Volume LXXXVIII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; The Common Law and the Common Wealth

Welcome to the Thursday thing King Edition, and thank King You for joining Me in God’s Kingdom.  I figure that is the perfect Way to start this Post because that is where We are, God’s Kingdom.

TRUMPS XI – Lust Queen of Disks, Princess of Disks

And back to Babalon.  The Central Card, ‘Lust’ is what it’s all about, except in this Case, it refers more specifically to the Lust for Life; Living with Purpose.  Trampled Spirits, suppressed Souls.  All central Cards clearly depict a theme, Divine Feminine Energy in three distinctly different manifestations.  These three Divine Feminine Characters represent Love as the Law.

Money has replaced Love in Law.  Money represents Commerce, Love represents Morality.  The Common Law covers all jurisdictions because any offence in the Common Law is a real criminal offence.  There must be an injured party for there to be a crime in a Common Law jurisdiction; similarly, causing harm to another is always a criminal offence in a Common Law jurisdiction.  The commercial civil system calls it [harm to another] a ‘tort’.  The commercial system also has many ‘Acts’ under the Criminal Code that would be classified as criminal offences in Canada’s legal system that would not be an offence of any kind in a true Common Law jurisdiction (drinking a beer in public, for example).

Although the Common Law jurisdiction always exists and can never be taken away, it really is a non commercial system, so unless the One ‘charged’ (like a credit card) has Claimed (on the record) a non commercial purpose for One’s Life, One Will be subject to the rules that govern commerce (Commercial Admiralty).  If One Wishes to Play the Game, One must Play by the Rules.  At the same time, if One has claimed a non commercial Life on the record, that individual is in a Common Law jurisdiction by default and may not be subject to the Orders of an inferior [commercial] court.  A provincial court cannot place Orders into a federal court, but a federal court can place orders into a provincial court.

I’m trying to explain the dynamic here because some People think that the two jurisdictions can’t co-exist, that it’s either one or the other with no hybrid.  The most popular belief is that filing a motion into any of these courts or showing up for any of the proceedings is an Act that waives Common Law jurisdiction and consents to the lesser jurisdiction of a commercial court.  That can’t be True unless We Wish to believe that the Common Law no longer exists because all the Courts operating in Canada today are commercial courts (even the criminal code is a commercial jurisdiction within the greater jurisdiction of Canada).  I’m not trying to suggest this is some form of corruption or anything, I’m just pointing out that because We live in a commercial world, all laws Created by Man must comply with commercial ‘codes’ of conduct.  All the Courts in Canada are Common Law Courts but it is the Duty of the individual to Claim that Jurisdiction.  To be most effective, it should be done on paper.

Hand Writing the Claim is One Way to Show the Court One is as King for the Common Law Jurisdiction.  Do try to Keep it as neat and tidy as possible, and most certainly make sure it is easily legible.  But I am thing King, (though just a philosophy, really), that a Claim Writ by Hand says more about the Character of the Man than typing, and that’s the real reason for doing it (for Me).  It’s more personal.  The Common Law is really about the Divine Feminine, which is why I mentioned Babalon today, because the Divine Feminine also happens to be the highest authority of Law in Man’s Common Law, Common Wealth world.  The Law of Love appeals to the Highest Moral argument, so One’s arguments should appeal to the Heart.

Whether I like it or not, I have unfinished business in the commercial realm, and those final Acts can only be performed on a commercial stage.  I have briefly reviewed Sean Kearney’s letter, the reply from the Attorney General’s office, and if We were to compare that letter to a [proper] statement of defence in a legal claim, it would be very weak.  It almost sounded like an invitation to officially file the claim for $11,000,000.00 and sixteen ounces of gold.  The ‘trick’ is, I only put a dollar value into My Common Law Claim as an insurance policy to Keep Me out of their commercial courts.  I didn’t expect the government to actually pay Me, but I did think they would do everything else I was as King of them to do; if they didn’t, My Wish was to discuss the Matter openly in a Common Law Court.  Now, I’m not sure they know how (and I do), which puts Me in a very unusual situation.

The Courts of today Will always be a hybrid of both Common Law and Commercial Admiralty, or Commercial ‘Code’ because a Court cannot exist without a Crown.  There must be a Sovereign to hold any kind of Court, which is why every court Judge or Justice represents the Crown; they are standing in place of the Sovereign, and they represent the Common Law, which is why they have authority over commercial admiralty because it is an inferior jurisdiction within the common law.

Contrary to what most People believe, the ‘Crown’ does not claim to ‘own’ anything.  That is the ‘original’ sin, claiming owner Ship of things and coveting from thy neighbour.  False profits.  The Queen and the Crown represent custodial care for God’s Kingdom as God’s [legal] representative in the Common Wealth.  The Common Wealth is for the Common People, and protected by the Common Law.

My Claim is for $537,000.00, which is more than enough for the Superior Court but not really that much when One considers the harm that was done.  A Canadian reporter got knocked down by a police officer who said the reporter was too close and the reporter’s lawyer was suing for $1.1 million – the reporter wasn’t even injured.  (Just to put things in perspective).  I didn’t know how much I should be as King for either, but I had to put something, $537,000.00 sounded both reasonable and modest by comparison.  It’s also enough that they’re not likely to just pay it.  Although for a lot of People that would probably be the Ideal outcome, I’d be just as disappointed as I was when they withdrew My criminal charges before trial.  It’s like a prize fighter cancelling at the last minute on the day of the big event.

A ‘natural’ quality of mine is an ability to View both sides of an equation, Imagine the arguments of My adversaries.  I honestly don’t know what to expect because I don’t see any reasonable Way they can win – and I have a Good Imagination! There is insurmountable, unobjectionable proof to support every tort in My Claim, most of which both of My adversaries know I am in possession of.  The information I don’t have Will be even more detrimental to My adversaries, and I presume they Will know I Will subpoena additional information, and that it won’t be helpful for them.  In short, they absolutely can’t dispute the torts that caused the most serious harm; primarily the unlawful arrest.  The police information once used as evidence against Me, is now evidence of unlawful, unwarranted arrest and unnecessary use of force.  They can’t claim that didn’t happen.

I can come up with no reasonable defence for My adversaries, and I think that’s the first time ever.  I can easily Imagine them disputing the amount, but not the events, and I think disputing the amount without disputing the events could work against them.

I’m more interested in a long term resolution proposal than I am in any monetary Value.  The Coin of God’s Kingdom is Common Sense (a rare commodity).

Love and Blessings,





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