Volume LXXXVIII: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View

Welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sunday Re-View.  It was an Event Full week, so there is lots to be tall King about, including future plans.  As always, thank ‘King You’ for being here. 😉

Lord Sean, House of von Dehn Versus City of Ottawa et al.

There were so many meaningful events this week, it was difficult to decide which photo to feature.  The chosen Image (above) is the back sheet to My Statement of Claim, another Form required by the Rules of Civil Procedure.  Although done by Hand, the formatting of the document is identical, so the Court clerk had no difficulty recognizing the document, and added the file number as shown without hesitation.  Filing this Statement of Claim was one of the big events starting the week, which featured the Face of the Claim, so I thought Showing the back sheet would be an appropriate Way to symbolize the completion of the Act-Ion for the end of Our week.

I did include a Fore Word with the Claim which explains the use of colour in the document, the Significance of My Seal on the Face of the document, the overall structure of the Claim, the Way the arguments are Presented in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure, and how a Claim should read like a Story.  I didn’t explain any of My specific strategies with the exception of mentioning that although not typical in a legal claim, and something I sincerely doubt any One would ever see in a Claim Presented by a lawyer, a few Biblical quotes are appropriate in this case specifically because [[one of] the defendants is proclaiming to be Christian.

The Foundation of the Claim is that the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army both know I was harmed during My time at the Salvation Army – the unlawful arrest alone makes that factually True information known to all parties.  I am factually an injured party, harm was done.  No apology or compensation was Given or offered and there was no penalty or consequence for the responsible party.  If there is no consequence for breaching contracts that cause harm to People, the contracts Will continue to be breached.  So I am as King for $537,000.00 restitution in punitive damages, so that the Salvation Army and the city of Ottawa Will be compelled to acknowledge the Value and worth of the People they Serve.  Although My Writing may take on a candid Tone at times, this is a very Powerful opening Statement.  State-Ment = State-Mind.  State One’s Mind.  It is specifically Titled, Statement of Claim.  This is where One should be appealing (attractive, looking Good) to the Court, the Pitch, the opening thesis.  What is the Value of this case in relation to Justice?  That’s the kind of Quest-Ion One should be thing King of when composing their opening paragraph for a Statement of Claim.

After that, I actually start with the last and most recent tort because it essentially was the difference between filing a Claim and not filing one.  Getting barred without cause was the catalyst for filing a complaint with the city of Ottawa in the first place.  So My first tort in the Claim might be a bit long but it also provides something of a prequel to the rest of the Story.  The Intent-Ion was that My Statement of Claim would read like a Story telling the events of the last two and a half years.

My second tort is a flashback to the beginning of the Story, the first tort, the first time I was harmed by the Salvation Army.  Again, it is lengthy and generally, arguments should be short and concise.  This is necessary because of the unique nature of My Statement of Claim as a whole.  I Wish for the Court and My adversaries to be well Versed in My position, and to have the full Story before they choose how to proceed.  The Entrepreneurial Venture I proposed as My ‘Duty’ to God and My fellow Man, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’ Champions Christian philosophy.  One would have every reason to presume that of all organizations, surely the Salvation Army would encourage a not for profit venture promoting core Christian Values and do everything within their Power to assist.  The double edge to My Entrepreneurial Venture, is that I also suggested the Kingdom of Heaven is before Us now, and that the protection of Man’s Common Law rights are assured by the Father and Mother of Man’s Macrocosm, the Pope and the Queen, which represent the Gate Way to God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Again, this is why My Statement of Claim is so unique, most People Will not be making these kind of arguments.  I’m also letting the Court and My adversaries know that the Purpose of My Entrepreneurial Venture is to teach and protect the Common Law rights of Canada’s People by Way of an Art Exhibit-Sean.  This is something I still hope to do as it would be much more preferable to Me than filing law suits, so I Wished to ensure it was mentioned in My Claim as the Idea was well known to the Salvation Army and staff as it was described in My Claim.

The Salvation Army were Given duplicate copies of virtually every document I have sent to the Canadian government and added to My file.  The city of Ottawa probably receives a copy but if they didn’t, the city registry did take copies of all documents I’ve filed with Canada’s government as ‘id’.  Translation – defendants can’t claim to be ‘surprised’ by anything I have in My briefcase, My position, or My Know-Ledge of the Law, everything is laid out in My Statement of Claim, and additional information Will only add to its strength.  My Claim is deliberately unusual to address specific and unusual circumstances.

Another small gem this week was a Notice filed with the Court registrar that was ‘Sealed’ for the Court.  It means that only the Judge or Justice can open it, and only with My consent.  That was not actually My intent when filing the Notice, I just Wished for it to be on the Court’s record for future reference.  However, having it as ‘Sealed’ information for the Court for this proceeding actually works out much better, as the Justice Will receive the Notice in Court which may come in very handy…

Also, there was the Mandamus.  In many Ways, that’s the biggest event of the week for Me, and something I have been war King on for some time – at least in the background of My Mind.  I known ultimately how all of My needs Will be met one day, but I decided I need something during the interim.  My own documents are sufficient in their own right but they tend to intimidate those who do understand them and I don’t Wish for anyone Trusted with My health to have any bad feelings about Me, so…  I thought if I could get a signature from the organization that should pay during the interim, perhaps it Will make things a little easier.  It was a True Blessing and I Will be using this week, so I Will update when I do.



Well, it’s officially Monday, so I guess My Sunday Re-View is a bit of a fail, though most of it was Writ on Sunday.  One of the other things I had Wished to review was My plans moving forward, which I Will discuss in more detail soon, but involves realistic plans for getting People off Ottawa’s streets and into dignified, safe and secure housing.  The other concerns My personal plans, getting back to My Art Exhibit-Sean.  But again, more of that in upcoming Posts.

I hope and Trust You are all well.

Love and Blessings,









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