I hadn’t mentioned it first.

I apologize for the length of this Post and thank You for bearing with Me.  I Will be tall King about ‘The Crown’ next week on the Tuesday Edition because the main theme is really about the importance of the Crown’s role in society, even today.  This new Statement of Claim truly represents the first Page of a new Chapter in My Story, as the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army Will finally have to address Lord Sean, House of von Dehn in a Court of Law.  The Sovereign is the Crown, so it’s probably important I know how to Play the role and understand its importance.

Hope You are all feeling Loved and Blessed, Happy ‘Lucky’ Wednesday!



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